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    Anno 2205: Stepping into the Future and Sticking to the Past at E3 2015

    Kevin Van Ord at Gamespot spends some time with the new Anno 2205 game at E3. Anno 2205 is the successor to the futuristic city-build Anno 2070. This next installment sends you a couple hundred years into the future where you're tasked with building a city on the moon. Anyone else played the Anno series of games?

    Anno 2205 abandons the undersea landscape in favor of the moon, an exotic locale to be sure, but ultimately, just another stretch of (cratered) land to exploit, and one reached by clicking an interface button, rather than diving into a watery murk and establishing a presence. There's a sense of removal this way--one that mirrors the same problem in EA's most recent SimCity, which had you establishing multiple cities and then using a regional interface to establish trade and move between metropolises. Pollution, too, has been removed as a consideration, which makes me wonder what disparate paths Anno 2205 might allow me to travel. I presume that the new game has surprises in store for me, but I wish I'd gotten to see more of them.

    The moon, of course, does not so readily provide some of the materials you need, though you can still establish colonies there. What it does have, however, is Helium-3, which is used to power fusion generators, a vital resource to every city in Anno 2205. The moon has energy, and the Earth needs it, thus entangling the two celestial bodies in a symbiotic relationship. Expectedly, moon residents have some specific needs of their own, such as shields to protect them from cosmic rays, and harvesters that collect Helium-3 from the moon's surface.


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    The idea is very cool indeed, but..., I just wish they would drop out their DRM and force you online UPlay. Honestly... if there is any of those two Ubisoft "rules" I am out.

    I'd long not buying any of Ubisoft games just because of that.

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    can't post for awhile.

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    Yeah, I played the Anno where you have colonial islands and era appropriate ships, economies, and societies. Pretty cool graphics as I recall. Don't know if I am into the stellar colonization concept for gameplay though...

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    I'm super excited with the new game... especially the session mode that should make building new cities more rewarding. Also I read that always online has been dropped. 

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    Love Anno1404 Gold drm free (after they removed it) has a few lovely mods and is good. I skipped Anno2070 because of the terrible drm. Luckily Anno2205 is going to have 1 time activation on your uplay account (already have a few games on it so no bother there). My issue is will they have install limits. If it has install limits or you need to be online to get all the content then im not touching the game and I will stick with Anno1404 Gold.

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    Anno 2205 must be very excited to beat Anno 2070. Simply revamishing the graphics with moon like pixels won´t save the day ! City Sky Lines is above my head for my PC; hope Anno 2205 won´t be overhead in system spec´s. Still I can enjoy my self in  a moon like enviroment with the Simcity 4 SimMars mods and some Japanese mods like the Terra Dome and other. Gameplay wise these two aren´´t very comparable, still some features like the gathering of resources do or acomplish do excist in both games at some level !

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