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About this City Journal

lots of rural areas and railways, this is the continuation of my old CJ I began back in 2005, old updates only in the old city journal forum

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Hello at All!

It has been a while since I posted, partially due to really bad RLS, partially because I haven't played the game for a while. and I must confess I miss the previous post editor ... :(

Update 29: Hauereichen - A Bedroom Community


Hauereichen is a small suburb of my small megalopis. It has some nice villas, some prefab blocks, not much commerce, a little bit of industry and farming and lots of woods. Actually the woods brought me back to game - I just had to try out the new HD seasonal trees by Girafe (even though I used the evergreen ones - I am still the same slow, stubborn oldfashioned donkey that needs its time for new tricks ...)


The "urban" part of the map. The Glr-in-Ave separates prefabs from the villa. You can also see the CBD and industrial area.


From an different Angle. It took some time to get the prefabs grown as I wished but it was worth it!


The "CBD". The main function of Hauereichen is Residential - a typical bedroom community at the edge of town.


That was kind of a hard NAM jigsaw. All Glr-in-Ave and TuLEP pieces are somehow glued together, remove one and the whole intersection will be gone. In addition to this the GLR station was the reason for some CTDs: it is modded for draggable GLR but here the short distance only allowed GLR puzzle pieces ...


Usually something like that would have been my "after" - picture. But the whole quarter here is rather new - somewhere in the middle of 20th century - so the old buildings didn't fit.


And this is usually the "before" - situation... But together with the industrial area on the other side of the avenue these buildings just do better.

(and yes, that corner building could have been replace, too, but I just like it).


I just love how that school and the profab com together! :wub:


OK, Journey meant the sun in their rock classic - but somehow the line just fits. :golly:


Here you can see the woods that I created mostly with the new trees from Girafe - to the left all new trees (that are available evergreen and seasonal) and at the top and to the left combined with his old pine trees and cp.s pine trees.

Incredible but unlike Simfox's trees you can create a rather dense woods only with Girafe's maple without all props becoming one monotone mesh!


All kind of forrests. The edges of the forests still are the domain for Simfox's trees as you can place them more exactly than Girafe's ones.

That's my belated easter present for you - hope you liked it.

Have fun!

Bernhard :thumb:


Update 28: Neuenbürg

Hello to All!

First the bad news: No, I didn't go on with SC4, not even with the beta 2 of the new water.

Appr. 2 weeks ago my father died which made my RL worse than it was before and wasn't helpful to my disappeared inspiration, too, as you might think.

As a result of his death I got his laptop. Not the newest model it's father than my old box - even my 760k "mega"city is runner much better with 1440*900 than on my old box with 1024-768. And the bigger resolution in zoomlevel 5, that's pretty cool! :golly:

Fooling around in Urland I found that little map that I once began for the Thematic Competition. But right after starting the map I had more than 2000 sims so I started another (rather unsuccessful) map fo the competition and with my usual "speed" I developed this one. It is named "Neuenbürg", like the small town in the Blackforest, as I got some inspirations from there as you will see.

For this update I tried another format: scaled pictures larger than thumbnails and if you click them you'll get the pleasure of the full resolution of my laptop. Tell me if you like it. )

And now without further ados:

Update 28: Neuenbürg


Let's start with a region view without region census. A little bit more of resolution does make a difference! 8)


Today's map from far far away ...


....and a little bit closer. The map's name is Neuenbürg and is inspired a bit by the small town with the same name in the Black Forest.


As a "main theme" I wanted to have a summer residence on a hill that is surrounded by a river valley. A great place for a castle that has been changed to a residence in the 18th century.


On such a ridge space is limited which is the reason why the garden is a bit small here ...


I plopped the lot the other way round - IMHO the buildings fit better that way. I just should've relotted the lot accordingly ... :(

A nice touch are the small harlemmergold buildings that grew there. I consider them housing for the service stuff. :)


This layout - flag stop, overpass just before a tunnel - is inspired by the set up at the RL flag stop Neuenbürg Süd. There an overpass passes a railway and a main street just before they enter a tunnel. The setup in SC4 is mirrored, too.


Nice creek, isn't it? I know quite some rivers and creeks where you aren't able to see the shore in summertimer because it is covered by trees which foliage touches the water surface itself.


Well, you need some power, don't you? :D


Like IRL the railway station is on the other side of the tunnel. Unlike RL we ware here on the southern entrance of the tunnel.


I located all industrial zoning on this map along the railway line in the valley.

And to finish off today's update some rural shots along the river Enz (as IRL );):




That's it for today. Hope you like what you saw.

Have fun!

Bernhard :thumb:

PS: My first Update with ST7.0. I like the design, it seems to load my humble old CJ faster than before ... however ... I'll guess I need some time to get used to it. I especially miss the old Insert Image dialog ...

