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About this City Journal

My very first journal

Entries in this City Journal


Staying in Dashin...

My dear friends,

First, I would like to express my gratitude for all your wonderful comments to my journals...I never take anything for granted and knowing that my hard work is appreciated means a lot to me.

This journal is probably one of favorite. A lot of work went into it and I do hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I am not sure when my next entry will be as I have been convinced to try out the City: Skylines game. I am not sure if I will enjoy it as much as SC4, but I won't know until I try it! :)

In this journal, you will see my first attempt at a mosaic (be kind lol), the hotel, parking and bus station areas near the airport.


A huge thank you for the individuals who have the amazing talent creating the wonderful tools used in my journals!!! :)

And a very warm, heartfelt thank you to you guys! (Sunwoo, no bombing my city.. :rofl: )


The usual overviews



One of the entrance to the main parking area


A small section of the elevated and ground parking areas


47Plymish Station - (facing the ground parking area)


Going to miss those night shots....


Tonraqsun Train Station (facing hotel)



Jameslin Bus Station



Sunwoobloom Plaza facing Schlumack Hotel



Schlumack Hotel and part of Hustonia Garden


Hustonia Garden





My first attempt at a mosaic! :)


Thank you and see you soon!!!!


My City...Your Home

REPLIES for journal "Destination Unknown"

Wow...so many people to say thank you too!!! You guys are simply the best! Thank you for the wonderful comments and feedback!!! It is really appreciated!

Tonraq / gviper / Ln X / Schulmanator (my fees are high buddy..lol) / nas786 / Jetty Jockey / Huston (you make me blush buddy!) / Kim Sunwoo (a high compliment coming from you!) / JP Schriefer / Sexysark:P / Akerbeltz / Tandini / Paulobergonci / michae951 / Tekindust (I love irregular structures!) / Hellken / Bunder / MilitantRadical (you are too kind!) / 47Ply / NMUSpidey / Ultimate727 / coolwiththecool2 / feeroz123 / Simul8ter8 / takemethere / Benedict.

Warning!!!!! There is a lot of picture in this one!!!! lol


Once upon a time, a little girl was dreaming of flying. She promised herself one day, she would have her own airport.

When she turned 15, while milking a cow, she tough of that dream again and told herself one day.....one day...

Today, almost 30 years old, she is the mayor of Dashin and finally, her dream came through...

This picture shows the overview and where the future train station, bus station and parking area will be.



A little lake area that survived construction...no fish tho...:(


Warehouses and airplane parking






Every airport need a rescue center!



A Heliport is mandatory for those rescue missions and invasive news reports!!



First section of Dashin International Transit Terminal


Dashin International Transit Terminal





I have a big favor to ask...next time I am thinking of undertaking such a project, someone slap me across the head..lol

Hope you enjoy this entry! As always, comments and feedback is always appreciated.

I do hope to finish my parking / train and bus station and a bit of my downtown area in my future updates!

Have a wonderful week guys and thank you so much for your support!!! :)


Destination Unknown

REPLIES for journal "You Got Mail..."

A warm and heartfelt thank you to all who viewed and commented on my previous journal.

47Ply, Schulmanator, Huston, Pink Industry, juliok92012, Benedict, Tonraq, Kim Sunwoo, Ln X, Kschmidt, MilitantRadical, takemethere, Sexysark:P, Tankmank, city89, VicRusty, jacob814 and ulisse.


I must admit, this project is definitely bigger than I had originally estimated as well as being a real headache at times!!!

It is not even near to be completed, but wanted to share what I have done so far.

I have yet to create my parking area, transport hub, international flight section, Heliport and hangar/parking area.

This journal showcases 4 terminals: 2 regional flight terminals, 1 business jet terminal and the Schulmania terminal. It will also showcase one of the rental car facility and the main terminal.

I do hope you enjoy these pictures. I think I destroyed this entire section about 100 times until I finally got something that I think is somewhat decent.

And I have yet to learn to do mosaic...lol


Here's the overview of what is completed to date...not much I know, but working on it! :)


Small terminal entry connected to the main terminal and small parking section


Here's a small parking to the left of the main terminal.


And next to it, more parking and the Hertz Rental Car to facilitate all your rental needs!


