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  1. Raise the UI Mod



    This tiny mod simply moves the the region name and the whole mayor user interface up by about 40 pixels. Why would you want to do that? Well if you change the games resolution to the same size as your screen, but run it in window mode it will look almost full screen (there will be no borders) but you will still have the windows taskbar at the bottom allowing you to switch applications easily and without waiting for the screen to go black and then go to the desktop as it does in full screen mode. The trouble with this is that the windows task bar covers up some of the UI. So this mod just moves the UI above the taskbar. Only for people who have their windows taskbar on the bottom of the screen (most people) Setup To set SimCity to Windowed mode with the same resolution as you screen: Right click the SimCity 4 Icon, Click properties. In the target box after the last double quote (") type this (with the spaces, without quotes): -w -customresolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32 Replace the 1920x1080 with your screen resolution, so if you have a 1600x1200 resolution you would type: -w -customresolution:enabled -r1600x1200x32 Click Apply and then OK and start SimCity 4. Installation There is only one file in the zip which can go anywhere in the plugins folder. It is incompatible with SimMars, The black UI mod (found on a Japanese site), and another other mod that recolours or modifies only the 2 sections of UI shown in the above screen shots. It works fine with mods that modify other parts of the UI such as the God Terraforming in mayor Mode. Doesn't work on a 800x600 resolution, however hardly anybody has this resolution, and if you are playing at 800x600 you won't want to play in a window at that resolution, you'll what all the screen you can get. (Based on Windows 7's taskbar, which is thicker than previous Taskbars. Vut this still works on other operating systems.) This mod is only 7KB. If you have a problem use the comments, there is no support thread for this, but I will quite happily answer questions/problems in the comments here on the STEX.
  2. This mod will just put the expenses map in the Map section (box on the far right) in the Government menu. So you can use it at any stage of the game, even when the city is not bankrupt. EDIT: It now also appears in the Data Map menu in the bottom right, on the first row. But remember expense is not the full story. Buildings may be expensive but they may be producing more income and be profitable. This Map doesn't show you income or profit, so don't go closing buildings and then wonder why you're losing even more money Just unzip and read the readme(included in the zip too): ​NOTE: Use at your own risk. This mod is a change to the game files and we do not yet know the effects this has on the game or how Maxis will deal with them (any problems with the mod, just post them here) ExpensesMapv2.zip
  3. Version


    UPDATE: The texture conflict with HSRP and Callagrafx's "The old coach House" lot has now been updated so please reinstall The High Speed Rail Project (HSRP) adds two new "model variations" to the network systems. A models variation is a new set of models for a network in this case for monorail. In the early years of SC4, new technology was found by Smoncrie which allowed us to use a single puzzle piece to create a starter for a new set of textures or models for the same network, there are already a few mods that take advantage of this technology, namely draggable GLR, SAM, and RHW. At the moment, there are two new model variations included in this mod, HSR, elevated, and GHSR, a ground version. The original HSRP replaced monorail, at the time this was the best way of implementation, and was created by 3ddz, founded by Murakamon, on the 24th of February 2006, since then there has only been one release, HSRP Beta 1. This mod uses the original models from that release for HSR, and a lowered version for GHSR, no modifications were made to the models. Note:Please remove the old HSRP Beta 1 version that has been published by 3ddz. A Cleanitol file has been included that will do the work for you. You can download a compatibilty file for Shinkasen's Bullet train in the SC4D thread. DEPENDENCIES: Latest Network Addon Mod (At Least April 2008, but I suggest you update to the latest NAM if you have an old one) --- PC Version--- NOTES: 1) The bulk of this mod is draggable. 2)This replaces the old HSRP. The 2 are incompatible 3) You will have to redraw monorail/HSRP tracks that we constructed before you installed this modd. You won't have to do this again. 4) Any questions should be asked in the new HSRP thread at here at ST or SC4Devotion.com 5) A Mac version (no installer) is also available; here on the STEX.
  4. Version


    This plugin modifies the Mayor Mode Terraforming Menu to include the God terraforming tools. NOTE: This is meant to replace the Ctrl-Alt-Shift trick. That is this modd's purpose. The modd is available in 12 languages: (thanks to the people in brackets!) The game should detect which language to use automatically. English German (Andreas) Dutch (Caspervg and Mrtnrln) Japanese (Ebina) Danish (Unassigned) French (Travis) Swedish (RippleJet) Norwegian (RippleJet) Finnish (RippleJet) Italian (Google Translator) Spanish (Google Translator) Polish (Google Translator) The GTM thread is located here: http://sc4devotion.c...hp?topic=5164.0 There are no dependencies Please read the readme, before using, translating or redistributing. (This mod is available here and on the TPPEX, and on the LEX)
  5. Has anyone installed the game on Mac? When I launch it the menu appears briefly before the screen goes green, and the words become unreadable blocks.
  6. Issues on mac

