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  1. Polish Apartaments

    Very nice, can't wait to see more of your lots.
  2. New London...a growing city

    I'm just wondering how large is your population? This a really amazing city, I mean I could never really make one that large unless there was a mod that reduced all commute to zero. Going great though!
  3. Park Hyatt Tower Chicago

    Only 30 hrs? Your work is really nice, please make more.
  4. Painted Road Sign Lots RHS

    Us speed limits are the best, keep up the good work
  5. RNP Nealos101 BAT Projects Georgetown Casino Sign Teaser

    Really nice, but you could of put more lights.
  6. Pearl Place

    How do you do this, Great!
  7. Summit Building B

    Gorgeous, useful for my city, keep making nice buildings PDA
  8. Prentiss Building

    Really nice, I like the color and the height. Its perfect for my downtown.