Business jet terminal with jet parking area. Nice doing business with ya!


Terminal for small plane to commute to close by cities.





This terminal is for bigger airplanes that can reach those remote cities...



I love those planes at night...


Schulmania Terminal...going to use that one often!!! :)


Main Terminal....I simply adore that building at night.



Well ladies and gentlemen, this is it for today. Hope you enjoy this entry! Thanks to the wonderful modders/batters/creators for the wonderful tools and buildings they provide to us!!!

And now...



You Got Mail...

REPLIES for " Soon, I will be flying to you." journal

Tonraq: Thank you! And yes, I bought a Magic Bag for my next...lol

Huston: oh shush, you have patience to build those awesome bat which I am sure are more complicated!

Kim Sunwoo: Thank you so much Sun!

Sexysark:P : Thank you very much dear!

Schlumanator: hopefully, you will see Nyan Airline in the next journal entry (hopefully..lol)

Ln X: Thanks! I always enjoyed a good challenge. Worst thing that can happen is that I failed and try again! :)

Ulisse: Thank you!

Fuhrerrick: Thank you very much my friend!

47 Ply: Always the charmer! Thank you very much!

michae951: Yes, I didn't plan for a second runway until everything was built...Next time, it will be much better! :)

Pinkindustry: thank you for your comment Pink!, Much appreciated!

weekendgamer: yes, that grudge street would have looked better, but the diagonal killed me! :)

NMUSpidey: LOL! You are going to have to fight me for that Iron Man suit mister!!! Thanks for your comment.

NielsC007: Thank you very much!

Moerp - Thank you so much! Having batters like you makes it possible!!!

shortsonfire: Thank you! Yes, I love details!

Jetty Jockey: Thank you very much!

Titanicbuff: sure, I will draft a contract and let you know! Let me get a lawyer and I will get back to you..lol

Elizabeth is red in the face. She is reading a letter from King Francis, chastising her about harboring his sister to enjoy the "commoner's way of life" and overstepping "the boundary".

"Overstepping what boundary? Commoner way of life? Really? This is not the medieval times for God's sake!!! I will show him how it is done in this century!!!"

Karl! this is Liz. I want you to contact Sal and have the airport name change to Dashin...yes, you heard me. And I want it done yesterday........I don't give a flying hoot Karl, get it done.

3 days later:


Email from Sal to Elizabeth:

Hi Liz, here's a picture of the first finalized interchange near the airport. We are now ready to establish residential and commercial zoning, which should be done in the next couple of months after deforestation has been completed.


MOMMY! MOMMY! Looky!!!! A chou chou!!!

Yes Timmy, it is a train...



Hey Bro,

here's a couple of picture of DASHIN airport Phase 2...Don't lecture me, he started it...

I thought it could be done in 3 phases, but not going to happen...more like 4 or 5...lol

Let me know what you think.

Love Liz.



Finally, overnight delivery is here!!!


Feels like I am in New York...you see UPS transport, you think New York Bro...lol


NEW YORK NEW YORKKKKKK!!! *cough cough*


Part of the train station area and gas/oil tanks..Good thing we build the fire station not too far...I hate those tanks...


Here's the freight station and part of Airdash Train Station (passenger station). This baby is going to bring goods to mommy...lol



This is Airdash Train Station (Matt named it, don't ask...let's just say I lost a bet). You can see that the airport workers are very well treated...Mr. Johnson opened one of his Lenny's restaurant as well as a Sonic restaurant location. Couple of eating areas and BAM....happy workers..lol


Here's a picture of the Airdash Train station track area...I love that building, full of character.


Here's another cargo plane...one word: big



Smaller cargo planes. Matt is working on the DHL unloading dock for the summer.



Hello guys! feel free to comment and provide feedback/suggestions. Always appreciated!

Hope you enjoy this entry and eventually, I will be able to create a landscape type of image (mosaic? lol). Will avoid having to make you guys scroll through multiple pictures! :)

I am going to tackle the actual terminal...wish me luck guys! And hopefully, I will have somewhat of an entry next week!

Have a wonderful week!!! :)


REPLIES from "While the airport is being built"

Schulmanator - yes, Fundy has the biggest tidal changes, which is really cool to see! And I downloaded Nyan airlines..very soon, I will pay you a visit! ;)

Tonraq - Thank you so much!

