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  1. How Well Do YOU Know North America?

    San Francisco?
  2. Real Highway (RHW) - Development and Support

    I got it to work, I had a couple of old plugins, it was either the HSRP or Road Top Mass Transit, because after they were deleted, it worked.
  3. Real Highway (RHW) - Development and Support

    I can't get the puzzle pieces of anything over RHW to work. Have any idea what could be wrong?
  4. Asphalt Streets

  5. Real Highway (RHW) - Development and Support

    That toll gate looks awesome!
  6. Real Highway (RHW) - Development and Support

    Ok...Ive tried everything. At this rate. I guess I might as well wait a while...quote>If you're referring to the ANT plugin, Tarkus posted a How-to on this page.....
  7. Real Highway (RHW) - Development and Support

    WHOA!!! That's Amazing! The beauty moved me to tears! Question though, Is there a piece that allows one ramp to cross under the other?
  8. Real Highway (RHW) - Development and Support

    I haven't really ever posted but I check this thread daily like my life depends on it. Anyway, I was wondering if the anybody has thought of a piece of the RHWMIS that transitions the RHW to an interchange piece? It would save trouble in a RHW "T" Interchange. I'm not sure how to explain it really except that instead of the ramp branching off the side of the RHW, the traffic continues on to it, or it possibly leads in to a double ramp. I guess I'm about as clear as mud. I just wanted to say again that this is the best project on Simtropolis.
  9. Real Highway (RHW) - Development and Support

    Where will this be found when uploaded? Will it be in Modding Files or on the STEX?
  10. Real Highway (RHW) - Development and Support

    That is gonna make for an awesome week. Not only is the mod releasing on the 14th, but so is Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection and the two compatible games. Then, that Friday, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premieres. I can't wait! You guys made my week and I haven't even lived it yet! I also have a question, when transitioning between Avenues and Elevated Highway, they do it directly. With the RHW mod, will the RHW directly transition to Elevated highway or will you have to transition to Ground Highway then to Elevated Highway? Also, how would an Avenue intersect with RHW? That's all for today.
  11. Hard Rock Cafe

  12. Dairy Queen Brazier

    cool! I like it