Old donkeys need their time to get used to changes :boggle:

PPS: I had to a walk today and see what I found:


And no, the first one is neither a snake nor a warm but a rather useful reptile and completely not dangerous at all.

I do love especially the white flowers, these small white stars are telling winter's gone which is why I do love them. 8)

Hopefully summer will be kinder to me than winter was this year ...


Hello to All!

In the last update I wrote:

Since all better alternatives are under construction at the moment I chose Edmonton rapids for the slope sections.

One of those "better alternatives under construction" are the first two PW by knapp - first because he plans to do more of them!  16.gif. And because I am not really completely innocent in getting knapp working on them I am one of his beta testers for his new PW. I already showed one screen shot in the "Show Us Your Rivers And Creeks" thread, and since I have some more of them as well as it really fits to the last update I thought let's make your mouth water a nice update.  9.gif

BTW: Some Statistics Anyone? Just before this update I checked Urland on the four places I am publishing it:

Forum:            Posts   Hits     Starting Date
SC4Devotion        706     40041   24.03.2007
Simforum           553     36287   25.03.2007
Simtropolis old   1120     31969   06.06.2005
Simtropolis new    226     21798   12.06.2009
Total:            2605    130095   

I would like to say Thank You to all who ever clicked Urland and maybe even posted a comment here. You made me keep going on - since almost six years!  1.gif

Update 27: New Water Anyone?

Pic 27.01

Let's begin where we finished last time - I just planted some trees around the creek.

Pic 27.02

  Doesn't look too bad - just a bit ... static, the water doesn't flow, isn't it? Well, with the help of my friend knapp from the SimForum let's change that a bit!  2.gif

Pic 27.03

Isn't this better? The surface isn't as smooth as with PEG's lake tahoe - a creek always has some waves, such a smooth homogeneous surface is really limited to lakes on a day without any wind breething.

Pic 27.04

Some closer details. The combination of the creek texture for the slow flowing parts of the creek and the wildwater texture for the rapids really do the trick.

Pic 27.05

From another angle. The transition between smooth flowing and rapids are a bit tricky but knapp said he's working on transition pieces. Meanwhile I need to get used to these great PW pieces as they behave a bit different than the ones I used to use.

Pic 27.06

  Nice, isn't it? I can almost hear the water gurgling there!  16.gif

Pic 27.07

  A last closeup before we go on to calmer waters. 2.gif

Pic 27.08

Not too long ago I began that small creek on the map of Heimsheim. With PEGs Tahoe PW.

Pic 27.09

A small creek with some meadows in a valley surrounded by woods. So far so good ...

Pic 27.10

... but don't you think this looks better, too? 

Pic 27.11

A small creek with some small rapids, meadows, flowers everywhere - can you smell the spring?

  This is also my first time using Girafe's new trees - the non seasonal ones as the map is already filled for 2/3 with the old "evergreen trees". Nice models, well done as usual but I need to get sued to them - IMHO they look more mediterrean rather than middle European. Well, I need to get warm with them I think... 2.gif 

Pic 27.12

The shores are also a bit tricky but I discussed this issue already with knapp. That's what beta testing is for ...

That's it for today - hope you liked it.

Have fun!



Hello to All!

Again it took some for me to update and this time I do have some bad news. It seems I lost my joy playing the game but my RL is such a mess at the moment that even in these rare moments when I could fire up the game the inspiration, the joy was gone. I hope it comes back, it gave so much to me the last eight years. Anyway  I promised you a tutorial and after that I guess I'll find some stuff for a construction site report.

Tutorial: Going Down The Creek

Something that I never understood where all these hundreds and thousands of really huge waterfalls in SC4. Honestly, how many of them do you know IRL? Niagara falls of course, Victoria falls, Rhine falls at Schaffhausen ... and then I have to pass. And in SC4? Oh well ...

But how is a creek going down a valley? Well, mostly over small steps and rapids. Between them you can find larges sections with almost no slope at all. And how I set up a creek like this is the topic of today's tutorial!


The rough terraforming. For my taste the combination of ElRail and BRF TunnelAndSlope works fine here. The slope-free sections are laid out with patches of grey streets.


In this ...


... and this perspective you can clearly see the slope in the elRail sections.


Since all better alternatives are under construction at the moment I chose Edmonton rapids for the slope sections. I do not remove the patches ...


... before all rapids are on their place!


Now it's time for the PW. In this case I've chosen PEG's Tahoe PW.


Streets along such creeks have been secured by retaining walls against sliding and washing out rather early. The rather moist air along such walls next to creeks is an ideal place for fern, moss etc. Wink


To Rock Or Not To Rock,

This Is Now The Question ...

If you really want that much big rocks along your creeks you need the suitable topography with steep flanges in the middle of hills and montain. You will NOT see so much rocks somewhere in the Great Plains because there isn't enough energy to move them there!


Some weed between and next to the rocks ...


makes a nice transition to the adjacent forrest.


