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  3. ModernSmall FireStation

    Danke dir Fr3akyGamesHD,   #ENGLISH   - Garage enlargement don't show up - Fire station can not be deleted from the city   This solution will not fix the problem, also in single cities will not work the trick. 1-delete the MOD "modern small fire station" from the SimCityData folder (... Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData) 2.-start the game and create a new region, load an empty city 3.-place in the city, the small fire station (original by Maxis), save the game and exit the game 4.-copy again the MOD "modern small fire station" in the SimCityData folder (... Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData) 5.-start the game and delete the previously created region, after deleting the region create again a new region 6.-load again an empty city, place the "modern small fire station", save the game and go back to the main menu 7. Go to region-overview, delete the region previously created 8.-Now you can load your city where the error was occurred. You have to repeat this trick after each game restart. With exercise it takes less than 2 minutes. (I hope I can solve this problem later)   Many thanks go to Fr3akyGamesHD and Jürgen.
  4. ModernSmall FireStation

    Hey Fr3akyGamesHD, danke für dein kommentar. Lösche den Mod und kopiere dem Mod erneut in den ...Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData Ordner. Das problem ist mir bekannt, leider wird dadurch der Bug nicht gelöst. Ich wünschte ich könnte euch eine bessere lösen geben.   #ENGLSIH Ey tobse the fire department is really cool but I have a small problem - every time I reload my region, I can no longer expand the station or destroy the mod, no idea why. The Building Data Rollover show strange text like -value etc (actually there are show the employee or vehicles Data) --- Thank you for your comment. Delete the mod and copy the mod again in the ... Origin Games \ SimCity \ SimCityData folder. The problem is known to me, unfortunately the bug is not solved with this method. I wish I could give a better solution.
  5. Civilian Vehicles - Mixed Collection

    Hey Justin1974,   Lamborghini and BMW is wealth: $$$   Audi A5 wealth: $$