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  1. Terrace Zoning & Building

    Thanks for the help, but that's not what I'm looking for. You know how in most British streets there's a long line of identical looking houses, With more than one backyard per block and another set of homes on the other side? Yeah, those kinds of houses. I'm trying to create some zones that will allow for them to grow side by side, and not have a single odd building.
  2. Hullo everyone, this may well be my foray into Simtropolis forumming but, I have a question that most of you would sneer at... How would I zone for terraces/rowhouses in SC4? I mean like British terraces. Where every house in that street is the same, with only minor differences. How would I zone for that? Help is greatly appreciated, and picture tutorials would be great as well. Picture in case I didn't describe it well enough:
  3. KAOS House of Rock

    Maxwell Smart.
  4. MCI E4500 Greyhound Bus Lines

    What's The Truck In The Top Right Corner Of The Bottom Pic?