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  1. Tanker ship drivable

    Speaking of Towerfox saying NEEDS MORE DESCRIPTION!!! Where is the horn, is there a horn or do you dump the tea in the Boston Shipyards? Just Joking. I mean the Description needs more records obviously!
  2. Honolulu II HI

    Nice job dude.
  3. Lake Sakakawea II ND

    Ya know, sakajawea is spelled wrong, just so you know.
  4. St Louis MO

    I don't get the download file, when I click download, I got was the height scale map of missouri, sheesh... good grief I don't know how to download a map on Simcity 4, this is my first time!
  5. Mega God Mode Tree Brush

    Great Idea as said.
  6. Sand Crab Timeshares

    I'll give you a Second place Red Ribbon on this, I wasn't going to before but really, as a common factor of actual building sight, don't stare at it's silly color but think shape and size. Don't over do it's distilled looks as a matter of fact! This image made me clueless what to describe.
  7. NexisLabelingCo

    There's got to be a McDonald's Restaurant Building like this. Sheesh... Where do people come up with this!
  8. Office Complex

    That's one fat building. What the heck.
  9. PEG Attitude Park v205

    I'd assess my options to put the 'tude', also known as the middle finger at the white house or the canadian lakes, boo canada!
  10. My World Map

    That includes me!