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  1. UK High Street Shops Tonkso Set 3

    Always dreamed of a continuous rows of shops instead of all the separate ones. thanks
  2. Beach Set v14

    I wanted to do Sydney but was worried about the crap beaches. This should help a lot. Thanks.
  3. The Palm Jumeirah

    Just back from Oz and flew via Dubai. Was thinking I must play the Palm when I get back. It is such a great idea why didn't I think of it before for SC4? I guess everyone thinks they're fantasy. I'd like to create my own along these lines.
  4. Surface Water Volume 1

    there is always the need for surface water
  5. Waterfront Promenade

    where can i get the canals
  6. HOV bus Lanes

    like my city. cool..
  7. Hole Digging Lots

    tunnels are hard otherwise
  8. General Hospital

    been looking for one of these. Thanks
  9. FmBeachesForIrregularCoasts

    Fantastic. Needing those perfect beaches for ages. Hate those unrealistic square edged ones. yech.