Neto Dari - Thank you! :)

ROFLyoshi - Thank you! I do try hard to find as many buildings as possible!

89James89 - Thanks! The credit goes to Ln X. His journals are my inspiration for creating industrial sectors! :)

Ln X - Thank you Ln X! As stated before, your journals are both inspirational and instructional to me. :)

Sexysark:P - Thank you very much my dear!!!

Benedict - Thank you very much Ben!

47 Ply - Thank you very much for the nice comment Ply ! :blush:

Kim Sunwoo - Thank you so much! You have an amazing talent to create journals and I love each and everyone of your updates by the way! :)

takemethere - Thank you very much for your comment! Much appreciated!

Pinkindustry - Oh stop that! If your airport is anything like your cities (which I am sure it it), it must be awesome!

Fuhrerrick - Thank you very much my friend! :)

Huston - You are too sweet Huston! Thank you very much! :)


Building an airport...

Like Danny Glover use to say in Lethal Weapon - "I am too old for this sh$@!!!

This is a very interesting journey and I wish to convey my admiration to those who created the RIMP set and bats/mods which enable players like me to create our own airports (Fafalone, airman15, Lyhoko Leaci, Joelyboy911, Voltaire, ace and so many more).

There will be 3 phases to the creation of this airport. This is phase one, which are the rail terminal, freight terminal, private jet plane terminal and maintenance/parking area.

It also shows an overview of the entire airport area and runways. Please note there is still a lot of work to be done, so I apologize for all the empty space yet to be filled.

As always, your comments and advice is always welcome!


Overview of the airport area


Welcome to Manshin Airport! Phase 1 - Elizabeth was strongly recommended to name the airport with the name of the region by the King...and who can say no to a King?


Taxiway and runways at night...


Frasmish Railyard Terminal - oil and various other goods get delivered here by train (obviously...lol)


Kloshpin Freight Terminal - trucks, trucks and more trucks thank you very much...


Manshin Airport West Post Fire Station



Manshin Private Airline Terminal - Private jet planes only. Elizabeth's plane is the pink one...yes, I know...no need to say it...lol


Front view at night. I simply adore those light towers!


Parking and maintenance area for the private terminal, more oil tanks and fire station. You got to love being rich...





Karadine Fire Station



I really hope you enjoyed this entry. This is my first airport creation, so if you are an expert, be kind! :D

Have a wonderful week guys and see you soon!


REPLIES from "Life after a Tragedy" journal

Sylvio Jorge - Thank you very much Sylvio!

Schulmanator - You are so nice! Thank you Schlumy!

Tonraq - Yes, she had quite the mansion! lol

LnX - Thank you LnX! :)

Fuhrerrick - Don't be sad for the fire, she got a better house in the end! ")

Kisa Atsuko - Thank you so much Kisa!

Pink Industry - Thanks! Yes, I tend to put a bit too much details..lol

47Ply - you know it Ply, I do love this game!

Hester - Thank you, my Bug Warrior! :)

Huston - awww, thank you so much, but my story is nothing compare to yours!

Tonyr - My Stone Man!!!!! Thank you so much for your comment! :)

NMUSpidey - Thank you very much Spidey!!!

Kschmidt - Thank you! I love waterfalls.

dazflint - well hello and welcome Mr. dazflint from Nieuwezee and thank you for your comment! :)

Benedict - Thank you so much Ben!


Some of you know what my next project was: building a customized airport. All I have to say is that it is one project that is not easy..lol

So while I am building this pain in the butt of an airport, I have decided to create this "interlude".

This journal provides you with an overview of my city to date and some of my favorite building. The downtown I created in my journal "Manshin Downtown part 1 and 2" has grown a lot and new buildings have appeared.

Hope you enjoy "My Favorite Things"! :)


Some of you have been following me since my modest beginning. Well, I figure I would show myself:



Behind me is a big rock from the Fundy Park..it is a popular touristic place in New Brunswick, which is where I have been living for the past 16 years. I was born and raise in Montreal, QC.

Ok, you are here to see a city, so let us begin! :)

Here's an overview of the city to date - my baby is growing so fast *sniff*



From my industrial sector



Residential area from my "small" downtown area


My small downtown area (medium density)





Sorry, not such a big update, but I do hope to have a better one next week!!!

