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Selbring County

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Vallence & Felicity | Choking Twins




Evillions - Thank you very much!

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Heitomat - Thank you!

Dab_City - Thank you, My thought are with them too.

ThomasSimpson - Thanks Thomas!

TimEpke15 - That's an interesting story, It was such a tragedy that no one can forget.

Hahei - Thank you, and the grass is from CP's floral collection I think. Its somewhere on the LEX or STEX, I always have a hard time trying to find it :P

StephenPullen - Thanks, here it is :)

Simbourgeois - Same thoughts. :(

Adrianor - I agree, and Thank you.

TekindusT - Thanks you so much! It means a lot coming from you!

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Titanicbuff - Amen, neither will I and the rest of the world.

Bastet69008 - Such a saddening story. +It's called Trajan Pro.

JabezScratch - Thank you very much!

Whysomadyo - I agree, although no matter the person's opinion, People died in a tragedy, and it's nothing people should be debating about. It's a time to remember.

Jsimcity4 - :)


Welcome all again to another update on America's worst place to live. We are here now in the districts of Vallence and Felicity in town in Selbring. Vallence is an area which is covered vastly in Industrial factories (Not that the city isn't full of it)and is the Main Power Core of the City. Felicity is the opposite, and is the financial heart of Selbring, with progressing high-rises and construction afar, and covered in residential abodes and commercial hotspots. This still doesn't increase the image of the city, but in other matters, these two place are called the "Choking Twin cities," both who are killing each other in its indifference. Then again, the entire city is suffering.


Vallence is full of factories, all bordering each other closely with no accounts of who's space is who's. Here they process and store coal which is distributed across the county to people who order and to the rest of United States. The CEO of this company doesn't care about the factory being so close to the Nuclear Plant, he's just in it for the money, not to worry about the well-being of his employees.


Here in Vallence, the one thing here that is Oh so memorable is the Nuclear Power Plants. Since it's a danger to the entire city, it's placed on the edge of Vallence where it is no harm to the people. (Yeah, right.)


Just East of Vallence is Felicity. This area is the more low rise area, which harbors a small variety of stores, abandoned factories, and the sewage plant.

Yep, blame the Zoning Commissioners and City Board for placing it there, yes, this county is very corrupt.


In the more central zone of Felicity is the Financial Area, which holds the main office buildings, future sites of company headquarters who are stupid enough to establish here, and Stores from as far as the I can see. If you were here, you'd be jumping with joy, it's a haven here sometimes. Safer, Enjoyable, slightly cleaner air and an economical paradise. You can earn a lot here if you have the right stuff.

Thanks for viewing, and keep an eye out for the next update! :)


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Excellent, excellent again!

As for the nuclear power plant, have you taken a look to [b]El Burro[/b]'s ones? They look so run down...

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Nice urban renewal! :)

Sorry to mention this if I previously said this, but you should take up custom lotting and extending the blank concrete spaces of your buildings. Makes it more realistic in my opinion.

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Nice view of that nuclear and btw in the last photo :P where did you get that building with the fedex billboard ontop is that a part of the pack or was it just your own dingy :P

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Caution: Sarcasm<div>This looks absolutely delightful!</div>

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I never comment on CJs, but I saw this on the front page of simtropolis... and in the [s]two[/s] (make that three) years that I've had my one and only STEX upload, I've NEVER seen someone else use it in a CJ until now!

Great job my friend! :D

ps; I'll have another under construction building on STEX within 48 hours for you buddy! ;)

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pooky969: it's by marcszar on the SC4D LEX

Holy crap Huston...this journal is different from every other one I've seen. You strive to achieve what everyone else avoids, yet in a totally awesome way :P I think this may become a new favorite of mine. Keep up the great (or awful, rather) work!

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