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  1. Extra Co Highwealth Lots

  2. Pack of polish 90's plattenbau

    They're horrible to look at as they should be but are really nicely made. Well done.
  3. Extra Co Highwealth Lots

    Simple idea, great execution. Well done.
  4. Green Ridge

    [quote name='x493x' timestamp='1316971263'] Looks really nice! Though it does need a rendered in game picture. [/quote] Yep, just about to fix this.
  5. Gobar V2

    Excellent city. Did you make most of those buildings yourself or did you download them, because I would love to have them too.
  6. Green Ridge



    My first map in almost a year it seems. This new map continues with my theme of high mountains, lakes and coasts, all in one map. I personally think this my best one yet. Here are the main features: Size: 8x8 large maps Layout features: Coast along the bottom of the map. Mountains with large plateau in the top right hand corner. Lake in centre with Green Ridge next to it. Flatter land towards bottom and left of the map. Island in bottom left of the map. Corries and other glaciated features below the mountains. Details of how to install this file are in the README. For new downloaders, extract the files from the Zip folder and you will find it. Please feel to free to give me the heads up if something doesn't work properly and also it would be great if you could share your opinions on the map in the comments. But most importantly. Enjoy! P.S.Sorry I couldn't provide a full grayscale because for some reason my terraformer wasn't working properly and wouldn't show overview.
  7. GT5 (Gran Turismo 5)

    I have GT5 Prologue on playstation 3 and the graphics are awesome. I've nearly completed it though so I wish they would bring out the full thing. Also, to comment on earlier posts, I thought you could drift in GT3 as well because when you go into arcade mode and go through all the options (select car, auto or manual transmission), there is an option asking if you want to drift or race.
  8. Jin Mao Tower

    Looks very nice. Good detail. Love the fact that it gives you CO$$$ jobs. 5/5.
  9. The Avatar Above Me v3

    6/10 Bit dark. Bit plain too. Not bad
  10. Who is Not Going to Post After You v2.0

    Correct No nathanthemayor next (I suck at this, I'll probably be wrong)
  11. Giant Newton's Cradle Park

    Quirky, different. Great piece of modern art surely. I like it. 5/5.
  12. The Territory of Christmas Island

    Looks like a nicely shaped island. Seems quite detailed. Lots of city building opportunities. So yeah, good map.
  13. HK Broadwood 12

    There have been a lot of good BATs coming out this week. (As usual) This is one of them. 5/5.
  14. Tyndrum County

    Thanks everybody.