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  1. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    Whoa. I know I'm very late to the thread here, but since my most capable PC broke I haven't been able to play city-building games, and therefore my interest waned, but today I decided to take a look at Simtropolis when I saw that a new Skylines expansion was out (well, I'm late to that too, but again, broken PC and waning interests). And then I saw this. It must have been years since I logged in here, and yet more years since I was actively taking part in discussions, and I hadn't really planned to log in now either, but I feel that I owe it to Nonny to pop by and pay my respects. He was always kind, calm and up for thoughtful discussion. I remember him as an anchor member of the Current Events subforum, taking part in all manner of discussions, and staying civil (but not shying out of arguments either). He carried that forum, I think. It is very sad to hear about his passing, even half a year later. I hope he didn't suffer and that his family is okay. May he rest in peace.
  2. Bit of a fizzer

    Yeah, that's just management issues. Build residential areas (preferrably close to your industry), spread out your garbage collection, and make sure the grave yards aren't all concentrated in your most heavily trafficked area (because then hearses get stuck in traffic, which slows down collection a lot). C:SL allows for cities big enough for size to cause certain issues, which necessitates that you plan your city accordingly. Most of the problems you face in your game can be attributed to traffic management and road layouts. Have a look around the City Journals subforum, and you'll pick up a few tips and tricks on how to do it. The game isn't badly designed, it's just that it'll throw certain challenges at you without explicitly showing how to solve them.
  3. A Fresh Start

    Shouldn't this be in the City Journals subforum rather than this?
  4. Hollywood Sign Letters

    Awesome idea, I must say! At first I thought "Wait, there's no A in 'Hollywood'", but then I realized you're making an entire alphabet so we can have custom signs. Unfortunately, I don't have much to comment on. Maybe you could add some lights, either overhanging or placed on the ground, to illuminate the signs. The lights wouldn't be functional, of course, but it would look quite neat. Also, maybe have a slightly darker colour for the letter itself, to avoid excessive bloom. Either way, looking forward to seeing this released!
  5. I think the water drying mechanic is in the game to remove hydropower-related accidents. Lake Whoops, set to be my new tourist attraction/refugee camp, dried up while I was building the district next to it. At least I found a way to place advanced windmills on land, though! As for your problem, I think the only way to keep the pond is to keep a steady supply of water. It might not look pretty, but it's what you got.
  6. How do I raise crime rate?

