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  1. Substation Pack

  2. CopaBacana - SideWalk + Curves

    Você planeja fazer a calçada Paulista Também?
  3. The Crawler and shuttle

    Amazing !! 5/5 you can maka a version without the NASA and USA markings ?
  4. Version 1.05


    this is my first upload a reskined version of the simfanatik's BELL Nacel Service truck. UDI - Driveable $$ wealth sims catalog vehicles , sorry no special icone , but it is well , place the .dat file in your pluggins folder , and finaly your power is on in your city ! Model : Simfanatik Reskin: Stratovarius
  5. Paeng's SHOKing Funicular

    hey Fanta where are your GTA IV automatas ? they vanished from the stex
  6. Show us your Military Areas

    @The00guvna: is the DEDWD SNM 4x1 Avenue Gate ,I can't find the link for it,i just remenber I found them on the BSC LEX and sorry about my english,I'm brazilian my english is a little rusty
  7. Show us your Military Areas

    Tudor Naval Air Base From Socialist Republic of Galbadia CJ Visit the Alliance of Independent Nations at AOIN.eu The guardians of the sea, the brave men who defend the seas of the Galbadian capital they operate in the Tudor Naval Air Maintenance Base;this base is on the northern of Tudor peninsula,next to the Petrogal Petrochemical Complex,built at 1936 to patrol the Alianta Strait territorial waters;the base had great importance for the socialist revolution, the main base of operations in the the region, part of the docks were destroyed during attacks by government forces, being rebuilt in 1992 Technically this base was built to defend the capital, but in 2001 it was reformed to be a base for maintenance the first fleet of the Galbadia Maritime Defence Force, this can be seen next image the Navy Technical College, the Communications Center of the base, and the Military Village where the officers live with their families,in the village can be found a tennis,baskett and soccer field for the off duty officers, all houses have free water,energy and Gas, also can be provided paid telephone and internet. here also operates the Air Mintenance Group,responsible for the maintenance the aircraft of the Navy, Marine Corps, and the Coast Guard,the runway also is used by the Galbadia Coast Guard to rescue and patrol missions;because of the short extension of the runway, only operated at the air base, helicopters, fighter jets and small STOL aircrafts. To protect the Port Tudor is a squadron of patrol vessels and a Coast Guard base,the navy warships only come to the base to making repairs, with except of patrol vessels and ships of the Coast Guard;other ships operate from Hawlett Naval Base at south of Novenber Island.
  8. NAVISTAR 7000 Cargo truck

    Great job 5/5 would be an incredible version with a green camouflage
  9. The Crawler and shuttle