Hope you ladies and gentlemen have a wonderful week!

Wish me luck with building this d%$# airport.. :boggle:


Life after a tragedy...

REPLIES for "Anonymously Yours" journal

A very warm and appreciative thank you to those who viewed and commented on my previous journal:

Schulmanator, Tonraq, jmsepe, Kisa Atsuko, KonstantinII, LnX, Feeroz123, NMUSpidey, slickbg56, Kim Sunwoo, fuhreerick, 47Ply, MilitantRadical, Huston, Simcoug and takemethere.

Your encouragement and positive comments is what keeps me going! Thank you.


A letter from Elizabeth to her big brother John:

Hello John, hope everything is going well at the Ranch. I got your letter last week. Thank you for inquiring on me and Bertrand. We are doing ok and even found a new home. That fire was so wild, it would have made a lot more damaged if it wasn't for our excellent firemen. Unfortunately, there was one casualty: Ms. Gorrendbinshin, our maid. The forensic pathologist guaranteed me she didn't suffer, but still...it is still extremely hard to accept. But I keep on remembering what she told you once: grow a set young man...lol

The service was lovely and I decided to send you a picture since you couldn't attend.


Here's a picture of the house while it was burning. Still run shivers down my spine. I am just happy we were away on vacation that week.


Well, to look at it with a glass 1/2 full, I have been meaning to renovate the kitchen...lol

Instead of rebuilding, Bertrand and I decided to move near the beach. You know I love the beach and right now, I need all the positive energy I can muster..lol

Here's our new home. I absolutely love it.


Flackmar Beach - my spot to go after work


During the weekend, it is a bit noisy due to beach bonfires, but it is all good, 98% of the time, we contribute to that noise..lol


Here's a picture of Bertrand, Jacques and Mark fishing...*sigh*, the garbage were not taken out that day...lol


They then decided to do some canoeing...yeah...I was really, really impressed..


Oh, by the way, the little truck yard near the train station is completed. I got the veggies from your garden by the way...thank you!


Also, our head office is completed. I have reserved the 3rd and 4th floor to you and Armand. It is next to your favorite restaurant...lol



Sal and Frank notified me yesterday that the interchange for Highway 85 is finally completed. I must say they did a good job with it.


I also had a library build in honor of Ms. Gorrendbinshin.


And this is Gorrend's Pond, which is behind the library...isn't it lovely? Swans love that place...


Another infrastructure that is completed is the main bridge leading downtown. The city is really starting to grow and I am very proud to be the mayor...



Anyhoooo....I can't wait to see you next week big brother...And Armand said he would drop by while you are here, so I figured we can have a nice get together...

Keep in touch, love ya, big hugs to Marlene and the kids..

Your sister, Lizbeth.


Well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed this journal. I am undertaking the construction of my airport. I have decided to customize it and yes, I am crazy..lol...

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or suggestions!

Big hugs all around! Have a wonderful week all!!! :)


Anonymously Yours...


47Ply - :D , yes, definitely a lot of diversity in that shopping district. And welcome back!

Schulmanator - Party alright!!! Kill the boar and bring on the keg!!! :rofl:

Tonraq - Thank you!

NMUSpidey - of course there is a comic book store!!!

Feeroz123 - Thank you!

Kisa Atsuko - Thank you so much! Means a lot coming from you!

VMIUJcadet09 - Ludicrously large? You bet ya!!!! Only way to build in Sim City!!!

Huston - good, come and meet me at Red Robins!

pinkindustry - Thank you very much!

Benedict - Thanks Ben! :blush:

Kim Sunwoo - Thank you! Yes, I enjoy it to even if it is a Maxis' Landmark!


Last week, I attended the wedding of Princess Ann Frederica Manshin and Prince Karl Phillips Stephen Varanalin I, future King of Florastang. It was amazing.

Here's a picture of the newlywed:


During the ceremony, the princess requested for me to send her an email with all available real estate near the shopping district. Her and prince Varanalin I wishes to spend 2 months among the people anonymously so they may learn the way people live in the "real world".

She did specify she didn't care about the level of wealth of the building. Hope she knows what she is getting herself into...

