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  1. The Cobb Central Park West

    Absolutely Awesome!
  2. Reader Revival

    Yeah, I think that's most likely the problem. I think MFC class destructor behavior changed between VC6 and 7. However, there are so many problems like this that I'm not sure it's worth it. The code is virtually unmaintainable.
  3. Reader Revival

    It's unmodified, and it happens everytime, so I think it's compile related. It tries to delete a null pointer somewhere.
  4. NAM: Requests

    Date: 7/16/2005 2:46:14 AM Author: bfairin Date: 6/11/2005 4:51:04 PM Author: lancerjw Can anyone make this? This is the circle stack interchange on I787 in Albany, NY. quote> I second this interchange. It doesn't have to angle off like the one end does but it's very compact and would be good near downtown areas where space is limited. Also the one end of the road disappears under the New York State Office Building Complex. I was wondering if anyone felt like BAT'ing that. It's a very sleek and modern looking building. quote> Wow! That's impressive, I might take a closer look at this one. I've been working on my BAT skills during my hiatus, maybe something will come of this.
  5. Reader Revival

    J_McSim:3dsftk.lib is part of a toolkit availible on the web, get it here The reader is bits of code cobbled together from everywhere, and little to no commenting. I'm trying to figure out parts of it now, if you need help, feel free to pm me. A clean implementation of the stuff is probably the best way to go, but I don't have the willpower to do that. There is a wealth of information on the forum about the file types, so you probably could write your own classes without the reader's code. Tropod:Alright, I've compiled and ran the resulting code. First problem was that the open dialog boxes didn't appear. That's been fixed. I opened the NAM file and proceeded to play with it. Exemplars seem to be ok, s3d files crash the program though. Either ilive didn't exactly use the best programming practices, or the upgrade from VC6 to 7 broke a lot. From my previous experience, I'd say it's mostly the latter. It will take lots of time to determine what works and what doesn't. Anything that doesn't work will have to be fixed, then I'll try adding new features. When I posted this, I hadn't gotten past the open problem yet. I didn't expect to find problems in code other than user interface stuff. This could be harder than I thought. A fun new challenge awaits me.
  6. Reader Revival

    OK, I'm back, from another extended vacation (approx 8 months.) During this time, I was still working on SimCity related things. One of those was reviving ilive's reader project. I've gotten the program to successfully compile in MS Visual C++ 2003. I haven't done much experimenting yet, but it looks very good. I'm interested in suggestions and comments you have about the last version of the Reader (0.9.3) I might try to program new features, but it is one hundred thousand lines of code, and I have no idea what most of it does. Still, suggest away.
  7. BRF UrbanLegend Traffic Control Pack

    Took me a while to find, but this is great. 10/10
  8. PEG Garbage Chute

    Awesome Idea!
  9. the mars settlement museum

    It's awesome, too bad I couldn't fix up a custom query in time.
  10. Dome Des Invalides

    Flat out awesome!
  11. The Custom Member Label Club

    I was Modd Squad. Now its gone
  12. PEG Arizona Memorial v205

    Totally awesome! I worked on something like this for a while, but mine was an insult compared to your amazing work.
  13. SimRentz Public BETA

    glad to hear it