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Greater Leeds

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About this City Journal

The City of Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Entries in this City Journal


- Greater Leeds -

Hi again, I know it's been a while since my last update, I've been busy trying to cope with the ramped-up workload at school and stuff.

I've tried making up for the lack of posts with this larger one, personally I think its my best post yet. Although this contains some pictures featured in earlier updates, I have tried to cherry pick the best; most are new. This'll be my last post for a long while; if I do make any new update, it'll probably be on a new city. This update features my favourite parts of the entire Greater Leeds Region.

Anyway, thanks for the view, remember to +1, Rate and Comment

- Central Leeds -

Well I thought I'd start off with my favourite, perhaps it'll keep you interested...


Leeds Harbour (East Port Wales) at night...


...and the CBD in daytime


Large numbers of wealthy sims live on the harbour's eastern shore. Most enjoy spectacular city views.


The West Side Promenade has been recently completed.


Here the Elland Rd. Stock Exchange is shown as well as the city's convention centre.


The Tareux-Merren Avenues are both highly used roads. As such, the traffic has led to it becoming a popular cafe and business district.

- Getting Around -

So how do you get around? It is a large city...




There are many transport options available in Leeds, and they all operate 'round the clock...

- Industrial Centres -

Ever wondered where your computer comes from? Perhaps its made in a manufacturing district in Leeds, or maybe it passes through Port Wales...


Leeds is a centre in production of High Tech and Industrial Intensive goods. The industrial sector makes up a large portion of employment available to sims in Leeds.


High Tech products are generally shipped from the more specialised Port Wales East.


Most other products pass through the larger Port Wales West.

ContainerLoading.jpg These ports continue running regardless of conditions to supply the demand of industrial products as they are needed.


The West Point Light house is essential to the function of the entirety of Leeds' ports.


Here the newly completed LRMS (Loidis Republic Merchant Ship) Erebus, part of Evergreen's next generation freight ships, is being escorted out to deep water to make its first first pick up from the far away river port of Jallin'Errel.

- Places to go, sights to see -

So what's to see in Leeds?


The Cultural and Governmental heart of Leeds, located close to the city centre. Catch a tram or bus here and enjoy the wide variety of creative opportunities available here.


Feeling Lucky? Try your hand at a game of poker at the Galaxy Casino, or stay the night at the Galaxy Casino Hotel, located directly across the road.


Leeds is famous for its nightlife, the Maisonette Nightclub is just one destination.


Drive out to Jervis Bay and Malabar Head, a popular destination for inner-city dwellers looking to cool off.


Perhaps, you're tired of the city, travel out to Lake Dannen for the weekend.


Want to reconnect with nature? Journey out to the East River Basin reserves: The East Mountains National Park, and the Falkland Hills Wildlife Reserve.

- Rural Surrounds -

The Leeds region isn't composed only of Urban Areas and National Parks, it also hosts a sizeable agricultural industry.


The Southern Plains are a major food producer for Leeds itself and Loidis on a larger scale.


Take the quick and efficient Highway, or the less traveled winding roads.


Many crops double as food (either for livestock or sims) and as a source of biofuels.


Settle down for the night at a ranch, most locals are happy to house you...as long as you've got cash.

- Housing -

So, you've traveled all around, eh? Oh what's that, you want to stay here now, its the best place you've ever been!? Well lucky for you Leeds has a wide range of housing that caters to a similarly wide range of people.


Although Leeds is a modern city, it has its roots in a working class history. These terrace houses were built to house large numbers of workers at the Old Docks which where located where the CBD is now. They have recently become highly desirable due to their close proximity to the CBD.


Most modern housing that is built is High Density. Fortunately there are good transport links to and from these areas, and a park is never far away.


What if you haven't got enough to afford the high life? Well there's always the Lexington Housing Estate. The Government runs these large apartment blocks, built during the post Avalo-Loidic war period.


Oh, and don't worry, its not all apartment living. Although Leeds is densely populated, there are large suburbs with larger 1 or 2 story houses, unfortunately you will have to pay a premium as they are highly sought after by young growing families.

Well! Thanks again for viewing, I'm happy you made it this far.

If you liked it remember to +1, Rate and Comment!


Residential Leeds

Hi again guys! It's been a while, just started my 12th and second last year of school and have quite a workload already so the updates will come more slowly from now on.

Anyway, this update showcases some of the housing areas within Leeds. A large number of sims live directly on the waterfront so this also includes a lot of water shots. Remember to +1, Rate and Comment :D

I'm not sure what my next update will be, but I'm hoping to do a large one soon, if not next post.


Although Leeds is densely populated there are large suburban areas.


Pictured here is Malabar Headland, close to Jervis Bay.


One of the most densely populated areas in Leeds, the Eastern part of the Harbour.


