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  1. Super Demand Ordinance

    It won't work; It's in my ordinances, and I activated it, but my commercial DECREASED.
  2. AGS Kitmar Stadium

    This is front page worthy.
  3. Super Demand Mod (Not Demand Ordinance)

    I read the readme, and did what it told me to, and it still won't work. So let me see if I got this right: You extract to plugins like everything else, you make a new folder named "Radical0ne Mods" without the quotation marks, place another folder in there called "Demand Mod" and place in the .dat files you want to raise your demand with.
  4. Heywood Inn

    It's aesthetic qualitys are superb. 5/5
  5. @ Riot55 I've tried both. I have the rich person tax very low, and their demand isn't too hot either. And I only have High-Density allowed. @ haydos116 I've tried that before.
  6. Garbage Launch Pad

    Why didn't I think of this? 5/5.
  7. So I have this city with a decent amount of citizens(130,000), a high demand for I-HT(The other industries are in the neighbor city), high education and health, decent mass transit system, and a high income. I've built several monuments and parks, and greatly lowered the taxes, but the CO$$ and CO$$$(Whom I am trying to attract) have low demand. Any tips?
  8. nVIDIA Corporation Building

    nVIDIA is awesome, so is this. 5/5
  9. Krark Nuclear Power Plant

    Highly explosive stuff is cool. Especially if you're filiming.
  10. Oceanic Tower

  11. PEG Hydroelectric Dam

    I've been waiting for a hydroelectric dam for ever! Nice work, bro!
  12. Outback Steakhouse

    Outback is awesome, like this creation.
  13. NHP New York City by beskhu3epnm

    You're a deity at this terraformer thingy. Well done.