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  1. WW2 Air Attack

    lol my airport is surrounded by these. landing permission granted.....hehehe
  2. The Cobb Luminary Exhibition

    OMG 5/5 LIGHTING WAS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!!ima put it next to my strip club
  3. Big Gun

    nice!4/5 my town is now safe from aerial attack!!!quality could have been a bit better though
  4. Fence Pack

    5/5 used it on military and power facilities
  5. Security Fence Set AddOn 1

    mine never showed up. 1/5 'mate
  6. TARDIS Multifunctional Civic Building

    thanks man!!!!really helps the hassle of fire and cop coverage 9999999/10
  7. Strip Mall

    10/10 good quality and ive been looking for a strip mall for a while-thanks
  8. PEG UT Plasma Gasification Plant

    great lighting!!9/10 could've produced a bit more power
  9. PEG CDK SV Carousel

    5/5!!!amazing quality and lighting!!!!id love more carnival rides!!!
  10. Starbucks 1

    3/5. good quality. nice lighting. windows kinda dark during day. plus, nothing shows it is a starbucks??
  11. PEG MTP Corner Starbucks

    excellent 4/5 mine was kinda grainy i dunno why