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About this City Journal

Here I'll show you all about Tora, and it's metropolitan area on wich I've been working for a while.

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Hi Everybody! 

In other posts, I've shown you a bit of Tora... Today I'll show you the whole metropolitan area. 

Called Bell-Nord, this is a peculiar kind of metropolis. Tora, Besurt, Ginesta and Vange are old medieval cities, built very near one from another... so much than after the centuries have become a single metropolis (maybe is to soon to call it a metropolies, but i'm a believer... :D ). Beech, Arc de Mar, Muixa or Nea Tora are examples of new cities, with no history before 1920.

The public transportation is very important for Bellnordians -Green is cool! They say.

If you're planning to visit the city, this map may help you, not to lose yourself... :D 




I'm pretty sure, if you visited this nice spot on the mediterranean sea, you bought at least some of this postcards... 

Postcards from Bell-nord :rofl:

Tora, the oldest town, the first... the one and only. It is the perfect city for an artist, a designer, a melancholic writer... Tora offers the best cultural scene, under the blue light of the sea, just perfect!  




Built mostly on the 70's Nea Tora is a little less poetic than it's neighbor. Hipsters love it anyway, so decadent... 8)




Arc de Mar is far less green than the rest of the cities in Bell-Nord. Runned by speculators, here there's no room for trees! 




Vange is the smallest of the old medieval towns od Bell-Nord, and the richer one. Look at their roundabouts, so fancy... ohh, and the even have their own Apple Store! :D 




This city was founded in 1920, by some thiefs; they say than a night between jokes, beers and an epic after party (still recalled), they decided to set the city. The history of the city is easy: "-Every piece of land will be always sold to the better payer. Then, now and always"




To be continued...

Hope you liked! :party:


Hi again!! 

Today's a big day for Tora!! Two new TRAM lines have been opened this morning, the T2 and T3. 

The T2 line connects the Old town with Indo, the South-West suburbs and Besurt (last two out of the map). The T3 line, connects the industrial area, Indo, with the Eastern Part of town, a zone yet to develope. The old T1, goes from the Old Town to Sauto and further (yet to see where). :P 


Now I'll show you some pictures of today's opening trip, the mayor and the regional president itself went on the very first ride.

We take the T2 at Torrazzo Station, a nice spot to start our trip.


Attention!! Here comes a curve... :D  And The Mofo Club, a gay yet heterofriendly night disco, located into an old factory and surrounded by a big garden, perfect for the summer!


After a couple of stations we stop at La Mole Station, the best way to get to a concert at the Music Cathedral of Tora. All TRAM lines run 24h so you can drink and dance as much as you want and yet get home save. :party:


And if things get bad, you can always pick the TRAM to the Hospital... Is just two stops away! :kitty:


After a few stops we arrive to Indo Interchange, there we pick the T3 and start our trip to East Town. Here we see the train across the industrial area, Indo.


Sauto's Interchange.


 As always... an aerial view of the city, as it looks today... I changed a few things apart of the TRAM since the last update, can you find the seven differences??  


Hope you like!! :D 




Hey guys!

Some time ago I showed you Tora, an old european city. Today I'll show you how I've changed it!



First of all I thought I needed to make the Old Town a little bigger. I costructed The Royal Palace and The Mole, a music cathedral. Arround them a new neighborhood grew, now part of the old town.

The Royal Palace


The Mole, since 1888 a house for the musicians and a place to play and experiment with new sounds. 


Complete view of the city center and the Old Town.



In second place, I wanted to create a new comercial neighborhood, between the old town and the industrial area and give it a kink image. During the 70's this was a pretty rough place to be born, but now it is a hispter paradise, filled with second hand shops, organic markets, vintage stores and cafès. 


The main street and the South Tora's train station. Lots of shops, a park and a super chic mall. 



The proud of the neighborhood is the Biprostal Tower. Books and cafès to relax after work. 


The Clock Tower, a typical place to meet with friends to hang out. 


An overview of South Tora, or Sauto, as called by Toranians.  


Sauto, the place to be seen. 



An aerial view of the city, showing the Old Town, the Bussiness District, Sauto, and some periferical areas...

Tora, as seen from East.


From west... 


A picture of Tora before the changes... 


What do you think? Jejeje Did you like the changes? 

And to end, a picture of Tora's Metropolitan Area's map of transports. I'll show you more in future entries...


Still working to grow up better... Hope you liked!!! :) :P 



I've been playing with the NAM and this time I want to show you how I introduced the NAM into a city I had made before I got the addon mod working on my Mac.

I wanted to try out the TRAM, so I picked one of my favorite cities, Tora, and decided to construct a new TRAM line in town.

Tora is a small old town located on the northern mediterranian coast, moderate climate and welcoming people are the essence of this beautiful spot.

Here we see the new TRAM line (T1) crossing the old part of town. Among other building we'll find; The St. Jonas Church, The "Llanterna" or the new School of Design of Tora.


We cross the city listening music on the TRAM and waiting to reach our stop...


Let's go to work!


As always, a complete picture of the city...


And to end, a picture od Tora before I constructed the TRAM and changed the roads to the NAM:


Hope you liked!



After a lot of time hoping for this day to come, finally I got the NAM! :)


I know for most of you is not big deal, but I'm a Mac user and I'm just so happy to be able to use it...


My first NAM town, Porta, is suposed to be the east entrance to the new region, Bell-Nord. So I needed a high way, and after a lot of fighting with my unknowledge this is what I got:








And here, the "city center" after some tree planting... As you can see, Dorren is not really a old town but more a suburb.




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