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Mini-Update: Even more trees

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Hello to All!

During the weekend I found the reason for all my hardware problems: My 7600GS died 8.gif - more than VGA results in flickering screens and artefacts. So I have to find a "new" AGP nVidia - wish me luck, the prices of new ones are beyond good and evil here and a 2nd hand card is always a risk ...

Anyway since I couldn't play the game I prepared a Mini Update for you:

Mini-Update: Even more trees

But before I start I quote the first of the three pictures of last times' construction site report. A failure on the SC4D Picture competition  it became my 6th HoF entry at the Simforum picture competition. So I'm showing you some closeups form that area. 


We'll have a look at that road climbing up the hill on the top left part and the farm with the grain silo at the bottom right part of the picture.


Sorry for the Water Texture Bug on the right edge ... 15.gif  

Not too bad I presume... I could not use the NAM curves - not even the small 90 degree one - without becoming severe slope problems here. And in connection with the retaining walls it turned out rather acceptable.

However ... there's a way to make such walls look better - more to come in a future update!  


Another angle. 

Actually this is not natural wood but forestry. Such pine woods don't grow naturally at these low heights in middle Europe - they are planted as they grow fast. However in such woods the tree assortments may change and may changed sharply as you can see in this picture.


A lot of people said they don't like that grain silo too much. Why? It is - well - a little bit more American than European but I like to see it - even a bit dilapated!


And a bit far from it we see this trail almost disappearing under vegetation.


And if we take the entry picture and look the other direction we see this scenery - the outskirts of a small town with some industry within the mountains. But behind the edges of the picture tons of work waiting for me ... 14.gif  

OK, that's it for today. I'll have some more for next update - even though my graphics card died.

Have fun!


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Recommended Comments

@dannibee are you referring to the issue with missing textures after plopping the farm tractor roads? ..when you're done plopping a system of tractor roads click 'data view' then click 'view zones' then click 'all off' and the problem should disappear.

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Wow!! I really love this this mini-update!!

Trees 01 looks really great. The lovely village gives a really peaceful feeling, with the church in the center right opposite the farm. The street passing by a row of houses and grain silo before reaching at the bridge across the river is very nice too. I like the view of it!

Look at how the windy roads wind and wind, at last reaching the main street of the village. Drivers have to be extra careful driving up the windy road, I noticed some blind corners there!

The grain silo looks perfect with those houses, they go so well together. I can see a pole with red white stripes at the street transition to the RRP trails. I wonder what they are. The trails are covered with vegetation, time for the farmer from the lonely farm to use the trail more!

IMHO the last overview picture looks the best. I really like the angle of the picture. One look can tell us loads of things about the area. Hope there will be updates on the town by the river at the upper right corner. One more thing, I noticed a small clearing among the trees at the bottom left. May I ask why is it there or what is it for? It looks very interesting.

Another very realistic rural update. Nice details. I can really feel the ruralness and peacefulness of the village life. Good work! Oh and good luck with your graphic card. It is a shame that it died. Hope you can solve the problem. Take care!! 

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First: Sorry to forget to answer you! RL kept me busy, I just ... didn#t thought about it ... sorry ...

@Reikhardt: Luckily I got my old Geforce2 MX400 working again. 

No chance with newer games but no problem with Simcity - I played Sc4 the first 4 or 5 years with that Graphics card. For the near future a better one (or a better box) will become necessary, though ...

@Blakeway: Thanks for the compliment! 

@tigeria: Thanks for the compliment! 
Well, I use almost all c.p. pine trees in combination with the pine trees from Girafe (See either ToutSimCity or the Sc4Devotion LEX) as they together make the perfect mix for me. Only c.p. isn't dense enough, only Girafe tends to become a green sauce without any structures.

@CTMandR: Thanks for the compliment! 
Usually when I see a new MM Tree available I download it. Unless the colours aren't too ... plastic I use them.

@n_wilson: Thanks for the compliment!  Glad you still like them and don't become bored! 

@Dannibee: Thanks for the compliment! 
You can get rid of the water texture bug buy switching into zone view and back as kolnikov inc said - but it works only temporary ! 

@kolnikov inc: Thanks for answering Dannibee!

@AvantGarde: Thanks for the compliment!
Well, about the drivers, we're in the midrange mountains where roads use to be rather curvy. Drivers have three alternatives: Driver very slowly, become used to it and learn which speed is possible where at which season or drive too fast and ....
About the clearing: I haven't decided yet. I wanted to do something like the high moores on some mountains of the Black Forest (like Hornisgrinde) but the area is too small. Let's wait and see ....

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