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Selbring County

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Senter Lake | 195 Interstate

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escilnavia: Thank you very much!

NMUspidey: Thanks, I don't think anywhere is safe, but considering security guards might be there, 50/50 :P

Evillions: Thanks! And thanks for the links.

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10000000000000: Thank you!

packersfan: Thanks very much!

captdata: Thanks! That's actually built in the game.

TekindusT: Thanks you! Inspiration comes from your CJ anyway! and really a new genre?

Wraner: Thanks!

Paulobergonci: Thanks! I would to :P .

dabadon5: Thanks so much!

Vortext: Thanks a lot! And yes I will try, but flickr is so annoying, the it won't retain the orginal picture size, but will do!

Zulu2065: Thanks!


Welcome back to another part of Selbring! Here in this update i'll be covering the outskirts of this mega industrialized city. This district is under the label Senter Lake. 'Take a deep breath' cause this'll probably be one of the only few areas where Selbring doesn't smell like rotten eggs and eggs, smoke and all those other bad smells and things that make Selbring's air quality, world renowned for its poor quality and something that anyone can suffocate breathing...-_-


Now it's evening in the developing city which brought you heavy industrialization and an even worse air quality than Los Angeles. This area is Senter Lake, one of the cleanest areas in the city. Don't get me wrong though, it's still a terrible place to live!


Senter Lake is one of the areas of the city which sit firmly aside a busy freeway, awaiting desperate outsiders in need of a job with minimum wage, hard labor, and poor conditions. Yes. Hell starts here.


As the day starts out in this area, people immediately get out of bed, a day here starts fairly quicker then any other city district in Selbring County. It's just how it is in areas with a better air quality.


As for the highway, you can tell that it's not so busy, or whatever you call that mess of road. Exit to Selbring is right there...Which side would you want to be on?


Out here, parks and farms are a common site, its beautiful isn't it? I mean for this city, people don't know what a real park looks like...Cows are also a wonder here, sometimes they'd drink poisoned water, then the cow is used for beef, then cause a mass wide death streak across the United States. Yes, when someone is poisoned by food, you know that beef is from Selbring.


House by house, building by building, squeezed together, this is utterly the same thing downtown, except here you got a small wood apartments. Here in Senter Lake you only find a couple of factories like this. Large manufacturing factories are not common here, but there are still a few.


Beautiful isn't it? Wonderful Houses and a wonderful park that you can stroll in. Stroll in do you think?


Here is the city park, and a baseball field. After years, the lack of maintenance has finally taken a toll on the park and field. Tree's are literally everywhere and grass and weeds are springing like crazy. No one here volunteers to work here on the park, I guess most people don't like gardening here.

Thank you for viewing!

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Huston, everything you create is amazing. I don't want to waste my breath telling you that, because it is :P

However, one thing has really bothered me in your journals... I can't see anything in the night pictures :P the roads and the grass is pretty much invisible... But the rest of your photoshopping and all of your journaling is, as I said, immaculate.

Props :)

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Those drivers should be caught by police for extreme tailgating. :whatevs: Great Update. I love the detail in all your pictures. Every ounce of hard work is clearly visible and for that I applaud you :yes:

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I love your use of cp's beautiful 19th century tenements. Really up my alley, and in my opinion, make for a rich and multilayered city! [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/1.gif[/img] Outstanding work, Huston!

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