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The Next Step

Okay, Welcome Back!

Now, I realise that the majority opinion on the last entry is correct, as well hey, majority rules. I did have a vision for that city as being a 'Micro-Metropolis', drawing inspiration from SC 2013's mega towers... But as rightly stated it just wasn't executed correctly and fell short of my standard.

Anyway, Past is past and hey I learnt something and hopefully (in some way) you guys got something from it but now I have upped the standard.

This next city is still a work in progress, its not even 100 sim years old (My average is around 2000 years). Who here has seen the movie Underworld? The first (and only good) one? Well thats the air I have gone for here. Maze like streets, Dark Art Deco towers and Middle European W2W everywhere.

In the future I hope to expand the city into the wooded neutral areas with wood framed buildings representing the start of a move away from a downtown and into more of a 'hasty sprawl' feel.

I drew a lot of inspiration from satellite pictures of old European cities which are very dense and have a small urban footprint that hugs a coastline or river.

Also in the pipeline for this city is a MMP extensive 'feature' breakwater for the city's port, and more integration of residential buildings, the vacant land adjacent to the city will soon become an airport.

Anyway, without further ado, the city so far:


Just a quick and nasty overview mosaic; so yeah the empty land is an airport-to-be, the rail line nearby will be polished up too and as you can see the large amount of open ocean can't be good in storms so yeah a breakwater will be added.


Some intermediate low wealth flats, to house port labourers and other low wealth sims.


The university district on the edge of the CBD


Some building and street detail...


Close up of the market hall, which links the city and the port together near the historic core


The CBD, built away from the historic core to save the old feel of the old city centre, also to avoid the marshy river mouth soil.


Street detail of the Historic Core...


And just a leaving bonus, the transit map for the data panel, showing the street layout a bit better...

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to any feedback!



Schriefer & Schulmanator: Thanks guys!! :)

Major Entry time! Time for a look in at the costal city of Porthaven and it's harbour, situated on a peninsula jutting out into waters whipped by the roaring 40's.

As always, click for full image if you need to!


An overview of the Inner Suburbs, Harbour and CBD. Due to space restrictions, terrain and many heritage buildings, the Inner Suburbs and CBD cover a relatively small area.


One end of Esplanade, where Water and dirty industry resides next to the historic Iron Porthaven Cut Bridge.


Cut Point, with the Seafairer's Memorial Tower.


The Inner Harbour, inland of the Bridge, is a popular dive and fishing spot due to it's protection from the harsh southern ocean.


Mosaic of Seafairer's Tower, The Cut, Upper Esplanade port facilities, The City Centre with it's two dominating towers and the southern suburbs.

Thats all folks! Till next time!


Rain Rain go Away


Schriefer: Cheers!

Crazyforsimcity: Oh really? :P

Lord Branham: Thankyou!

CorpusDei: Uh actually no. I don't use any day n night mods because I can't update the game and get plugins to light up. Ive tried file juicer and a myriad of other things but nothing really works. I just waited for the optimum time during sunset. But thanks for the compliment! :)

TitanicBuff: Yeah I've heard some other GIMP disaster stories but i'm still using it with no problems.

agunter999: Yes, but don't we all forget to turn off the grid? The grids in our lives?

jrnavid: Cheers! :)

APSMS: Uh it's included in the BAT, there is a non scaffolded version as well as a scaffolded restoration version, I'm not sure of the name off the top of my head or if you will read this comment so I message you when I go through my plugins and find it! Also as for the rail, permanent is overrated. Im all for shoddy, under constant construction and ghetto. In fact, I got in trouble today for being naughty in a ghetto and doing graffiti!


Its a rainy day today folks...



Cheers Guys and Girls!


Inner City Mosaic

Hi all, Just downloaded Gimp to make mosaics and this is my first one! I am aware that the top frame doesn't quittteee match up with the one beneath it but for a first attempt I am proud.

Anyway the photos are of a city I have made with no name. Although the story in my mind is that it is the core of a coastal mountain city. And of course featuring my probably now trademarked Commerzbank and Empire State. Vlasky I'm still keen for that reincarnation! ;)







Also, the construction site in the second last frame. What should it turn into? A green urban living complex or another skyscraper? Let me know in the comments on what you think would be cool for this downtown! Thanks again guys.

Also, I use the Maxis buildings like commerzbank and the empire state alot because not only do I love them (and hey my city :P) but due to my being a Mac user custom content's night lighting very rarely works unless it is based off a maxis model like street and spotlights. So I like to have my landmark towers lit up atleast. And I like seeing all the ways I can integrate them into my cities.

EDIT: After playing around in the city today and experimenting more with Gimp, I present to you the city's new EL-Rail. And yes, it does tunnel through the ESB!



Trouble in Rockdale

Video Entry! Take a look and see the trouble that is brewing on the Island city-state of Rockdale....



Music: Johnny Cash - God's gonna cut you down.

IRL footage; Children of Men, Blade Runner, The Bourne movies, Romeo & Juliet, Dawn of the Dead, Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist & Rockdale city archives.

Some of you may have noticed that this quick cut style is reminiscent of the Dawn of the Dead remake... You're right. That is the inspiration.



