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Miniupdate: Trees or: A Reason for Being Slow ...

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Miniupdate: Trees or: A Reason for Being Slow ...

Well, I guess you already found out that I am not the fastest updater at all. I never hace been and well there is a(nother) reason why I become even slower: trees. I stopped using tree lots (except for some rare occasions)or god mode trees, they are all Mayor mode.

And if you don't believe me that trees can slow you down, why don't you  just count them in this Miniupdate's pictures:


Trees 02

Trees 03

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif

Edit: Exchanged wrong picture link

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Recommended Comments

In a CJ like yours, realistic trees are necessary to make the whole CJ as realistic as possible; so if you need time to plop (even one by one!) your trees, just take it for the sake of this CJ. There's no need to hurry.

Just a question, the trees you're using are the ones you have to wait some game years to see them grow up or they're grown up from the beggining? I would use custom trees in my CJ (when necessary), but all the ones I've got installed grow in 30 or so game years...

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@TekindusT: Well, I do plop them one by one! 
No, I don't use the ones that grow - if I used them I would be able to get the result I wanted to create.
I did make a tutorial how I do my trees, I just needed to add the links to Girafe's pine trees (either ToutSimCity or LEX) to there. 

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Another great and realistic update! And you're completely right: trees and other nature slow down considerably (I also plop all my trees...). 

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The neat village surrounded by the forest in "Trees 01" looks really nice, especially the church and the edge of another village at the top right corner separated by some woods. I was wondering does the upper village have its own power supply as I did not see the electric pylons bringing power to them.

The forest that fills "Trees 02" is very nice. I like the forest roads! Its so nice the way it connects to the street at the bottom right coner, weaves through the forest (I looked closely for a lone cottage or shed by the forest road but could not find one - correct me if I'm wrong ) and finally meets the RRP trails at the small clearing, which leads to a couple of nice wind turbines! (I saw some brown things in the clearing where the forest road meets RRP trails but coult not figure out what they are... maybe some logs? )

"Trees 03" is great too. Once again, I enjoyed looking at how the RRP Trails (I'm really a rural trail lover! ) passes by the farm, leading to the gazebo at the foot of the pylon (it looked real rural without green $$$ grass) and later even diverges: one goes deeper into the forest while one cuts out to the road. I totally liked it!

Very realistic (as usual) and very nice designing (also as usual) and of course great update (also as usual too )! Take your time, your updates are worth waiting for!

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I jsut went through your journal. It is definitely among the best I ever saw. You are a great landscape designer! The pictures must have taken you hours and hours. Some pictures look like it was a different game! Chapeau!

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@Daan300:I know. That's one of the many things I do like in your CJ!  Thanks for the compliment.  

The first picture: Actually the electric poles are not necessary for the game mechanics as there are sufficient lots (trails, farms etc.) that would supply the village with electricity. But I like to recreate those HV traces in the countryside and as my terrain is usually quite hilly I am bound to the Maxis poles.
The second picture: As I will state in the next update my forests aren't natural grown woods but forestry which has a long tradition in Germany. These trailes main purpose is to make the forest accessible for forest workers in order to harvest ripe  trees (never a hole area), take care about trees broken by the wind,  replace cut trees etc. That's why you don't see a cottage etc, too. 
The third picture: Well, it's not on the same map as the ones before but again these are trails that serve mainly the forest workers. And in the area where I grew up you can find such kind of gazebos (just way more simple) in certain areas close to popular walking trails in order to offer some rest and weather protection to the wanderers. 
Glad you liked it! 

@n_wilson: Thanks for the compliment.  
No, it didn't take me hours to create this, it took me weeks ... and the map(s) still isn't (aren't) finished .... 

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