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  1. POSCO

    This is Amazing. I downloaded it the other day and put it in one of my towns. It is the best industrial building I have in my game. Perfect 10/10
  2. Knopf Tower

    10\10 Goes great with your last one Gramercy Tower.
  3. Gramercy Tower

    Very Nice! Thanks for the holiday gift!
  4. N666 Small Welcome Sign

    Just as nice as the larger one. 10!
  5. NDEX SR South Wacker Street Building

    Love it!
  6. Waldorf Astoria

    10/10 Perfect in every way. Looks amazing in the game day or night.
  7. Yurtec Stadium

    This is great. One of the best stadiums yet. 10/10 for sure. Like Patriots 1228 I would prefer american football stadiums, but for this one i'm willing to pretend. Keep the good work coming, I think you're getting better everytime.
  8. Bahnhofsplatz Subway Station

    This looks great, and I love your other stations to. Keep them coming!
  9. BLam HIDP Bistagne mine pit 2

    Where is the Desc file? I like the stuff of yours that works, half of it doesn't have that file. Looks good in the picture though.
  10. Ill Tonkso growable BATs pack

    Awesome! I'm not a fan of plopables myself, but love ill tonksos work. Thanks for taking the time to do this.