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TTT or: Trees, Trails and dry stone reTaining walls

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Hello Everone! 

Today no Mini Update and no Construction site report but a full blown up Update! 16.gif  Okay, the map is still halway empty but two corners (I showed the other in the previous Mini-Update) isn't too bad for me, either! And 14 Pictures are too much for a Mini Update! 10.gif

Update Nr 21: TTT

or: Trees, Trails and dry stone reTaining walls I warned you last time: Even retaining walls can be improved - with the RRP and Simfox Trees. I saw quite some old retaining walls that were erected as dry stone walls that were almost re-conquered by nature. And this I tried in Sc4!

Pic 21.01

Today we'll move around that small hamlet and the small street that connects it with the Big World.

Pic 21.02

The streets starts here, in a wide valley / a small plain in front of a ridge. The village is eventually going to be the theme of a future update. And as you can see at the road the map isn't halfway finished yet ...

Pic 21.03

The transition field to forest. And JeronoJ's rural wall with and without RP painting. The texture is a tad bright but still one of the most beautiful rural retaining wall texture at all IMHO.

To the right of the street I started to "improve" the wall - Green Rye, Weed A und B together with Simfox' Small Maple Tree. I like it! 1.gif 

A thing to improve is that small S-curve at the HV pole, I think I'll have to finde a better soltion there ...

Pic 21.04

Some way into the forrest there's a change from diagonal to orthogonal.

If you're going to paint your walls paint them before you plant trees otherwise you might not see what you are doing! The slope shouldn't be too step, too, because otherwise you don't get a consistent spreading of the textures!

Pic 21.05

The street has disappeard between trees and the dry stone wall.

I planted weed in the trace of the HV line ...

Pic 21.06

... that sometimes doesn't look too good with my terrain mod all the time!

Pic 21.07

The trace seen from above. Please note that to the left and right of the trace theres a forest edge!

Pic 21.08

This is one of the few places where I am just satisfied with the terrain texture without RRP!

Pic 21.09

Before we go to the hamlet another overview so that you don't loose yours! 2.gif

Pic 21.10

The hamlets entrance and the edge of the retaining walls. Such transition tend not too look good but if you have a grown over dry stone wall you can elegantly hide it under some bushes! 

Pic 21.11

The hamlets consists mainly of that street and some cul-de-sac branching off. If you live here and don't work on the farms you commute ...

Pic 21.12

A meadows ...

Pic 21.13

and some bananas for those who already missed the famous Urland bananas! But pls don't go bananas! 

Pic 21.14

And with a last view back I close today's update!

Have fun!


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Recommended Comments

Nice attention to detail with the landscaping I'd like tosee what you do with the S bend, its a problem bugging me right now too!

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The attention you put the to the latest detail, even the ones the regular player (like me) wouldn't mind, is one of the greatest things of this CJ; and you've demonstrated it on this update. Absolutely fantastic update!

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I love this CJ, I'm really getting into it.  I love the dirt roads to access the windmills, the two tire tracks in the woods, and i'm wondering, does anyone know where I can get them? 

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Excellent choice of buildings, flora etc... I really like the atmosphere built up in your journal, as I am a huge fan of rural regions (with some bigger centers, though). This must have needed a lot of time to put into!
One question: Did you plop all the trees or just a part of it? I recently had trouble with plopped trees because they started a huge wildfire that destroyed half of my forest before I could get there...

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@theg00vna: Come Get Some (Bananas of course!)

@Reikhardt: I wasn't able to find a better solution by now but I'll show it if I find it eventually! 

@tigeria: Thanks for the compliment! 

@Towerdude: Hope you liked them!

@TekindusT: Actually, it's the details that ake go on. I am the Zoon Leven 5 player type I guess ...

@hansenawesome15: Thanks for the compliment! 
You'll find those trails together with lots of other great stuff if you do a creator search fpr ChrisAdams3997 on the SC4Devotion LEX.

@tarrina: Glad you like them!

@Apankou: Oh yes, it is time consuming. Just have a look at my update frequence ...
All these trees are MM trees and by now I haven't had big fire problems at all. However the first civic service I put in my village is a fire station, and I know why! 

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