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  1. Show us your - Region

    Here's the region I've been working on for the past one or two years. There are plenty of unfinished spots (the airport, seaport, the whole city on the right, etc.) and it definitely needs more farms and smaller villages but overall I'm pretty satisfied with it Note that this is only a tiny section of the region. The map I use is panerai1's Humboldt and it's huge!
  2. Entry no.37 - The Suburbs of Baycole

    @takemethere I'm already using seasonal mmp trees as well as PaulSawyer's Maxis Seasonal - Residential & Commercial Lots but my streets and roads need more color. That's awesome. Would you consider uploading this mod you created for us ordinary non-modders? If you don't want to release it on the STEX, even an upload on some random file hosting site would be much appreciated!
  3. Entry no.37 - The Suburbs of Baycole

    Wow, all those trees look gorgeous! Which street tree mod are you using? I've never seen one with seasonal trees before.
  4. Would it be possible to add an option for borderless windowed mode (fake fullscreen)? That would make Alt-Tabbing much smoother
  5. Humboldt Map