    Eliminate education too. If the people have other jobs to go to, they won't be too bothered when the industry disappears. What you're aiming for is mass unemployment. I guess you could also eliminate offices and commercial buildings for the same effect, though.
  7. Tribal association. Basically, when people see you liking SimCity 4, they mentally file you under the "SimCity 4 tribe". Liking SimCity 4 is now your one, defining trait in the field of city building game preferences. It's rather easy to keep track of people that way, by "filing" them according to one trait. Practically required when you as a person have to keep track of many acquantances. Then, when they see you talking positive about CSL, it creates confusion. "Wait, I thought he was in the SC4 tribe?". They then take your "file" out of the mental file cabinet, and put it under "CSL tribe" instead. Again, people do this all the time, for instance when remembering what companies various people represent. To the average, humanly evolved onlooker, your praise for another game will overwrite your previous praise for SC4. "Filing" people makes it easy for the brain to remember them, but the brain is not that great of a database. Unless you know the person well, you can't associate him with more than one trait in every setting. Then the concept of "false dilemma" enters the picture. Obviously, whether to prefer SC4 or CSL is a choice, so if you're for the one, you obviously hate the other (it makes sense as long as you don't think about it, and in most settings, you won't - another handy evolutionary trait that kept us from spending all day pondering about stuff). With us or against us, you know the deal. So to recap: Liking SC4 or CSL is mutually exclusive, and if you like the one you're against the other. Prejudice, if you like. Normally, people won't make such a fuzz about that. I mean, it's like whether or not you prefer to sort your stamp collection by rows or by columns. Unless I were an avid stamp collector myself, I wouldn't care the least bit. Problems only arise when people associate themselves with one of the sides. If they themselves have a clear preference of SC4 or CSL over the other, and they naturally assume that you do too, they will feel like their own "tribe" has gained a loss or a victory when you express preference for the side they don't associate you with. Try joining a sports team supporter group one day, and leave it after a year - most likely, the other supporters will refuse to talk to you for the rest of your days. Hence, people will say you've "switched sides" when you do anything but hate the game they don't think you like. They will be baffled, as in their minds this implies that you've taken a dump on and kicked out the game you've said you liked so much in the past. CSL fans will say "Hey! Welcome to our tribe!", while SC4 fans will begin waxing their pitchforks. Of course, they themselves (or their close friends/family) can like two things at once, but imagining that trait in other people is a heck of a lot harder. Instinctively, we tend not to look at people we don't know as actual people. They're more like extras in the grand game of life, with one defining trait and one role to play. For instance, weren't you totally mindblown as a kid the first time you saw your teacher outside a school setting?
  8. Concerning death care, it seems kind of odd to me that all Cims die at home, whereas I've never seen any hearse pick up anything from a hospital. In real life, approximately 30 % of the population will die in an intensive care unit, and even more people die in nursing homes. I feel that hospitals ought to play a greater role in death care. For instance, have it so that whenever somebody dies, there'd be a 50 % chance of the corpse being teleported to the nearest (or a random) hospital, to simulate a situation where the person is rushed to hospital before dying. That way, hearses would still need to traverse the city, but we wouldn't have the unrealistic "everybody dies at home" situation.
  9. 81 tiles... that's 9 times the area the developers intended for us to play on. Which, already, is near the limit of what my computer can handle. I'd like to try it once I get a new computer, though! I bet you could make some rather impressive cities using this and a few other mods. Or maybe even a network of smaller, self-sustained towns. It'll be nice to see what people will come up with in a year, or two, or ten...
  10. Since your location says Italy, I assume this is right-hand traffic. Is the map oriented north-south according to your description? (i.e. "minimum development" to the upper right) Anyway, I can only echo what Grater said. Most of the traffic seems to be following the same route, from south to West, and presumably out to the bridge from there. I'd say making an entirely new road from south to west would be the best solution. It doesn't even have to go within the borders of the screenshot, provided there's enough space along the water spanned by those bridges. Alternately, I'd look into modifying the places the traffic is going to and from. Maybe do away with some of the industry to the south, so it doesn't generate as much traffic. Or likewise, shrink the financial district so it doesn't demand as many deliveries. Modifying the roads isn't always the best answer.
  11. Buildings by Dubai Skyscraper

    Great work! Just for the record, how tall are the buildings in the Vanilla game? It seems the tallest I've found is the special building "High Interest Tower", but I've got no idea how many metres tall it is. Looks like between 100 and 250, but it's hard to judge. At any rate I miss some standout monument towers that would dominate the skyline from afar, so I'd like to try some of yours some day.
  12. Just wait until the modders manage to make "moving crematoriums". I imagine a big vehicle, like a truck, roving around the city and spewing smoke like a locomotive. It'd cremate bodies on the fly, never returning to its facility unless there were no more bodies to pick up. In practise, it'd be a hearse with unlimited capacity.
  13. As for the 4x4 lots only... I think I've come up with something that would be a decent compromise: Already, when roads are made, a "zoning grid" four squares deep is laid down. What if we could plop zoning grids of different sizes? You know, like parks or landmarks or police stations or what have you? You could have 5x5 grids or 7x7 or 13x8 or what have you, snapped to roads like parks do. Then you could zone on the grid, and the game would look for growables to fit in the available space. If no mods with such growables were installed, all you'd ever see would be lots up to 4x4, but with mods you'd occasionally see bigger things. I'd also like to see circular ploppables, by the way. Parks to fit snugly in roundabouts, or just following the curvature of a road (technically it'd have to be the road following the curvature of the building, but anyway).
  14. Worker's Statue

    Is this really worth making a separate thread for?
  15. I also see the coal power plant in there, though it has a different colour than it had in SC3000. Back then, it had (very dirty) white walls, but now it's brown. The third SC3000 power plant is obviously the microwave plant. Great city, by the way! Can't wait to see what you'll do next!