So here goes...hope King Francis doesn't chew my head off....*shivers*

*press enter*

Modest apartment building area - mostly low/medium wealth Dashiners



Row division for medium wealth Dashiners


Apartment complex for medium wealth Dashiners



Small park area, perfect location to meet the neighbors from this apartment complex



The red house is currently for sale. It has a common backyard area with small pond and tennis playground.


Small subdivision where the green and brown house with teak deck are currently for sale.


A more private location, not far from the beach area.


And finally, here's an apartment complex for our high wealth Dashiners.



I do hope you may find something suitable to your taste. I shall await your response and make the necessary arrangement if you wish to proceed with your plan.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth Rashin, Mayor of Dashin


Hope you enjoy this journal guys!! :)

A special thanks to our wonderful modders and batters who make it possible for people like me to create cities and worlds that brings hours of fun!


Shopping in Dashin


A very heartfelt thank you to those who commented and voted on my previous journal:


Kim Sunwoo (gratz on being #3 with your first entry!)

Tonraq (numero uno amigo!)


Pinkindustry (looking forward to see your journals again!)

Schulmanator (salaving for MD? we are going to have to find you a new place hun..lol)


JP Schriefer



What is a woman without her shoes? What is a man without his power tools? What is a kid without his toys and what is a teenager without a day at the mall?

Well, Elizabeth thought about those questions when she designed the Alexander Dashin Mall District. She wanted to make sure there was everything for everyone. Mayor Frida from Falshin even wrote to her to express how impressive the district was.

The following pictures will show some area of this district such as some of the food lanes, sunken plazas and 3 mall areas.

Hope you enjoy it! A special thank you to our batting community who creates these wonderful buildings and mods!

As always, feel free to comment or to provide some recommendations! :)


Day and Night overview



Spheralin Mall



Aquashin Sunken Mall (water taxi section)


Carrefour Oshlin





Optimashin Mall







Hungry? Let's hit some fast food places and restaurants




A little bit of green among the concrete jungle.



Thank you for viewing this journal!

Feel free to vote and +1 if you feel it is worth it! :)

Have a wonderful week!!! :)



Ln X, Tonraq, Schulmanator, jmsepe, dlsni, Feeroz123, NMUSpidey, MilitantRadical, Ace, JPSchriefer, juliok92012, Benedict - Thank you so much for your ongoing support and appreciation to my journal. It is most welcomed and appreciated.


I didn't think I would have had the time to create this journal, but I did, thank you to Mr. Cold/Flu who has been my faithful companion since Christmas... Anyone can advise me on how to let a good friend down easy? lol :D


The New Year is at our door...a few more days and it will be the beginning of a brand new year...

Expectations? Resolutions? Hopes and dreams? Time seems to stand still during the few days before a new year begins...

As much as Elizabeth wishes for everyone to live in the laps of luxury, reality is an entirely different concept. Even Dashin, being a new city, has some sectors that may not be very safe to walk through at night...

The following journal will show the poor/middle class section of the city, which is north of the industrial sector.

Again, another hard journal to create since I was attempting to keep it as grimy as possible.

Hope you ladies and gentlemen enjoy this entry!

A big thank you to all our batters and creators of wonderful mods! :)



















Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and may the new year brings you everything you wish for! :party:



Schulmanator: Thanks Schulmy! Your jingle cats are scheduled for midnight mass...I promised some tasty treats.

Tonraq: (bowing - arigatou gozaimasu) Thank you so much! (google translate...don't kill me if it is not right..lol)

Benedict: Thank you Ben! Mother Luck was on my side..she made them grow like! :)

Slickbg56: Thank you very much my friend! I am very happy you enjoyed it!

Huston: You have done something that is very hard to do...you have rendered me speechless..Your comment was extremely touching and I cannot thank you enough to have said such words (big hug)

Ln X: coming from you Ln X, this is a huge compliment. I am happy you approved. You are an amazing source of inspiration.

Feeroz123: Thank you very much! :)

NMuspidey: coming from a seasoned player, the compliment is deeply appreciated.

