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  1. Highways, General Planning.

    any other suggestions? ;3
  2. Highways, General Planning.

    Thanks for the pic!! Much appreciated. Here is a Cut-Pic from my Region View.. Labeled with RCI for your convenience
  3. Highways, General Planning.

    I Re-Did my Bridges, and put them from Ave Bridges to Highway Bridges.. I also connected a subway system to my Downtown Island, That made the commute go wayyy down. Not too sure If I need a full Highway system just yet. Lo, THis might be a bit off-topic.. But can someone help me find a Hospital that can carry a LOT of people? Like, 8k or 10k People? It's to the point where I have to put a Hospital on every single block >_<!
  4. Highways, General Planning.

    Thanks for the welcome guys!!!... I think I may Re-Zone a bit too, The Central Island is pretty much my Downtown. So I think I might go to the Residential Island, and Re-Zone the Middle Commercial, and put Highways throughout.!
  5. Highways, General Planning.

    Hey guys, My City is pretty big.. Just reaching 615k Residents. I would really love to put in a Highway System, However.. I'm not exactly sure on where to put it?. I have a lot of Avenues, and most of my Bridges are Avenue Bridges, with Stree Birgdes next to them to handle the heavy Traffic.. How would I go about Putting in a Highway System? Here's a Pic to show my Layout. (These 2 Pictures are the same city, I had to get 2 since the City is so huge. >_<!
  6. Stone Creek

    I... WANT...TO....LIVE...THERE!! PLEASE, Be a City Planner.. I want to live there so bad! Gorgeous work!
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Originally posted by: mrtnrln They are ment to be generic, so it doesn't matter if you can read them or not. If you want some US styled signs, try to search the STEX for Ryan_sc4...quote> Yeah, I actually like your signs.. I think the pics were just a little mis-leading to me. I tried them in Game, Absolutely loved them!
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Originally posted by: CaptCity Originally posted by: dimdubble Hey guys! I'm looking for some Highway Signs that fit with the RHW Mod...quote> You might try searching the STEX for "mrtnrln." He has several sets that might work for you - paricularly the GTR sets. quote> I like them, But.. They're very small Print. and none are USA. I don't mean to be picky, But I can barely read those signs Scrap what I said.. I tried them in game, I absolutely LOVE them! Thanks SOOOO Much for helping me find these! (The GTR 1.0 ones)
  9. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    FIrst off, I am new to these Forums.. as such, I have no Idea where topics go. So, Please.. If this is posted in the wrong section, Could you move it for me? Thanks! Hey guys! I'm looking for some Highway Signs that fit with the RHW Mod. I've searched all over the STEX, and I have found 0 to my Liking. Does anyone know where I can get some signs that are compatible with the RHW Mod? I saw some, but they had very small print, and were.. Like, Russian or something. I kind of want Anything USA. Thanks guys!