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  1. Haier Tower Hong Kong

    Great Job! 5/5 Can it plop
  2. AirportEnabledTowersSeperateNoDep.zip

    [quote name='PJon' timestamp='1314469453'] <b>Replies to comments:<br><br></b><u><b>Executive Summary:&nbsp; </b></u><br><br>Additional alternatives and examples of game enabled airport lots would be great.&nbsp; What title to you recommend for this upload?&nbsp; I was thinking of <b>"International, Municipal and Landing Strip Airport Enabled Lots with Control Tower and Minimal Buildings in Separate .SC4lot Files, Suitable for Modification, Functional with RMIP and Any Other Airport Lots, and without Requiring Additional Dependencies."&nbsp;</b> Change the textures yourself, you can do it.&nbsp; I've known some very interesting and intelligent 12 year olds.&nbsp; Without TMS's upload I was quite stuck.&nbsp;&nbsp; It works alone or with RMIP.&nbsp; RMIP is an incredible piece of work.&nbsp; There is no simple way to make one lot that fit's every body's airport.&nbsp; It would be great if it had no textures and could allow other texture lots to plop on top.&nbsp; I've noticed that I can put pedmall tiles on existing JRJ wall lots so I know it's possible.<u><i><br><br><br>"I think this has been made before - somewhere. " -</i></u><br><br><b>Where?</b>&nbsp; It would be great to have an additional alternative and example.&nbsp; There were only two pages in the search on "Airport" or "RMIP" and I didn't find anything.<br><br><u><i>"A proper title is needed" </i></u><br><br>I would have preferred "<b>International, Municipal and Landing Strip Airport Enabled Lots with Control Tower and Minimal Buildings in Separate .SC4lot Files, Suitable for Modification, Functional with RMIP and Any Other Airport Lots, and without Requiring Additional Dependencies.</b>" &nbsp;<br><br><b>What title do you recommend? </b><br><br><br><u><i>"that the textures don't match"</i></u><br><br><b>True. As described, there is no intent to match RMIP or other airport textures.</b>&nbsp; They are MAXIS textures and props only so they require no dependencies and can be used alone or with any airport addon.<br><br>LotEditor is easy enough to use and all are welcome to change the textures to something more suitable for your game play. In fact, I recommend this. Individuals that are new to SC4 will find this an excellent exercise in using the LotEditor. Savy users surely find this simple enough and would likely do so anyways. After all, there is no way to make a lot that matches every one's specific needs. <br><br><br><u><i>"somebody forgot to change accounts before praising" &nbsp;</i></u><br><br>I saw no need to change accounts and pretend the comment is not my own. &nbsp;<br><br><br><u><i>"Doing that just makes you look 12. I mean seriously." - &nbsp;</i></u><br><br><b>I've known some very interesting and intelligent 12 year olds. Thanks for the complement. </b>&nbsp;<br><br>As well, as I am older than 12, then I would suggest that reality necessitates a different interpretation. Perhaps something like, "People older than 12 may start out the comments with their own personal assessment."&nbsp; And, I've learned not to hold my breath waiting for someone else's praise.&nbsp; <br><br>Perhaps it's good marketing... Though, marketing commercials generally pretend that it is someone independent praising the product and present the actor as being a "real" person. On the other hand,&nbsp; marketing folks have learned that blatant works just fine. <br><br>BTW, you now that tip jar you often see in stores? The person that put it there starts it out with some money so that other people will be&nbsp; motivated to put in a tip. Perhaps mine is a starter comment.&nbsp;&nbsp; A sort of example comment, a little praise, a detailed critique, a bit more praise. Kind of sugar coating the pill to make it easier to swallow. <br><br>Perhaps it is what I would comment had it been someone else's creation.&nbsp; A step back for one last objective look.&nbsp; <br><br>Perhaps it is just my after thoughts, additional suggestions that I considered after the posting was complete. The comments section is a nice place for me to keep some notes. All in one place, you know. <br><br><br><i><u>"only ugly 3 lots" &nbsp;</u></i><br><b><br>True.&nbsp; I don't do "pretty". </b>You are encouraged to use LotEditor to make it "pretty".&nbsp; If you are using it in conjunction with RMIP, I suggest changing the textures and fences to match RMIP.&nbsp; I don't really like the parking lot textures.&nbsp; Never-the-less, I like to envision it to be part of the airport under construction where the control tower was part of the original structure before the improvement projects.&nbsp; <br><br>Being that the control tower is so necessary to keep the airport open, they couldn't do any major work on it.&nbsp; For a much older airport, a new control tower may end up being constructed elsewhere with the original just being shut down.&nbsp; And, like all public facilities, the important parts to make pretty are buildings that the public sees up close, like the parking structures and bathrooms.<br><br>As it is my first upload, it would be my "<u>only"</u> lot.&nbsp; Also true.&nbsp; Later, should I upload more, then they will be "more" lots. <br><br><br><u><i>"There are many words about simple LOT" </i></u><br><br><b>Sometimes great things come is small packages.