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  1. Biwdc's B.A.Ts & Models

    That's really nice!! Great job!
  2. Biwdc's B.A.Ts & Models

    As always Jason, you do great work! Love the Seaduck :-)
  3. Bobbo662s BAT Thread

    Thanks to you both - I got to work now - BIDWC helped me out - to kick my old brain to remember - hahaha.
  4. Bobbo662s BAT Thread

    It's been a long time since I've posted here, and that I uploaded anything, or made anything. But, today - I've started to get back into Gmax, and start creating again. Of course it's been since 2009 that I've done anything - it's like learning how to walk again after being disabled for such a long time - I'm taking baby steps again and some things are coming back to me. Though I seem to have an issue - Making transparent windows. I'm following the old tutorial (Phillippo's) that I studied from back in 2004 - and the issue is that I'm following the steps. The next thing you'll need to do is snap another rectangle (again, hiding the window frame can be useful) in the same opening, uncheck the "Generate Mapping Coord." and "Display Mesh" boxes after the new rectangle is snapped, apply a UVW Map to it, and rename this rectangle "Windows - Glass". But it's not transparent. Is there something or step I'm doing wrong - as you can see the window in the front door is not transparent. Thank you for your help. Bobbo662 ****EDIT**** Never mind, I got it to work :-)
  5. Biwdc's B.A.Ts & Models

    Looks great! I think you are doing a wonderful job! Keep up the great work!!!
  6. B62 Remastered - Cub Foods

    Congrats on your Featured lot!  Your lotting is excellent!  Downloaded :-)
  7. B62 Remastered - Giant Food 60s Retro

    Great job!  Fun fact - you know how hard it was to make that "G" symbol on the building, first I had to find the right looking "G" that Giant uses, that took a good while, and then  to get the workds G I A N T lit without getting the big G lit. - very very hard, that took me a couple days to do!  
  8. B62 Remastered - Domino's Pizza

    Again, a great job of creating the lot.     This was towards the end of working with BATS, and RL started to get a little busy, and Azul was starting to feel ill - that I wanted to take time to be with him more.  I don't think, and I really can't remember, if i did release this or not because I wasn't too happy with the "bright" blue, and wanted to "dirty" it up some.  But, when nos.17 asked if he could have permission to have my BATs for his project, I just gave him everything I had, I think it was like over 50 files, or close to it.
  9. Azul's Bistro Bar & Grill was actually named after my beloved chihuahuah - "Azul".  Sadly he had passed away about a year ago after being with me for 10 yrs.  If you see in my Avatiar to the left, you'll see a chihuahua that looked similar to him.  This was one of my very first BAT creations I did when I first started out back in 2004 - when I was learning how to create buildings for SC4, it wasn't perfect  (I know the lighting was horrible) but it was fun, and I wanted to do something for Azul.   You have done a terrific job in remastering this lot, thank you so much for bring my buildings back to life again. [url=http://s151.photobucket.com/user/Bobbo662/media/DSC00016.jpg.html][/URL]   Azul - 2002-2012
  10. PosterBoy Production Sercives

    I have given Patrick permission to do whatever he would like to do with my BATs.