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  2. Sorry guys, but I haven't been around as much as I used to. And unfortunately there has been no one to coordinate the creation of the lot, so currently it is still waiting to be transit enabled so that the pedestrian overpass is functional. I would have liked to have another anniversary release, but my lack of planning has pretty much made that impossible. Once again I apologize to everyone who has patiently watch this project take form. The models are ready to go, it's just the tedious final lot creation that has been slow. It will still be released, but as of right now a timeline is impossible to give.
  3. Judging from this pic http://www.greatbuildings.com/cgi-bin/gbi.cgi/World_Trade_Center.html/cid_manhattan_before_si_01-clo.gbi , and a map from mapquest it looks like Vesey switches to a east running one-way on the eastside of Church St. On the westside of Church it appears to be a 2 way. I don't think it was a conventional avenue, but I think that might be our best option.
  4. Well the only real picture I had to go by was this one http://www.emporis.com/en/il/im/?id=103347 , and it's really not possible to tell what it is from that pic. But it does look like there are 4 lanes though I am unable to tell if it is a West only one-way, or an East-West avenue. The transit enabling isn't complete yet so if you have any ideas, let me know.
  5. Sorry but I've been having alot of family issues in the past month and haven't been able to coordinate the production of the lot. Basically all of the models are done and I just need to clue the other BSC guys in on what needs to be done, which is transit enabling, reward functionality, etc.
  6. Some of you may remember this project from SCC some of you may not. About two months ago I started on a pre-9/11 WTC landmark with the help of everybody at SCC. Many polls were taken as well as tons of suggestions but alas it was all lost when the servers went down. Here is the place to add your suggestions and/or ideas. The big topic for discussion is whether to have the towers as two seperate landmarks (possibly 3 with the plaza) of whether to have an all in one landmark. Difficulty and time wise 2-3 seperate landmarks will be much easier to do then to have a huge all in one landmark. As of right now i'm pushing 2.5 hours for this one rendering. Add in another building and all the added reflections, not to mention the realistic fountain, the rendering times would quadruple. It would take me 2 weeks alone just to render out each view and zoom. However if the community really desires an all in one landmark then I might just have to find a way. Other topics included what type of memorial and or tributes you would like to see. Some suggestions included some type of nighttime lighting scheme, the sculture in the plaza modelled as is after the attacks, flag poles containting the flags of the 88 countries that lost citizens, as well as others that I can't remember. There were tons of other great discussions like how many jobs it should provide but I have forgotten most of them. Perhaps there are some here that remember the rest of the discussions. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions so long as they are not rude and/or offensive to the lives lost on 9/11. http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/files/WTC%20Northtower2.jpg>
  7. Sorry guys I was multi-tasking while I wrote the previous post so I don't blame you for being confused. The updated reward lot is indeed the WTC plaza and not Seven World Trade which hasn't been released yet. Also expect an update to the landmark version of the WTC plaza as a set of stairs needs to be removed to make room for the overpasses connecting the plaza to 7wt. Also the previous images are just to show of the building.....here is the basic look of the final lot. http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/files//wtc_7_overpasses.jpg align=baseline>
  8. FYI an updated version of the reward lot is now on the STEX thanks to Vlakhass. And here are a few ingame shots of Seven. Currently the overpasses are in the process of getting exported and should hopefully be done by the end of the week. http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/files//wtc_7_z4_728.jpg align=baseline> http://www.simtropolis.com/idealbb/files//wtc_7_z4n_850.jpg align=baseline>
  9. WTC Lot Coming Soon Construction Site

    You'll have to thank LordQuillion for the crane props. They were originally used on the Shanghai WFC and he was gracious enough to let us use them.
  10. Sorry about the delay everyone, but our rendering server is located in South Africa and this time of year is really bad for thunderstorms. With a 6 day export we had to wait for an opportune time to start the export, and luckily we were able to make it though a small power outage this week. I still have the overpasses to finish up, but the building is exported, waiting for a lot to be put on. Also expect an updated version of the WTC reward lot within the next week or two. Some demand issues have been fixed as well as a few other minor problems.
  11. Damn I just realized that my sig was wiped out. Hey Vidio do you happen to know if that image for the WTC award is still available on the site and what the link to it is? Thanks for covering that DoubleJ, and when this project is finally released you guys can compare the two and you'll be able to see why I wanted to do my own version.
  12. hey, rubik.. did you ever concider BATing the rest of the WTC area? like the WTC (1-4 I believe...) the church, the WFC, etc? I think it'd be a nice project you to do in your free time. just a suggestion Well considering I barely have enough free time to finish up 7WT and Petronas, I probably won't be starting another large project, for a while at least. Just to keep everyone up to date, the building has been ready to be exported for a few weeks now, just waiting for it to make it down the list. My spare time is very limited these days, but hopefully I'll get these projects finished before the new year.
  13. WTC Lot Reward Version

    Not sure why the lights aren't working damage. If you've downloaded the updates from simcity.com then I don't know what else to suggest.
  14. BDS Stupid Texture

    Thanks BD, I'm pretty sure we'll be using this for Petronas' functional underground parking garages.
  15. PEG Random Woods v206

    For anyone having problems with the .exe go here http://www.simtropolis.com/lots/details.cfm?id=4528 hehe sorry just had to do that. A workaround for the .exe may come in the future, but like any ported program for the Mac expect a delay but don't dagger the lot because of it.