</b> If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is an SC4 lot worth?<br><br>I wanted to anticipate anything that others might want to know. I also wanted to put in the information necessary for anyone that might wish to modify them. As with any article, you can just read the first and last paragraphs to get the basic idea. <br><br>I also wanted to leave instructions on how to create such a lot.&nbsp; I really appreciate the effort that others make in writing tutorials.&nbsp; Especially considering that they already know how to do it and don't really need the tutorial themselves. It just feels like "love".<br><br>Do read the "Special Thanks" as it was TSM's upload that demonstrated the idea to be possible. Without TMS's upload I was quite stuck. &nbsp; I just could get past the grayed out "Save As" button in LotEditor.<br><br><br><u><i>"Can RMIP Command support" &nbsp;</i></u><br><br><b>As per the description, it works alone or with RMIP.&nbsp; </b>It doesn't require RMIP. <br><br>It didn't appear to interfere with RMIP&nbsp; The only caveat is that it does appear to spawn it's own planes. <br><br>I fully expected them to land on a non-existent&nbsp; runway. (Wouldn't it be great if they did, then a road could be constructed there and it would look like a plane making an emergency landing.)&nbsp; So far, I haven't seen this occur, rather they just fly around.&nbsp; <br><br>If they do actually land, it may be necessary to put the lot in a place so that they land on the runway.&nbsp; If you do happen to see this and can capture a picture, I'd like a copy so I can analyze it and add the appropriate instructions to the page.<br><br><br><u><i>"What does the name have to do with anything?"</i></u><br><br>Good question. <br><br>They are <b>Airport Enabled</b>. They a primarily control <b>Towers</b>. (The landing strip doesn't have a control tower). They are <b>Separate</b> lots (not a single .dat file). There are <b>No Dependencies</b>. The file is in <b>.Zip</b> format. <br><br>Oh, and it is the actual filename. I've found this helpful information when I've downloaded a ton of plug-ins and need to figure out where they came from. I think that I will include the file name in the description for future uploads.<br><br>I was initially going to go with <b>AETSNDZ,</b> but it didn't seem to really say much.<br><br>If you have a recommendation for the title, do tell.&nbsp; Let's call it the "Make A New Title" contest.<br><br><u><i>"Great work with real function! This lot is a perfect suppliement to the eye-candy DIY airports~" </i></u><br><br><b>Thanks. This was the point. </b><br><br>I have been using RMIP.&nbsp; RMIP is an incredible piece of work.&nbsp; (<u>Rule 1</u>: Complement others work as much as possible)&nbsp;&nbsp; I was a little surprised to find that RMIP doesn't include control towers. On the other hand, RMIP is such a large and detailed piece of work that the author had plenty on his plate.&nbsp; (<u>Rule 2</u>: Diminish any negative critique as much as possible.)<br><br>Still, I want the game play to function as usual and didn't want a whole separate airport.&nbsp; TMS is on the right track.&nbsp; I wanted to expand on his idea in a different direction, going to very minimal.&nbsp; His direction may be necessary to locate a runway where the spawned airplanes land.&nbsp; Others may want to follow his direction to create very personal airport lots.&nbsp; <br><br>I think it's a great starting place for a new generation of individual control towers that look like real world towers. As a standard, the props "*S1x1x1InvisAirport*", which make it a functional airport, can be placed in lots with a control tower as a building. This lot set can be modified simply with Lot Editor to replace the control tower without having to go through the steps to create a new "Airport" lot.&nbsp; <br><br>There is no simple way to make one lot that fit's every body's airport.&nbsp; I would have made it with no textures if I knew how. (Shh.., don't tell anyone but I chose "ugly" so the user really has to figure out how to change the textures if they want "pretty".)&nbsp;&nbsp; I expect that I will be changing the textures to something more compatible with my own cities. <br><br>The only reason I might make an update public would be if I should find some highly FUNCTIONAL improvement. (...like no textures.&nbsp; It would be even better if RMIP tiles could be placed on the already plopped lot.&nbsp; I've noticed that I can put pedmall tiles on existing JRJ wall lots so I know it's possible.)<br><br><br><i>In Summary:</i><br><br><br> [/quote] .................................................................................................
  3. Staples center by Dmscopio

    wow looks great! Is La live next <img class="bbc_emoticon" alt="" src="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/47.gif"><br>
  4. World in Conflict

    I think the idea of the Russia attacking the US is kinda old.....
  5. Starcraft

    I play it.... But now i play sc2 good times... gooooood times.....
  6. fire station

    wow this is rly good for a first timer 8/10
  7. Modern Fire Station

    its way 2 big compared to the firetrucks and looks like a block with the things sticking out of it.... 2/5
  8. Paeng's PedMall Parks

    omg i have been waiting years for something like this 2 come out Thanks you SOOOOOO much 5/5