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  1. A Simtropolis Baby

    Hello fellow citizens, it has been a while since I have taken the time to address the masses. I come before you today to announce the arrival of a child. A child born of this community. Samantha and I are the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy called Nicolas Orion. He was born on March 18th at 18:05, he weighed just 5 lbs 14 oz (2.66 Kg) and was 19.25" (48.9 cm) long. I never envisioned that I would not only meet the love of my life on the Internet so it is even crazier to think that we would also become parents of a beautiful baby boy. If this site didn't exist, we would likely have never met and this new life would never have existed. I feel that I must thank our glorious Dirktator, may he rule forever, for that little miracle. Thank you to the community that was built here and that continues to thrive here for all of the support and kindness over the years. Cheers!
  2. Zero Punctuation reviews Simcity

    Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw delivers his take on Simcity. Spoiler alert: he gives it a "meh." The Escapist : Zero Punctuation : SimCity
  3. Greater Terran - A SimCity (2013) Journal By Haljackey

    Looking good!
  4. Show Us Your Skylines

    That is really impressive SquidInABox! Here are a few more. I especially like number 3.
  5. SimCity Update 2 from Lucy Bradshaw

    I’ll keep this short since almost everyone who cares is busy building cities and making friends in SimCity. Maxis continues to make huge progress in addressing the lag and server-capacity issues we experienced at launch. We’ve improved our server response time by 40x, we’ve doubled the number of players in the game at the same time and reduced server down times. The situation is good, but not good enough. And since my boss is one of the negatively affected (!) - we’re still driving hard to get everyone online, playing together, and no hitches. Tens of thousands of new players are logging in every day. For that support – that commitment from our fans -- we are deeply grateful. More than anything, we know that information is important to our players. Our Twitter chat today made that especially clear, and I want to say thank you sharing your ideas, your issues and for being, well, nicer than I thought you would be, given everything you’ve been through. Thank you.
  6. Running out of water

    I believe that the sewage treatment plant turns sewage into water, it just dumps the water into the water table instead of putting it back into water pipes. So you can put your water pumping station right there. Be careful to keep an eye on your sewage capacity though because even a treatment plant can start dumping sewage into the ground water if it can't handle the load. You can solve that worry by using filter pumps at your water pumping station, but they cost a lot more.
  7. If they designed the game to be a online multiplayer game that gets it's information from the servers then even if they wanted to do that I imagine it wouldn't exactly be easy to do. I don't see how most of the simulation is done on EA's servers when people have been able to play the game for 20 minutes without being connected to the Internet. Plus this is 2013 we're talking about so any modern gaming rig should be able to handle all of the computations. I am pretty sure they could release and offline patch if they wanted to. My current home PC pretty much is a server in terms of capabilities, though it is single proc, it has 8 logical cores and 24 GB of RAM. My next one (parts arriving Monday) will have 12 logical cores and 32 GB of RAM. There's no way they're computing, for me and my 15 region friends, more data with one of their servers than I can do for the group if I have a client/server system running on my local machine. The reason this is true, even if you don't have an extremely powerful PC, is that the server is also doing that (and whatever the hell else it's doing) for the thousands of other players that are connected to it. They could have designed the game to operate like an online multiplayer shooter and built it as a client/server application that allows people to host regions, and invite others to play. They could have provided a matchmaking service instead of hosting the entire system. That design wouldn't have prevented people from playing alone without an internet connection, or playing over a LAN with friends, or the internet with strangers. They keep saying that they designed it to be an online game from the beginning, the problem with that statement is that it's very misleading. Had they taken any queues from other online games that have a strong single player component, they should have followed the model listed above. It accomplishes the goal of having an online game, and at the same time allows the freedom of modding, offline saves and single player. The always online design decision is different and I believe it is intended to be a form of control over the product. I don't believe it was simply a DRM decision. I believe that the always online requirement is a business model decision. It is a way to keep the core product locked down and protected so that they can charge us money for things the community could (and would) do for free. I don't blame them for trying to create themselves another revenue stream, I don't blame them for wanting to put out DLC and make money with updates, new regions, buildings, scenarios, or what have you, but I don't appreciate the method they've chosen to implement it. The fact that Lucy didn't address any of the reasons behind the decision, other than the canned response that it was planned to be an online game from the start, just annoys me more. Of course if she had, Maxis and EA would come off looking like the greedy children who run everything starting with a little i directly followed by a capital letter.
  8. Show Us Your Skylines

    Thanks MamaLuigi. I was using the vibrant filter on the latest set if images.
  9. Show Us Your Skylines

    Still in the same city as my previous post.
  10. Dear Electronic Arts, My mother always told me that it's petty to say "I told you so" when proven right. That's why I really hope she isn't reading this, because I have a message for you: I told you so. But it's not just me; a big chunk of the gaming community feels the same way. I don't want this to seem petty, but I genuinely want you to learn from your mistakes, so you don't repeat what's shaping up to be one of the most embarassing game launches in years. So far, Amazon has 1,091 one-star user reviews for SimCity out of 1,213 reviews total (and I'm pretty sure several of the five-star reviews are being sarcastic). A Change.org petition has raised over 35,000 signatures in two days demanding that you offer a single-player, offline mode in SimCity and eschew always-on online for games. Polygon has revised its score of SimCity increasingly downward from 9.5 to 4. At PCMag, we even came up with seven SimCity alternatives for players who don't want to deal with server problems. I don't want to gloat. I want you to understand why this happened, and how you can prevent it from happening in the future. When concerns are raised over "online features," listen to them. When people warn you months in advance that there will be server issues, listen to them. When gamers worry that they won't be able to play SimCity years from now (when every SimCity game from the Super Nintendo version to Simcity 4 remains playable and enjoyable), listen to them. Turn away from your paranoia regarding piracy and realize that there are tons of customers who want to give you money in exchange for being able to play a game. Appreciate the value of customer loyalty and developing a community instead of squeezing every last drop out of people and discarding them.
  11. Amazon suspends sales of SimCity video game

    Ongoing problems with the latest version of SimCity led Amazon to briefly stop selling the game. The web retailer stopped sales late on 7 March as players reported continued problems with the city building title. Amazon's sales suspension of the downloadable PC version of the game only lasted a few hours, but it has put a warning note on the product page about the "issues" with the game. These have contributed to the one-star score purchasers have given SimCity on Amazon. As of this writing there are 2,400+ one-star negative reviews for the title.
  12. Bus Stops

    I think your average wait time is directly related to the number of stops you place, your traffic, your road network and the number of riders. Try spacing the stops out a bit more that might help. I don't place stops on both sides of the same street for example. I typically use the right hand side of the street, as close to the intersection as possible and go every other block. I assume the bus stop radius is similar to the radius used for school bus stops, notice when you place a school bus stop the happiness of the nearby residences increases in a circle around the stop, this gives me a rough idea of how far people will walk to catch the bus. So far, I'm not having much difficulty keeping my wait times below 30 minutes.
  13. Start New City - same city?

    Burning garbage should be an early priority. I've never had any garbage space issues. After the placing the initial one, I always add an incinerator to handle burning the garbage. If the dump begins to fill up, I add another incinerator. Also, using the recycling center reduces the garbage, not sure by how much, and can make you a lot of money. As you reclaim alloy, metals and plastic you can sell it on the global market through a trade depot for pretty good profits.
  14. water.... not a drop to drink

    This is exactly how I solved the water problems in my cities. They need to patch the water system soon but I suppose I'll let them fix the servers first...