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  1. Copvaert Rotterdam

    Nice to see a building from Rotterdam. The white stripe is net really there. It's only part of the top that's white. If you need more info for futere buildings you like to make in the futurem pm me and i'll can give you more detailed info of any building in Rotterdam, Good job....
  2. Double-Deck Bridge Experiment

    Wow can i play with those bridges, pleaaaassssseeeee!!!! hehe.
  3. He Tag_One. Geweldig werk van Connexxion. Wat mij alleen opvalt is dat bij het glr station (heb de andere niet gezien). Zie ik een andere tecture onder de rails. (brown stones) Is dit een foutje of hoort dit zo te zijn..
  4. Euro Road Textures Mod

    Look as soon as there is construction around the roads are fine... And i tried looking for mistakes i made. is it possible that there is a part in the nam that blocks this now
  5. Euro Road Textures Mod

    sorry double post
  6. Euro Road Textures Mod

    Like what? i just installed it and that's it
  7. Euro Road Textures Mod

    Look at this picture..
  8. Lucia Tower v2

    did i see this one before????
  9. Castalia

    Can't wait to see the "Hoftoren". For all you guys who don't know what it is, it's the building in the back of the Castalia. The Highest building(142 m.) in The Hague.
  10. Ground Lightrail MOD - support

    I think i just found out what's wrong. I happend to have a 3 tile station from morifari with only one tile of rail in it..... I will remove it and see if i can get the right one in... So far thanks for the help you guys,
  11. Ground Lightrail MOD - support

    If i try to drag the el. rail through the station, it's not yellow like in Smoncrie picture, but instead it turns red in that it's not possible Ow, adn i am using a three tile station of Morifari, don't know if that's the difference
  12. Ground Lightrail MOD - support

    And Smoncrie, do you do that all the way or just half way untill the middle so just two tiles??
  13. Ground Lightrail MOD - support

    Am i the only one that doesn't see his trams go through the stations. It doesn't work for me with Morifari's station.. Even if a drag an elevated rail trough it. Because then i still have to remove the elevated rail because i can not lay down the tram tracks.... help pleaseeeeee!!! I don't seem to get it right...
  14. Ground Lightrail MOD - support

    I don't see trams going tru my stations, and the thing about dragging elevated rails through them doesn't wordk either because it say's that that can not be done... Is there a special way to do so, please help me......
  15. BRF UrbanLegend Traffic Control Pack

    And is it possible to make "only truck" lanes? We allready have things like that in Holland. Something like busslanes but then with trucks. woul be nice