Sirrus1980: Thanks! :)

Mr.Guilherme: Thank you (Merci beaucoup!) :)


Ok, so for those who know my building style, you will fully understand that this type of area (industrial) is very, very hard for me to build...not many trees, industrial look, almost no parks...*sigh*...very hard...lol

There are no ploppable buildings in this area. It is so much more fun to see buildings grow in my opinion.

A big thank you to our batting community!

I do hope you enjoy this small industrial sector built to the north of the small city (previous journals). Smokey Industrial park is where most jobs are located.

I would love to get your feedback (honest please!) and comments on this journal since it is completely out of my comfort zone...lol

I am not sure I will be able to have an update ready for next week due to the following reasons:

1- It is Christmas dude

2- Inspiration when out the door and some windows

3- Please refer to reason 1 and 2... ;)




Small Train Yard


Ok, so the roundabout is a bit too fancy for this type of area...but come on...I needed this..lol






I will take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope you have all the best coming to you in 2015!!! :party:


Dashin - Downtown Part 2


Schulmanator: thank you schulmy! Yes, I love pleasant and tranquil area...

Tonraq: Thank you! It is one of my fav too!

Sexyshark:P: Thank you very much! (and I provided the answer in the previous journal for where you can find the train station)

feeroz123: Thanks! I figure might as well use those fences for other things than just cemetaries

MilitantRadical: Thank you very much Mr. Number ! lol

Huston: Thanks! You know, I cannot tell which building is vanilla or not..lol..I let the city grow naturally (hardly any plops or LM except parks, civics, etc).

Benedict: I adore fountains, especially at night...Thanks!


Ok, more pictures of my downtown area. Dashin now has 16,500 Dashiners. This area is only zoned with mediums buildings since I didn't want skyscrapers in that area.

Hope you guys enjoy it!! I would like to thank everyone who continually encourage me with my work, the support from the forums and the wonderful batting community which without them, I wouldn't be able to create cities that bring joy to my heart.


Some Residential/ commercial areas





Grosverner Park - Downtown center



Church of the Walking Saints


Hospital Notre-Dame De Grace



Dashin City Hall



Mashinton Library




Dashin - Downtown Part 1


MilitantRadical - Thanks! I loved creating that area.

Tonraq - I sure did! Trying to keep up with you guys requires it! lol

LnX - Thank you very much! I am happy you enjoyed it.

Schulmanator - awwwwww.....Thank you Schlumy....And don't forget my car...

47Ply - Thank you Oh Great One! (come back soon please!!! I miss your journals)

jmsepe - Thanks! not an easy thing those anti-grid...Sims are not found of them..lol

Slickbg56 - Thank you! And I answered your question in the previous journal.

Jedahdiah - Thank you so much!

Benedict - I am really happy that you enjoyed it. And yes, I am a nature freak and love a city that looks natural and real. But I am not against sci-fi and fantasy themes..lol

Sexysark:p - You are making me blush! Thank you so much for your comment.


Ok, so I realize that I am not a story teller..lol

So, I will continue to post my journal with a little background story, but mostly, I will be just explaining the picture content..lol


Elizabeth has made a lot of progress with the city. She has created a small downtown area for the suburban area. I have decided to cut the journal in two because there was just too many pictures I wanted to share with you guys.

Therefore, this journal is mostly about the residential downtown, the elementary/high school, the college, 2 little commercial districts and a small food district.

Hope you enjoy these pictures! Please do not hesitate to comments, give advice, etc. :)

Champtell ElemHigh School - combination of elementary and high school into one building since the population is less than 15K. It is located near the downtown residential district.


Centennial College - open to all Dashiners who wish to expand their education before attending university.


Residential Downtown - For those who enjoy a somewhat suburban life but in the city.





Little commercial and food districts as well as Gare Franclin - main train station.









47ply - I originally saw this sign in one of your journals! :)

Slickbg56 - Thanks! - It is an earthen overpass

jmsepe - I am very happy that you like it! :)

LnX - Thank you very much!

Tankmank - Thank you!

Tonraq - Thanks! Hope I do not disappoint! :)

Schulmanator - Thank you Schulmy! You are an inspiration so coming from you, it is a great compliment.

Benedit - Thank you!

Feeroz123 - Thank you so much!

VMIUJcadet09 - Many thanks!

Simul8ter8 - Glad you like it!


To his Royal Highness King Francis Alexander Connall Manshin II.