    Thanks that worked
  7. The plugin path for this is not in Documents thanks to sandboxing, it's here: ~/Library/Containers/com.aspyr.simcity4.appstore/Data/Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins
  8. I don't understand why the Group ID is being split up? Did I miss some discovery?
  9. Perhaps it would be easier if the registry sharing was done over the Internet and built into SCP. basically something like a git repository, and when you have added some entries you click publish, it uploads the changes to the repo (using a git repo means if something goes wrong the changes can be rolled back). Then everyone else's SCP will check for new additions periodically and it will add then automatically? (Something probably to think about more in the future?)
  10. I don't quite understand where you are getting these all from, in the last fee posts I'm recognising quite a few that have already been addrd
  11. I currently have 45k lines in mine if i can build up the motivation to fight excel i might try load up a 2mill line instance registry to see what turns up. excel kept crashing trying to manipulate a load of cvs and dict files so i might break it down into smaller chunks; So you want to split Instance IDs that only appear as property values from Instance IDs that are of files? How about just making an Instance folder anthem it just reads any XML file, as i suggested before, but call one file PropertyValues.xml and the other InstanceRegistry.xml (the names are technically irrelevant to the program but to the user looking at the raw xml files it shows the separation) Also we don't need to worry about cluttering up filter lists as the filter list themselves are filtered based on the files currently in the main list. (At least the instance filter does this, and so should the group and type)
  12. I'm quite sure it's (at least) 50/50. Did some checks using a 5 char long rainbow table and I did manage to get some results that actually made sense. I agree that the sequential values cannot ever be hashed (human readable) names.. hopefully we can find some other way of matching the sequential ones.. We already have the names for some of the sequential/obviously-not-hashes, are they still included in the registry? Also what is the difference between the TypeRegistry.xml and TypeRegistry.clean.xml? The clean one seems to be missing quite a few entries?
  13. There are some Instances that aren't the hash of their name, I say this because some of them are sequential and the changes of getting sequential hashes is effectively impossible, so are they still in the registry I put the hidden tag in to prevent the Instance filter list from getting overcrowded with instances that only appear as property values and not as IDs of files. But this is done properly now so it can be removed. I don't know what you mean by the second paragraph. I had started implementing something that recorded all the names and hashes when entered into the FNV tool, but wasn't able to finish it (I 'shelved' it in Visual Studio, so if that what you mean then it might be on the codeplex server as a starting point) Also perhaps it would be easier for sharing entries if instead of one XML file. There is a folder and any XML files in that folder are loaded.
  14. I believe you can now get rid of the hidden attribute, I think the filter list is filtered based on the files in the open DBPFs? also there are some instances that are the same but need different names for different Types and Groups
  15. felgard, the instance ids like Park Plop, does that mean if the Eco filter has that value parks can be plopped along it (and if it doesn't have it then parks can be plopped alongit)? also so paths have to symmetrical? I mean when you specify the lanes does it automatically do it both directions? (so you can't have a road with 2 lanes in one direction and 3 in the other?)
  16. yes I did (except for one line because php has a problem with multiplying large numbers) thanks, I'm just glad to have helped and I changed it so can output the input, hope that helps more
  17. No there isn't, adding it the comments is the best way atm.
  18. the problem with copying the scripts package is that when the game updates I doubt the copy will be updated and the user will have to remember to copy the new one or there's going to be a weird mismatch of values. the packages are used in alpbetical order, right? so something that begins with A will override something that begins with Z? (complete opposite to sc4) then maybe you can try creating an aPackages folder and putting your package in that without copying the default packages. and if the game deletes the aPackage folder make the folder readonly.
  19. Is this perhaps to with the load order? What if you put it in the ecogame folder, but make it read only so the game cant delete it (as someone said in another thread somewhere)/
  20. will this help? http://jonathanb.co.uk/fnv.php you can't use new lines as delimiters however, so if you find and replace all the new lines with commas in notepad or something and then copy into the text area. also try one and compare it to the hash simcitypak gives you, though I'm fairly confident it's the same. if it doesn't help, or you could do with it being changed in someway just let me know.
  21. frank, curious where did you get these names from the JSON UI files? and the simcity community is pretty good at not stealing other people's work also I don't have a computer atm so can't try it out myself, this looks like it may be helpful? http://code.google.com/p/s3pi-wrappers/downloads/detail?name=FNVUnhasher-Standalone-r192.zip&can=2&q=
  22. While I was poking around the debug menu editor thing, I'm pretty sure I saw a save dialog, maybe the game is capable of saving games locally but the UI is just hidden/disabled? Though I could be wrong and the save could be referring to something else. I think if we can get an offline mode working that doesn't involve intercepting traffic to servers and stuff we should at least try. Also there are some rules for the DLC which are not compiled but have the compiled form as well? (I did this months ago and my memory isn't great, so I may have got this wrong). I then took FNV hash values of a lot of the words in the file and wrote some code to scan the compiled version for the hash values. It found quite a few results, I never got a chance to take it further because I have exams currently (though afterwards I've finished school completely so don't have to go back and Uni starts in October so I have a long holiday to do stuff like this )
  23. Well if you set the hidden to true then it won't show up in the filter list above the list of subfiles. But will still be used everywhere else.
  24. Pretty sure its javascript. javascript is used for the UI. there is a custom language for the rule,see an example in the section about units in this video:http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1017948/Exploring-SimCity-A-Conscious-Process what I find strange is that the amount of stuff (like pollution) is hardcoded into the rules but these values also appear in PROP files, which seems pointless and suggests to me that the values we see in game are completely different to the ones in the rules, which goes completely against "what you see is what is simulated" (assuming the example isn't simplified from reading values from PROPs)
  25. felgard, those instance ids you posted do any files have an IID of them or do they just appear in PROP files? in the same way that Maxis seem to have created an unbulldozable avenue for the entrance to the city, it should be possible to create a bulldozeable highway, while still having the region highway unbulldozable?