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  1. Show us your skyscraper districts!

    I Like masochists best. its tall - but realistic
  2. Highway Signs

    Hi They Are Great But - Could you try to release some for the left hand of the side please as mine and many others cities are UK
  3. Diagonal Jagged Edges Mod

    WOW Thanks i always hated it when jeonij's walls go all wonky when thers bad terrain.
  4. Carrefour

    Great ! - When i went on holiday to spain - i shoped here with my couisns :P - reminds me of the greate holiday - great work
  5. Its Really Good But Theres 1 REALLY BAD ISSUE Its extremely hard to place iv spent an hour trying to place it in my city but still haven - could you take a picture of the right land conditions to place it on
  6. Hi Vandy, I Know you are or will be busy but when/if you have any spare time can you make a region for my RJ/CJ i have posted it in the forum its called "Mapping My CJ" Could you please visit it and make it for me please its small so it wont take very long - Please Help
  7. Mapping My CJ

    Map: Green Is Land Blue Is Water. Its Obvious You cant get everything square and neat - i dont want you too for realism. Large is a large tile. Med is medium and sm is small. Specifications: Land Level: Low Climate: European River Depth: Medium Iregularity: Moderate As You Can See Below the map is NOT TO SCALE
  8. Mapping My CJ

    Yet Again I Am Creating A CJ Or Should I Say RJ. I Am creating an Region Journal. Called Englador anyway, due to my age and lack of sc4 experience im asking you to make my region map. I Have made a rough drawing on microsoft paint of what i want my region to look like Could one of you mappers create it for me please. i know how to put it on the game so that aint a problem. The Only way i can reward you is with a thanks and when i crate the RJ Video put you on the credits. Please Help The Map Is On Next Reply
  9. Little Britain

    Little Britain Has been put on a stand-still due to lack of downloads later but i will try to get it back up. if you wish i can give you some pictures of it now - but its weird lol
  10. Little Britain

    Thanks For the help - i am aslo a great fan of ill tonkso. people do you know where i could find some paris/london type classic buildignss or maybe townhouses like gordan browns (10 downign street)
  11. Tonkso GLR Station

    Its Godo Looking but when on UDI Light rail it dissapears as it enters the station
  12. Little Britain

    Here Is What You Have Been Waiting For Introductory Pics The Picture Below Is not the actual city itself its juust teasers.
  13. Little Britain

    I Havent Been Able to Get Pictures but i'll get 1 or 2
  14. Little Britain

    haven't been able to start becuase i need help with downloads etc
  15. Little Britain

    I Am creating a new City journal - abandoning my old one. Thus will be about britain i9 have downloaded a region with the map of the united kingdom and will create several cities wich are there and make up other (with brittish names). For the fisrt 2 months or more i will be creating London. So please give me download links to Buildings in london and brittish buildings as these are really needed if this city will be created. Please Help Signed - lil-m