Attached please find the latest update for Dashin.

Population is currently estimated at 15,000 Dashiners. A third of the land has been developing nicely, but I am currently in negotiations with the high wealth population regarding employment. I am sure we will be able to attract more businesses in the future that may answer their wishes.

I have attached for your perusal some pictures of the city, primarily the suburbs and the park area. More updates should be available in the near future.

Yours truly,

Elizabeth Rashin, Mayor of Dashin.

Overview of Dashin to date



Current water system.


Development along the coast


Mermaid's Cove - created at your suggestion. Thank you for supplying the statue.




South East suburb development



South West suburb development



This church was the first one created within the city.



Main park area, providing Dashiners with a baseball and soccer field. There is also a small botanical garden surrounded by a bike path. Finally, a public pool and small tennis area are also available..



Here's a close-up of the botanical garden, which was feature in the Garden's and Landscaping magazine last month.


Finally, Ms. Duseault asked me to insert a picture of the building where Princess Ann Frederica Dashin is residing while attending college. Please be advised she is under my constant supervision and we are currently residing in the Penthouse, which is the entire top floor. The building is in the downtown area.



Thank you for your comments/feedback as usual! :)


Hello my dear friends,

First, thank you to all who commented on my previous journals. Your positive comments and advice is always welcomed.

Just wanted to give you an update on what I am currently working on: Dashin's road system.

Being new with RHW, NWH, and all the other H's, I wanted to show you guys what I have done so far and wondering if you would be kind enough to provide me with your feedback/suggestions/comments.

Please note that I haven't done any mmps and the entire road system is not completed yet.

1. This is the overview of the work I have done so far and how I may organize my city in the North West of my city.


2. This is the intersection before hitting the future bridge to bring my sims to the downtown area or the other industrial section in the west side of the city.



3. Intersection that will allows my sims within the residential area to either go towards the industrial sector or to travel to Amshin.



4. Rail bridge...just like the look of it..lol


5. Overview of the main intersection for this section.



6. And finally, what would be my journals if there wasn't a little bit of mmp..lol..This is the roundabout connecting to Amshin.



Dashin's modest beginning


A special thank you to all who keep on motivating me during my journey through Sim City.


LnX: Thank you. It was my first time ever photoshopping a picture. I am sure I will improve with time! :)

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Elizabeth's dairy - the beginning of Dashin

"Dear diary,

For the past several months, myself and 40 other people have been dedicated to the construction of the power plant for Dashin. It has been interesting living in a tent until some part of the railroad was build, connecting Dashin to New Amshin.

At this time, we all live in the top floor of the plant until final zoning and residential construction begins.

3:15pm: I am now on my way back to Dashin from a week vacation I took at Pegasus Ranch. It was nice to see everyone again...


The power plant is now completed. 1/4 of the east side of the city will be dedicated to power plants and garbage disposal.


I see they have also completed the backup generators. I am so please that Karl, my Utilities Adviser, suggested this type of back up for the city.


6:30pm: Just finished a meeting with Sal and Nadine, my Construction Superintendents, regarding deforestation progress. It is going a little bit slow right now, but they assured me it should pick up with the additional crews scheduled to arrive next month.


11:45pm: Couldn't sleep so I decided to go for a walk outside to look at the plant. Even if it is a power plant, I do love to look at it at night.


So many things to learn. I am grateful for my wonderful advisers. Tomorrow, I have a meeting with Frank who is my City Planner Adviser. We will discuss the overall zoning of the city, roads, highways, etc...I do hope that in the next couple of months, I will finally be able to move in my own home!"


*** Ring...Ring***

- Hello?

- Hello Mr. Armand Rashing, this is Fasha Duseault, secretary to his Majesty King Francis Alexander Connall Manshin II. He wishes to speak with you. Please hold.


- Hello Armand, how are you today?

- Very well your Majesty. How may I be of service to your Highness today?

- I have a favor to ask. I am establishing a new city with the recently found survivors of Amshin and I would require someone competent to establish the foundation of this new city. Any ideas?

- Well your Majesty, Elizabeth has been looking forward to new challenges. I will discuss this with her and I am certain she will be honored to embark in this endeavor for you.

- Much appreciated Armand. Please extend my warmest regards to your family.

