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  1. Possible meltdown on Japan

  2. NYBT Timpson PL Row

    i would like to know how long did it take for you to make this...you really nailed it.
  3. NYBT Timpson PL Row

    10/10 those tenemens rock!!
  4. marrast Road Loop

    youre missing sonic.. lol jk
  5. NYBT Chinatown Shops

  6. Bronx County Courthouse

    WOOOOW! this will help complete my city! 5/5 good thig i built the grand concourse
  7. MP W2W MedCom Apts01

    you get better and better :)
  8. MP McDonald Complex

    yooo wow!!! beautiful! you know.. i watched your skills grow since your first BAT upload.. awsome
  9. MP Ed Sullivan Theater complex

    omg thats soo awsome!!! because of you it makes some of our cities (nyc) look more realistic
  10. MP Low Wealth Apts 05

    just to let you know , thats the best low wealth apartment building you created
  11. MP WTW Fire Dept

    yea i got a feeling your going to make a police station.. then a medical center
  12. MP Commercial apts09

    when are you going to stop being good at this? hopefully never lol excellent building 10/10 the graffiti boosts the the great looks of that low wealth building.
  13. MP Commercial Apts07

    this one is hot! i like the way you done the corner.. excellent
  14. MP Commercial Apts08

    your work becomes better and better
  15. MP Project Apts03

    that is sick!!! i love the fire escapes