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  1. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Does anyone know if a box junction has been made in STEX? If so, can you provide me a link?
  2. Sydney Transit Bus 2

    I am from Sydney and I must say they look spot on, well done!
  3. NAM: Requests

    I would like to see a draggable 1-track GLR feature. So it could work in a similar way to the MIS system with customiable ramps, which is part of RHW mod. So for example there could be a transition piece for GLR running down the avenue median transitions to a split of tracks to either side of the avenue. Another useful use for single tracks is the ability to customise single-track loops instead of just the standard balloon loop.
  4. Road and other transport overpasses

    It's ok now. Uninstalled NAM and RHW, then reinstalled both. Problem is fixed now, however what happened before was weird. Anyways thanks for the help.
  5. This is a really *****-ish question. I have always been using a NAM version from early 2008. It had all these road overpass pieces like: road over rail, road over street, road over blank space, etc... Now I have installed June 2009 as a fresh install, but cannot find these pieces anymore. Have they been removed? If the pieces are still there, where do I find them? Thanks