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    Network Addon Mod Version 32 (Full Release) Now Available

    Edit: Available again, after getting the correct controller in place. Thank you for your patience.

    In honor of the 11th anniversary of SimCity 4's release, the NAM Team is pleased to announce the arrival of the full release of the 32nd edition of the NAM, NAM 32.

    New features in Version 32--January 14, 2014

    NAM 32 is a full package, which improves upon the earlier NAM 31.2 release and NAM 32 Pre-Release. Note that the NAM requires a retail copy (disc or digital) of SimCity 4 Deluxe to run.

    • The NAM Elevated Viaducts for Roads, One-Way Roads, and Avenues are now available in a draggable form, at both Level 1 (7.5 meter) and Level 2 (15 meter) heights, complete with FLEX Height and On-Slope transitions. Overpass situations involving one or more diagonal networks are not yet supported, and will not be available until a future NAM release after Version 32.

    • Elevated Rail-over-Avenue and Elevated Rail-over-NWM Road-4 dual-networking support has been added, complete with a new station supporting both networks.

    • The initial phases of the RealRailway (RRW) system have been added. This feature must be selected as part of a custom install.

    • The RealHighway (RHW) system has been expanded to include the QuickChange interchange system, which blends the RHW's modularity with the ease of Maxis Highway construction techniques for certain situations, which will be expanded in future NAM releases. Additionally, several new types of FLEXRamps are available--please read the instructions in the description text. FLEX Transitions have also been given stability improvements for certain situations.

    • Coupled with the RHW system, the NAM now offers Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) functionality, including stations.

    • Transit station functionality has been further improved, including the beginning of the implementation of the SLURP, which will gradually raise all transit stations to NAM standards.

    • The NAM Controller Compiler has been included with the installer, with which it now communicates, ensuring that only the installed features are incorporated into the NAM Controller, reducing file size and load times.

    • About 50 bugs reported since the start of the NAM 32 Pre-Release have also been squished, including some that had been present since earlier versions of the NAM. It is highly recommended that users update to the latest NAM in order to enjoy a more stable experience.

    Installing over previous versions: NAM 32 may be installed directly over top of any previous NAM releases. It is a full release, not a patch or a hotfix. All future updates are planned to be in full package form, and there are no plans to issue patches or hotfixes in the future. Please also note that the NAM Team only provides

    technical support for the most recent version, which, as of this document, is NAM 32. We cannot assist users of the NAM 32 Pre-Release, NAM 31.x-series release, or earlier.

    Special Thanks: The NAM Team would like to extend its sincere thanks to all the members of the community who helped test the NAM 32 Pre-Release, offering feedback and helping us locate and solve bugs.

    User Feedback

    We've temporarily pulled it--an outdated controller build sneaked in, but we caught it before it really started to circulate.  It'll be back up shortly.  Thank you for your patience, and apologies for the inconvenience.

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    Thanks.  Downloading now.  I see it has become Tinker to Evers to Chance.


    Download took about 10 minutes on my broadband system.  Now I have a job for the afternoon.  (Actually about 10 minutes, I expect).


    A couple of hours later:


    Working just fine thank you.  Still have the compiler problem which I really haven't addressed as yet.


    Now, where did I put that list of new stuff I wanted to try ...??

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    Just playing around with this now, struggling to find how to do intersections with the El-Rail over avenues at this time though.


    It's a FLEX network so you just drag the road/avenue/whatever through the network to create the intersection.  A fellow NAMite created a video of the possible intersections.  Credits go to Ganaram for the video.




    Also I created the Morgan-Lake station and due to space limitations the station had to be placed on a RD-4 tile.  To use the station in an El-Rail over Ave situation you will need to use a transition tile at each end of the station to convert back to AVE.

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    No grass and uni-density mods as well as sithlrd98 Avenue & Road Curves don't seem to work with this version of NAM.


    Be sure the files load after all NAM files. I've had success with Sithlrd's files, but haven't got around to trying the No Grass or Uni-Density mods yet.

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