Thank you, your Majesty.

Elizabeth, after a long discussion with her family, contacted the King and offered (most enthusiastically) her services to assist with the establishment of the new city.

It was agreed that the name of the new city would be Dashin, in honor of the King's youngest brother who unfortunately died during the Amshin earthquake.

She couldn't help feeling a bit nervous and nostalgic while riding in the helicopter on her way to Dashin. She took a few pictures to remind her of home in times of doubt and hardship.

John's center....so much demolition went into creating the perfect area...Countless hours went into creating the center... John looked so dirty at the end of each day *giggle*


God those rapids do look dangerous from here!! Now I understand why Armand always looked so worried when I went water rafting...*sigh*


*Blushes*....the things I did there...lol


Elizabeth is looking forward to show you her work in the near future...so much to learn...building a city is way much more work than managing the cattle ranch...

***Waves*** bye bye for now Amshin...Hello Dashin...


New Amshin - Pegasus Ranch

The Pegasus Ranch was established after the massive earthquake that destroyed Manshin by three survivors (syblings):

Armand Rashin (who takes care of the main ranch and administration), Elizabeth Ranshin (Cattle ranch) and John Rashin (Garden centre and main distribution centre).

This journal will show you the main ranch section and the garden centre.

As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions! :)

Overview of Ranch Pegasus


Welcome to Ranch Pegasus!


One of the administration building and some lovely homes


Main residential area


Pond area


Some people do have the day off today...might as well sit down and relax near the water


Horse ranch area


Overview of New Amshin Garden Centre - this is where farmers can buy all types of goods relating to farming.


One section of the garden flowers and plants area


Another section of the garden flowers and plants area


Overview of Garden Centre distribution centre


Close-up of the distribution centre


Amshin truck and tractor dealership Plowshinaplenty


Chloe's Steak House


Night view of the garden centre


Next update coming soon!

Have a wonderful week! :)


Hello everyone! The city of Amshin is about 55% completed.

This section of my journal is about the cattle section of Ranch Pegasus, the primary source of income for the city of Amshin.

Hope you enjoy this journal. As usual, comments and ideas are more than welcome!

To all my Canadians counterparts, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Enjoy your turkeys and hopefully you have the day off!!! :)

Overview of the cattle ranch


Wheat farm - this farm is next to the cattle ranch to avoid delays in feed feeding time.


Starting the day...


Milking time.


Food distribution section.


Water distribution section.


Swampy area next to one of the entrance of the cattle ranch.


Overview of Amlush Pond.


Time to go to the pond.


Amlush Pond



Returning from Amlush Pond




Hello everyone! I figured I would put a quick update on New Amshin. She is completed in terms of zoning. She is about 45% completed in term of MMPs..With the obscene amount of stuff I wish to create for this city, I estimate about 3 more weeks (if not more in order to also concentrate on her sister city Dashin) of terraforming, planting, decorating, lights, etc..lol

I wanted to share what I have done so far. Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Again, please note this city is missing its "fluff"..lol

Also, I have no idea how people are able to take a picture of the entire city tile...This map is quite large, all big tiles, and as much as I roll my little scrolling thingy or press the + sign, this is the furthest I could go...

Enjoy and have a super weekend! :)

New Amshin - West Side


New Amshin - East Side


New Amshin - Main city overview


Harvest time! Bring on the allergy pills "sniff"


Downtown - Parteeeyyy!


City Market area - Watch out for Mamasita's Corn Dog...


Commercial district area - Woman smile - Husband sigh


Main Train Station - enjoy the ride!


Swamp area - bring boots


Close-up of the swamp - I told ya to bring boots......



A brand new day...New Amshin

After a terrible earthquake, Manshin was destroyed. The few survivors found a new location and renamed the region New Manshin.

This is an introduction to New Amshin, a primarily focused farming industry.

The following will show the industrial sector in the South East of the city.

A big thank you to our batting community and the wonderful plugins/mods and buildings they create.

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed creating that area.

Amshin Industrial Overview


Closer view of Industrial area


View of the two bridges


Mini downtown /pond area


Closer view of pond area


Mini Medium-size suburb


Closer view of suburb


Country road leading to fishing spot


Fishing spot


Some lucky fishermen


Night view



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