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  1. Regional Bridge And Tunnels

    Hi HyugaHinata Still wondering how can I draw roads like what have done in the cover picture of this mod? They seem to be right at the edge of the water and even in the water and you can still plop harbors....
  2. Regional Bridge And Tunnels

    thanks so much for the work. I'm just wondering how you build the habour in your cover picture. Using this mod?? 
  3. Project Akar : UI Enhancement

    Thank you so much for the work. It's working fine for me as well.
  4. Traffic Jam... at city entrance!

    Hi I found T junction sometimes helps.
  5. Anyone else lost interest?

    I'm starting to lost my interest after rebuilding two regions because of those city cannot loaded issues. Plus industry is not at all important in the game and the way to get the money is always the same (from TVs). Not like you are always trying to pursuing the balance on the accounting book as well as keeping the city expanding like in Simcity 4. Also like you said the tiny little city and again only one or two linkage towards the outside cities and also usually 4 cities as a group in the region. I guess all those cut down my interest more and more.
  6. 2,5 MILLION Challenge [NA EAST 2]

    Is there any place left? If so, I want to join.
  7. Innovative City Designs

    Well Actually I like the circled city rather than block city. but provided the setting of 2013, (only one exit or maybe two), I did one city as in the photo attached. It is kind of Hybrid. Unluckily, this is ever last screen I took as I am not able to get into the city as more......
  8. Cities XL 2011 - Out in "a few weeks"

    hope it will be a huge update for "2011". And i noticed there is a membership called life-time member in the official website. You need two CD-KEY to obtain that membership. Maybe they hope us to buy the "2011"
  9. Playing the PO cities in Solo Mode

    So nice!!! I can get my cities back!!