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  1. DEDWD Raised Parks Retextured

    took me 30 minutes to download this file (using very bad quality dial up) it was definetely worth the wait 10/10 and looking forward to the MML
  2. Guerro

    lol someones been playing the fallout games.... excellent ruins btw... you should upload them
  3. The Cow

  4. Sim City 5 Rumors!

    instead of making sc5 why not make a new expansion for sc4? i dont want to start a completely new game also people like me would've never thought there would be another duke nukem... but then i was almost screaming in anticipation when it was announced.... lets just wait an see what EA's next move is gonna be (it will most likely be a stupid one)
  5. RHW-4 Compact Suspension Bridge

    why not make a lhd version?
  6. Fast Exit

    finally.... i have to wait up to 20 minutes sometimes (comp freezes a lot) for sc4 to shut down sometimes... no more keeping the power button pressed
  7. Naval pack

    uhm don't mean to be cheaky in any way but as far as i can remember, files that are uploaded to stex have to be in a .zip folder and not in .rar format can't comment on the lots themselves coz i have no means of extracting this
  8. SCAG Airport Road Improvement Project, vol. 1

    excellent i can expand my airports... will this work together with rmip though?
  9. Train Prop Pack vol.1

    great work... you should think about lotting these for maybe a modular rail yard
  10. MU

    omg this is really cool....could you make a Glasgow rangers FC version?
  11. [RUMOR] SimCity To Be Facebook Game

    Im suprised simcity hasn't died.... its been stabbed in the back, shot in the face and kicked to the ground that many times and its still "walking" this game is gonna b crap
  12. L‘s Big Ferris Wheel

    wow... definetely the best fairground ride ever to be uploaded plz tell me how you did the animation 5/5 id give it a million but hats too many 0's towork with for my liking
  13. Simtropolis Sign

    i think this will make a fine addition to my game 5/5
  14. nice work but couldn't make a uk version? but anyways til then i still give it 5/5
  15. escape to ... escape

    mhm anyone got tipps on how to get terraformer to work on win7? ive tried about everything....