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  1. Hello, simtropolis community. I am back and playing Cities Skylines: My Dream game. Currently, I have two cities, both of them heavily modded. I may have to create a third city to keep my assets safe. I have two expansion packs: Natural Disasters and High-tech buildings. So, even though it appears that I have left SimCity, I have entered a new era, The Cities Skylines Era.
  2. Slow Transition

    I'm sorry, but when the computer was destroyed, the hard drive was destroyed too.
  3. Slow Transition

    I backed it up with a flash drive. I got a new computer.
  4. Slow Transition

    Hello, Guys. Sorry for all the backlog and the delay, but I'm saddened to say that on July 18, 2017, my Intel Core i3 3.06 GHz 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM with 256 MB of video RAM (Mid 2010 iMac) was broken in an accident. For the next 3 weeks, I was without a computer, until just yesterday, when an upgraded version of the computer arrived. I was happy, but at the same time, saddened to see that all my previous work was faded away, but, I prepared very far in advance, as I backed up my plugins folder. Now that I'm back on the computer, I'm ready for the next step...Cities Skylines. Currently, I have no money to buy Cities Skylines, but I will accumulate money on Steam during the next several months as I collect Steam Gift Cards. Eventually, I will have enough money to buy Cities Skylines and most of its expansion packs. I can only wish myself good luck.
  5. Amazing experience

    Hello, guys and gals from equal opportunities everywhere. Welcome, unsung heroes and creators everywhere. I would like to say thank you to everyone that has ever graced this forum in the entire world. From Japan eastward to Alaska, from Greenland southward to South Africa and all points in between, I would like to say thank you for everything that you've ever done over the last 14 years. I know some of you are moving on to other projects, like Cities XL, SimCity 2013, and Cities: Skylines. I want the remaining people working on Simcity4 Deluxe to know that I'll be giving out olive branches to every single one of them for not abandoning the SimCity 4 brand. Having played SimCity 2000, SimCity 3000, SimCity 4 Deluxe (Windows and Mac), SimCity Societies and Cities XL and Cities XL 2012, I am very well aware of the kind of stuff that I've played. I have a plethora of plugins in my folder. Your continued focus on City building, modding, and editing is unreal. Every week, I see new buildings created, and I'm watching Cities: Skylines from the outside looking in on Youtube, looking at the amazing style and creativity of the developers, wishing that I could somehow build cities in a new way. Thank you, guys, for ten years of support given to me. It would be fantastic to see some more neo-futuristic to futuristic buildings with population or jobs being created by your team into the Simtropolis Exchange. Maybe you could make some buildings CAM-patible, like the Shanghai Tower, for instance, or maybe one or more of New York City's supertall residential towers. I like what I see. Keep doing your work. 14 years? Wow! Usually, after 14 years, a game has long since died. I'm glad City Building games are still around, especially this one.
  6. Simmaster's Extra Cheats DLL

    From experience with the Windows version of the mod, it works, but what happens if you install it on the Mac OS X El Capitan Steam app version of Simcity4 deluxe.?
  7. SimCity 4 Deluxe For Sierra

    Hello, Simtropolis Team. I have a question. Will SimCity 4 work with Sierra and will the Patch 1.1.638 work on Sierra with the Apple Version of SimCity 4 Deluxe?
  8. NAM for Mac App Store Version?

    Update: 2 weeks ago, I contacted apple and installed the original system. Long story short, I updated my computer to El Capitan, and Simcity 4 now works again. I was able to install the latest version of NAM. I was also able to force compress the .Dat files from my virtual machine, so I saved over 700 MB of space. Thank you.
  9. Original EP1.Dat

    I have the steam version, not the Aspyr version. Although I have both the steam and the aspyr version, I prefer steam. I've had this game on steam since 2015. Although I don't have many hours on that game, I still look for updates to the game. I have a Mid 2010 iMac and Mac OS Sierra. I run the intel version. I have many mods. I've worked many hours creating cities having more than 4 million residents and 6 million commercial jobs. I know you're trying to help. I really do.
  10. Original EP1.Dat

    I also can't install the most recent version of the NAM without the EP1 1.1.638.1 update. I tried everything, from uninstalling files to deleting the EP1 to deleting all the files in the steam version of the game, but it just doesn't work. What do I do?
  11. Original EP1.Dat

    Ummm. Houston. We have a problem. The third installer doesn't work. It says "can't find rush hour because rush hour is not installed. How could rush hour not BE INSTALLED IF IT"S ALREADY INSTALLED ON MY MAC!!!!!!!!?!?!??!?!?
  12. Original EP1.Dat

    I'm having problems with the EP1 Update for NAM 35. I can't install the nam. I need the Original EP1.Dat file. Can you help me find it online?
  13. NAM for Mac App Store Version?

    I can't install the mod. It says can't write to info.plist. There's a permission problem or you are on a read only volume. You can't access it from a read only dmg.
  14. CAMelot Lights not Working on version

    I have the CAM Replacements for the buildings.