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  1. Commute Issues

    Now I have a second problem. I have a large city with 1.2 million sims, and even though I have an enormous subway system (with about one station for every four blocks), and have used this and adjusted "Network Capacity" to 2.0 (maximum), my system still shows 300% usage. My roadways are already jam-packed and I am getting complaints from the Transportation Advisor about once a month. What should I do? Thanks in advance, Chris
  2. Modern University

    I like it, but won't be able to use it in my main city, 1.1 million people (I was looking for an extra university to go as a second one, as it has 35k students).
  3. Sim City 4 seaports/airports

    I was just browsing around and found this. it might help. I put four in at once, and they worked well till I had to put another four.
  4. Sim City 4 seaports/airports

    I am having the same problem, but I have a city over a million people, and a million businesses. I have 4k industries, a large international airport, one seaport, and my region has 1.7 million people. Also, my transit lines are killing the budget. What should I do? Edit the large international airport properties? HELP!
  5. DatGen Plugin: EasyTweaker v0.7.9d

    "Unable to find DatGen installation path. Can not install EasyTweaker." HELP!!!!!

    This is the first time I saw a Tesla coil outside of a garage out west! glad somebody modeled it!
  7. Nice...could you make some high wealth 1x1 lot buildings?