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  1. Simtropia

    Hi Jero long time no see, i stoped playing sim city for a wile and i just got a new pc so i insatlled again, and i have no plugins at all if you can help me whit a list of nice plugins and props, expacially the ones on your harvor area here in simtopia It looks awsome amigo, you got talent.
  2. Club Deja Vu Showgirls

    I dont understan why people can be so close minded, whats wrong whit strip clubs, some peole like them some people don't.Were i live there is one on the corner, is a reality, we here in simtropolis like reality so he make a great efort to bring this and some are complainin.Great work
  3. Shell updated

    this is my first lot
  4. Shell updated



    "All tx and creedits to bobbo662" gas station updated by alocubano113.
  5. Highway Signs

    they are nice
  6. Street Bus Stop

    can you put it infront of a house whit out the hose showng the no road thing