Terrace housing is very popular in Leeds, especially in this style.


A small and wealthy settlement close to the CBD on Wales Point.


Here's a small residential area on the Javier River Waterfront, close to Leeds Harbour.


This 3rd and final part of Greater Leeds Transit follows one of the highway routes from the Southern agricultural surrounds of the city, North into the outer fringes of the city and into the heart of the city itself. This is only one of a number of routes into/out of the city, if you're interested in getting an idea of the other routes, check Greater Leeds Transit - Part 2 and look at the transit map.

If you like this post, or any others, please rate, comment or click the +1. Thanks again for viewing, the next post is going to be some of my favourite residential areas throughout Greater Leeds.


The Adellais - Leeds Highway was first built before any agriculture developed around it, although it has been upgraded since then. It appears to cut through the surrounding farms.


Because Leeds is surrounded by national parks, rivers and mountains, the suburbs begin quite abruptly and quickly progress into more densely populated areas.


If you continue along the highway, very soon you will be close to the heart of the city. Many commuters leave the highway here to cross over to the CBD on the Leeds Harbour bridge.


The Highway is essential to the entire transport, particularly on the Eastern shore of Leeds Harbour where up to 80,000 people live in highrises.


A number of new densely populated residential and commercial areas have sprung up around the Highway system, this is just one example.


Finally, the highway leads into the CBD, this is probably the most used transport method into the city.


Hey again, just the next part of Greater Leeds Transit, focusing on my rail transport systems and also featuring a transit map of Central Leeds. My rail experiences a high amount of usage, with alot of the stations (even large stations, off of the main route) taking much higher than capacity, it does, however, for the most part work quite well.

Again, please rate, +1 and comment if you like it (or dislike, I like the feedback), or check out my other posts.


A transit map of Central Leeds, Cyan = Highways, Green = Avenues, Red = Roads, White = Streets, Black = Rail (El, GLR and Monorail incl).


An elevated section of the Industrial Estate Rail Line



These two junctions split into/onto the main lines running through Leeds, rail is vital to a large number of inter-suburban commuters.

Next post will show my highway system, from the fringes, to the city centre.


Firstly, just a small note celebrating my first 1000 views. Hopefully it's the first of many to come.

This is a part 1 post of a number of posts that centre around transit in Greater Leeds. In this post the new GLR system and El rail system will be shown. Please, view my other posts and +1, rate (5 stars ;)) and comment; any feedback is appreciated!

Next post will show my rail system, and introduce a general regional map of transport systems.


The LTA (Leeds Transit Authority) logo.


The East-Line Rapid Transit City-Link is one of the main arteries into the city and has been in operation since the mid 1980's.


This is the eastern side of the newly opened GLR system. The current usage has exceeded all expectations and further GLR systems are now being planned.


The new GLR also features a loop around the city centre, giving stops close to a number of attractions in Leeds.


GLR is now one of the main tranport methods into the CBD, with a line running directly into the city.



The Storm Hits

Hi again.

This small update shows a large electrical storm hitting Leeds. Hope you like it, remember rate, +1 and comment


Waves are pounding against the cliffs at Wales Head, a storm is coming.


The storm has hit, and this abandoned market will likely be inundated with water.


This lightning strike to Radio Tower 1 caused millions of simoleons of damage to its radio antenna.

I've decided the next post will be a transportation post. Thanks for viewing! Plus 1, rate and comment :D


Ports and Industry

Here's some of the industrial areas that produce the things that companies sell and sims buy. Leeds has one major port, split over two areas; Port Wales - West is the manufacturing port (cars, steel, etc.), Port Wales - East deals with the higher tech and generally more fragile exports and imports (electronics, etc.).

I appreciate your views and any comments. If you like it press the +1, vote it up and check up my other posts. Thanks in advance!


The grittier side of life in Leeds. Located to the west of Wales Point, Port Wales - West is often covered in smog from its many industries.


The Allen Isle Lighthouse was completed in 1997 after the older and less powerful Ur'eth Isle Lighthouse failed to prevent an accident that resulted in a large oil spill and 4 deaths.


Port Wales - East is located in (as its name suggests) East Port Wales, i.e. the portion of Port Wales that lies East of Wales Point, generally referred to as Leeds Harbour.


The Leeds East garbage dump lies in the Leeds East Industrial District. Despite not being harmful to residents, the place gives off an awful stench and occasionally a visible haze.

Thanks for viewing my 5th post :D. I'm still deciding on what to do for my next post but it will likely be my favourite spots around the region or a transportation post.


Rural Life

Leeds isn't composed just of the city. Although the vast majority of the population lives within urban areas, a significant portion of Greater Leeds' area is occupied by agriculture, primarily on the Southeastern Plains. Agriculture also accounts for a large amount of Greater Leeds' economy, providing around 50,000 full-time, part-time and casual jobs.

