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  1. put a dash in between
  2. Return to Paradise Falls created by jacqulina

    Wow Jacky Really Looking Good. Loving The Flora Waterfalls And The Bridges. Keep up The Good Work! Is Truley Majestic Mate, I Mean It. Really Got Something Special Going Here!
  3. Paradise Falls 2 created by jacqulina

    Wow Jacky, Looking Amazing! Can't Wait For More
  4. Paradise Falls 2 created by jacqulina

    Have To Agree With KimCar Jacky, Your Region Is So Full Of Character And Realism. Keep Up The Good Work And Cannot Wait For Next Update!! Take Care My Friend
  5. I'd Be Willing To Help And Join, Anything To Help. Sounds A Like What Will Be A Great Achievement.
  6. Question about ferries..

    hmmm good question the ferry links in my cities all have ports in each city, and the transportation link shows them stopping off at the next city then going on, but i could only guess to say that ferries could skip cities or it would be an unrealistic factor in the game which there are little of... hope this comes to some help
  7. Introduce Yourself Here!

    hi, i'm greg nicknamed ironfanz coz i suppport west ham lol couple of people know me like coultharda and il tonkso. i owe everything to them really live in essex U.K and love the lots that people make, hopefully we'll get some more wicked ones. i have two regions middex and artsett and both are a thriving communities. just getting used to BAT and hopefully will get my own lots uploaded soon well hopefully i'll get aquantanced with more people soon cya
  8. coultharda's BATs

    loving the stadiums coultharda. especially suited for the lower leagues and non-league football. could even rival brighton and hove albions new ground in the coca-cola football league championship. love to see a cricket ground and i wish you the best of luck with it. why not try something more challenging next like the big premiership grounds of anfield (liverpool) and old trafford (man utd) or some of the smaller grounds of portsmouth, fulham or west ham?? presents a challenge i'd love you to meet best of luck mate and looking bril