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  1. All assets gone ?

    WooooW, Thanks a lot for this info. Yesterday I reinstalled the whole game and nothing worked... Ok so I keep an eye on this list! I use a lot of the listed mods, but it is good to see that only 2 are left not working Thanks a lot Avanya, I'm really hot to see your stuff in the European Suburbia pack BR Chris
  2. Hello, I bought Green Cities and the European Suburbia pack some minutes ago, loaded my safegame and everything is gone ?! I checked the workshop and all my stuff is still subscribed. I checked the contentmanager ingame, there is everything listed and activated. Has anyone similar problems or maybe a solution before I reinstall everything?! BR Chris Edit: Screenshot. This is what I see when I start a complete new game please kill me
  3. Had to reinstall Game

    If you still have any trouble I recommend the following: 1. Put all workshop stuff in one collection. 2. Unsubscribe everything regarding cities skylines from steam workshop 3. Uninstall the Game 4. Delete all folders still left on your harddrive. (steam folders AND original game folders) 5. Reinstall the Game 6. First of all install "Loading Screen Mod" 7. Restart the Game 8. Open your collection, go on with installing your mods, but don't Install the whole collection at once, install each item after another I once had a lot of trouble after testing a lot of mods / assets and so on and this way fixed all trouble i had and it increased my performance.
  4. Hello Guys, I have the same problem, I think it is related to Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance and the Vanilla Game settings. I experimented 2-3 times with the settings but couldn't manage to get this issue good. Maybe some of the professionals can help here BR Chris
  5. What Are Your System Specs?

    Hello Mayors, i'm gaming with my 5 year old PC: CPU: Intel Core i7-3820 Mainboard: ASUS P9X79 RAM: Corsair Rip Jaws 16GB SSD: 512GB Samsung Evo GPU: Gainward 8GB 1070 Golden Sample (added this year, to replace broken Sapphire 7970) Operating System: Windows 10 Pro About my Game: Mods: ca. 70 Assets: ca. 1700 All graphic settings max.
  6. Hello, i can't find this mod in the workshop. can you provide the link. Have been looking for "Growable Overhaul Mod"... BR