Thanks for viewing my "rural post". Rural areas are not my forte, but I do enjoy making them so any feedback regarding how I could (easily) improve my agricultural areas (I don't want to use to many mods) would be greatly appreciated.

If you like this, please look at my other posts and don't forget to comment, click the +1 and to vote it up :D


Leeds' agriculture is largely made up of crop's for biofuels and rye fields, which have a wide variety of applications.


Bailey's field, the lowest point in Greater Leeds at 7m below sea level, was partially bought up by the Loidis Government 30 years ago. Although a relatively small piece of land, its critical to the breeding of many local bird populations and has been the focus of wetland regeneration.


Lake Dannen is a popular holiday spot for sims seeking a rest from the city's hustle and bustle. Due to the lake's size mists regularly roll into the town from further out in the lake.


Gerry's Ford was the primary crossing point over the Falkland river for many south of the hills up until the South Falkland Bridge was completed a few kilometers north in 1975.


Efforts to preserve scarce remaining wetlands have recently taken hold and resulted in reserves to prevent any further development within them.

Thanks, again. Next post will be some of my industrial areas and ports.


The City

A more comprehensive look at the CBD. It's been updated slightly since my first post, but I've tried to vary my photos. Please, vote it up if you like it or press the +1 and leave any comments, positive or negative. - Oh and just to highlight my awesomeness, all large buildings in the CBD have grown except for the Berlin Radio Tower, the Jin Guang Centre and the Columbia Seafirst Centre.

Next I'll post some pictures of my favourite rural areas.


The Leeds CBD contains a number of very large buildings.


The statue of Francis Javier greets the thousand of commuters everyday that make the trip into the CBD via the Duke's Expressway.


Many of Leeds' richest tourists stay at the Loidis Hotel and shop at the nearby boutiques.


Leeds is famous for its nightlife.


Lots of people living within the CBD go for a morning jog along the walkway, or have a coffee at a cafe and admire the views of the water through the trees.


The Leeds CBD sits on the Eastern part of Port Wales, commonly referred to simply as Leeds Harbour.

Thank you again for your time spent reading my journal.


Regional Overview

Just a couple of photos for a regional overview. This covers about 70% of the regions landmass but shows all of the regional diversity (urban area, agricultural area and open spaces).

Please (not to be pushy), if you like it, press the like button and maybe leave a comment. Thanks in advance. :)

The next post will examine the CBD more comprehensively.


The Central portion of Greater Leeds.


The Toure Mountains, located Northeast of Central Leeds.


The mid-south part of Leeds' western coastline.


The Eastern half of Leeds' Southeastern Plains


Central Leeds


Welcome to my first post for my first journal, I appreciate any views and comments, especially regarding GIMP (the program I used to edit some of the photos) which I am new to.

This journal will be a collection of pictures from my region, Leeds (nothing like the real city), which is now as filled as I wish it to be, both in terms of tiles and population, with the latter being just over 1,000,000 sims.

I'm not a "professional" Sim City player. I play when I feel like it and this region has taken a long time to complete, the main part of the city, which is what is shown in this post, is actually an improved rebuilding of the original as it was lost when the file corrupted as I loaded the city. The current population of the central Leeds tile is 402,000, with 209,000 commercial jobs, of which roughly 140,000-150,000 are located in the CBD, and 57,000 industrial jobs (almost entirely High-Tech).

I hope you like it, some others who live in Australia may notice similarities between this region and Sydney. If I do make another post it will be pictures of the region, which I may extend sometime in the future.


The CBD of the entire Greater Leeds Region.


...And at Night.


Port Wales (East Part) on a typical rainy winter's day.


Elland Road Stock Exchange and George II Convention Centre, located at the heart of the city, again on a stormy winter's day.


Leeds' main sporting fields the Leeds MLS and the LFS.


Terrace housing is very popular in Leeds.


Lexon is a housing commission suburb near to the CBD.


The Governance district is the center for government and culture in both Greater Leeds and the State of which Leeds is the Capital: Loidis.

The only notable plopped buildings in the city CBD are the Fernsehturm, the Jin Guang Centre and the Comlumbia Seafirst Centre, all other buildings have been grown over a long period of time; I actually just made it to, and saved it on the 1/1/2000. The important mods I have used include the NAM (obviously), various flora mods, the newly released SPAM mod, Gizmo's night mod, a terrain mod and a water texture mod. A number of other minor mods (or plugins or whatever) include buildings, the Opera House slider fix/addition, the free open grass area mod and a number of other small things.

Thanks for the time. Please leave a comment, I'd like the feedback :)

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