@ Bipin : Cheers! To hear that from you is like getting a wink from a rockstar or the bouquet at a wedding! :)

@ SimRico : Look on here! I've started one little thing and another is in the pipeline. Thanks for the imput too!

@ Mulefisk : Yeah last time I was in Melbourne I rode around on the trams a bit but Melboune's grid is really only the city and St. Kilda Road and a few other main roads (?) because once you ride out a bit it kinda goes windy. Anyway yes I have looked into it and done some experimenting and rezoning.

@ MatTSW : Cheers! Yeah it started as like a little halt and then just grew from the church, water tower and station to be a nice leafy suburb.

@ Huston : Thankyou :) Good to see you still give a look in despite my somewhat erratic posting :P

@ Schriefer : Thankyou! I plan to, the only time I have left the house this week is to buy toilet paper... Because we ran out.




Welcome back to Liverpool friend! Today I'm gonna show you the new 'old' V line, named so after the physical arrangement of the system in the city. The V line used to be 2 rural lines converging just south of downtown but through the late 1800's and early 1900's as the city grew the lines were raised or sunken. Today we're gonna take a look at the elevated section which has one Terminus in Downtown and the other in the commuter town of Kravinsk, a part of the city with a high Russian/eastern european background.


And above, moving out of the gritty downtown and into the suburbs we can see October Bridge by Odd, one of my all time favourites. Along with his rail through building from the first photo.


Pulling into Kravinsk. The town has the tallest building outside of the city downtown, a nice funky res tower. We can also see the Kravinsk ground rail. Its this terminus that makes the bottom point of the V.


Anyhow I never said it was a big city! :P heres a larger overview of Southlands, It's sort of the Braddon, Toorak, Northsbridge or Newtown of liverpool (Throwing in some nice Australian references. I'll give you a star for naming the cities those suburbs belong to!).


Southern elevation of Southlands, peeking through Downtown.


Anyway here is the waterfront, as promised last update. It was constructed in 1893 as a man made harbour. Liverpool is about 10km from the coastline and it was the largest engineering feat in the country at the time to carve out and pathe a suitable cargo canal to the city. Nowadays the dock has been scaled back to be just an extra form of public transport and intracity delivery mechanism. The city's most prestigious suburbs are between the canal and rail line, as they feature stunning gardens, historic official buildings and long tree lined boulevards.




Some of the last remaining Metro industry resides at the convergence of city and suburb.


And to end the update, a country scene.

Thanks for viewing and don't forget to leave your opinion!


Okay to kick us off for this little update, in reply to @

's mention of lakes, I've added this in:


More coming next update.

In the mean time I thought I'd share some more pictures of liverpool, which without further ado, are here;






Good chat guys! More talk next time.

But don't forget to leave an opinion as to where the city should go!


A New Hope

Okay. *deep breath*. Running bootlegged SC4 on a Mac and using weird patches does mean $%&^! happens. And it so happens that after a power cut and an unsuccessful look on my hard drive I am abandoning the previous CJ.

Anyhow, this is the latest from me. I've decided to call this city Liverpool because it's fairly generic, there is a liverpool everywhere. I have built the core of the city and what I am planning to do with it is build it with you guys, the master city builders. Every post will be a new little district or suburb or a major overhaul of such. So to kick us off I will post some pictures of the downtown and train yards which I have done myself. Then, at the end we can do a vote! *yay* its just like primary school ey?


Boom. The whole city. Well just the core. Again showing my allegiance to the ESB (I'm really excited for Vlasky's version to come out like I check the STEX every morning like a 5 year old at christmas)


Zooming right in now, here is the edge of like a little urban farm/community farm made out of the allotment set and the farmer's market. Also have some low wealth tornado housing for the preliminary stages of the city.


Bypassing my awful Maxis housing we come to the manufacturing end of the city. The hospital is here too and that soccer pitch is for the staff to put wheelchair bound people on and then giggle at them. People aren't very nice in this city...


A little look in at the abandoned fringe of the CBD, showing us some burnt out warehouses and the more low end/struggling businesses in the alleyway.


Being a midwest (midwest of where?) manufacturing city, we have the freight yard to send off all our nice refined metals and car bodies. Because the body plant has a rather nice industrial façade that didn't look out of place with the mostly art deco cityscape i've placed it's front end on the edge of the city instead of isolating it.


A little peak in between the buildings at a main road, showing all our lovely façades.


Some nice modern housing next to the city church (and graveyard...)


And a bit of fun to cap it off, I LOVE these halloween type lots so I've put them on the industrial fringe to look pretty. If anyone can link to more I will be eternally grateful!

Vote Time:

Put in the comments what you would like to see happen:

We have a few options here;

-We can start laying out some more suburbs and make them like garden city style, as their own little communities,

-We can get some more transit happening, such as commuter rail, busses, motorways etc. (I don't have NAM)

-Focus on the city "It's too grungy mann you need some green" *sips latte*

-Whatever. I do whatever or a mix of all and you guys just tell me whats up when it's done.

Please comment and thankyou for taking the time to view!


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