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  1. EA Shuts Down SimCity Developer Maxis

    Ever since I learned that Maxis would not be involved with the development of Simcity Societies back in 2007 I've tried to put a plug on the thought of this outcome. I KNOW that we as a Simcity community will keep this train in motion. A big thank you goes out to Will Wright for the original "Sim" games I've enjoyed over the years like Simtower, SimAnt, and of course Simcity SNES, Simcity 2000, 3000, and 4. From EA's perspective I can understand the decision thats been made, but I'm still not in favor.
  2. Working on a UDI version of my Atlas Helicopter

  3. Project CODBAT

    Greetings, I've started a litttle project of mine called CODBAT (Call of Duty BAT) The current objective is to recreate a great amount of lots inspired by the "Atlas" buildings. The current estimated percentage of completion is only around 5 percent, thus I've finshed a few props like helicopters, flags, and other items. I use game footage that I've recorded on my Xbox One as reference, so there might be a few mistakes. Here's a shot of what I'm talking about: Will update next week
  4. Athena Security Solutions (DarkNite)

    Nice red ambient lighting, 5 stars for you!
  5. SimCity Offline Mode Discussion

    If there are ever ways to import my new BATs into the game I might be interested in helping out with other modding projects. The game itself has its + and - but its been a while since any new modding breakthroughs have emerged.
  6. American Airlines Megapack

    Good work. I really like AA's new livery... so sleek.
  7. I'd like to be able to use some of my BATs I've made, they're starting to gather dust! A bigger city size would also be nice.
  8. 4-to-13 Plugin Converter

    That white smoke coming out of the cooling tower has just started again! This made my High School Graduation day from outstanding to out-of-this world!
  9. NYBT One World Financial Center

    My Father used to work in World Financial Center 3, until the flying debris of the 9/11 attacks moderately damaged the building. Excellent work! Texturing is very accurate and clean cut. One of the best NYBT Night lighting. Keep up the good work! 5/5*
  10. News about next sim city ?

    simcity Societies was a disaster, part of the reason was maxis had nothing to do with the development, my 2 favorites are simcity 2000 and simcity 3000 (not unlimited), therefore EA game simcity a bad redesignment with the whole "Design" thing, just like my 2004 mb S430 the s550 came out which gave the s class a whole new feeling I know Flip EA
  11. SUGCPack