Here you can see a bigger step in a partially straightened creek (retaining wall!). Steps like this ar some times necessary to destroy the kinetic energy of the water!


Again PEG's tahoe PW, different perspective though.


After some detailing we get this.

That's it for today, some day you'll hopefully see more of this map.

Have fun!



I have been asked how to build bridges with the viaduct puzzles.

Now, here is the answer: 

Mini Tutorial: Connecting Bridges to the railway viaducts


The initial setup. You should know how to make embankments etc with the Holedigger lots for this tutorial!


The first thing to build is the railway bridge. Build the bridge as short as possible! Two tiles to the left and right of the water should be enough!

You'll find the bridges for the viaduct pieces if you scroll down a bit through the railway bridges. You'll recognize them by the viaducts that are shown on the icon. At the moment there are three modded Maxis bridges availabale.


Take care that you don't get something like this - you cannot plop viaduct puzzles onto those!

If this happens try to draw the bridge from the other side or change (increase) the lenght of the bridge!


That's how it should like in order to plop the viaducts on the railway!


Whenever you use puzzle pieces keep in mind that the sequence can be crucial!


First the multinetwork puzzles then go on.


After plopping the mulit network puzzles it doesn't matter here where you go on first. You can plop the normal viaduct puzzle pieces  right on top of the railway!


Tram-in_Ave and all other networks work the same way.


And that's how it looks after your done.

Have fun!

Bernhard  44.gif

PS: This is NOT the tutorial mentioned in the last update! 2.gif



Hello to All!

That OSITM week really burned my picture dumps and I don't have to explain that I wasn't able to play the game a lot during the last weeks ... 


I found some still not published nice screenshots plus 2 teasers from 2 map that I haven't shown (much) so I thought it might not be a full blown update but maybe some nice pictures as a kind of christmas present would be nice.

Update Nr. 26: Fragments

Some fragments from two maps, one in the doing, one restarted.

I somehow lost an important plugin for Blaubach; the last month's backups only do CTD. So I had to go nearly to start. Unfortunately unlike my ussual habit I was very busy building there and didn't do too much screenshots.  15.gif

So, what did we learn:

Lesson 1: Back up all and eveything!

Lesson 2: Make screenshots of all and everything ...

(just a tad too late ...)

Pic 26.01

A flagstop. That map of the map is a rather narrow stripe between mountains and a river ...

Pic 26.02

Another flagstop. I had to do a lot of retaining walls there ...

Pic 26.03

Even though I build the tramway rather late and only a small network it quickly became very important.

Pic 26.04

Well ...

Pic 26.05

This one is dedicated to Ryan (choco). I got him on the nerves to mod some Maxis bridges to be compatible to the viaduct railways (otherwise I wouldn't have been able to realize this and other situations) but until now I haven't seen anyone taken advantage of them ...


Pic 26.06

Yes, I did some night shots. This one's just the other side of the previous!

Pic 26.07

Industrials and nightlights are a really thankful combination!

Pic 26.08

but so is Wall 2 Wall!  16.gif

BTW we just changed the map from Blaubach to my defortified town.

Pic 26.09

PEG's CSK2. The lamps in such an environment look nice, but in industrial or worn down areas ...

Pic 26.10

Nice contrast I would say! Smiley

Pic 26.11

Well, there are also some nice industrials here!

Pic 26.12

I once had a very bad night in the emergence of an hospital. My wife had some very bad aches, my turkish was really bad, no one spoke English or German, and from hour to hour my wife's condition got worse. In the early morning my brother-in-law came and helped me. That day around noon she had an emergency operation.

These are the kind of memories that don't leave you...

Pic 26.13

Well, somewhere between midnight and dawn there'S always somewhere are place where people can get a drink ...

pic 26.14

Teaser 1: This should have been my map for the village competition but it quickly became to big for it ... But by now it looks quite OK closing in for update condition.

pic 26.15

Teaser 2: A small map, some hills, a creek, no railways but maybe a tutorial. If you want, of course. Anyone in?

That's it for today!

Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noelles!

Fröhliche Weinachten!

Felis Navidad!

Bernhard 44.gif


News from Real Life

Well, this time I do have a good reason for having no update prepared: 

Yesterday at 11:10 local time my wife gave birth to my 2nd son Sinan Josef: 

My 2nd son Sinan Josef

Mother and child are doing fine and my older son did appreciate his little brother, too!  1.gif


Hello to All!

Well, I planned to have a longer break after that OSITM Special week - however ... When I saw Robin's (rooker1) nice night pictures I realized that it must have been ages since I showed the last night shots and immediately decided to steal his idea that time is overdue for a night shot update.

I haven't had enough time last week, so with a short delay how about a regular update with them?

Update 25: Under A Maxis Moon ...

I don't want to write anything concerning the pictures except where I made them. I had some associations while working on them you can find in the captures. Unlike I do usually I used my stone age PiantShopPro 5 to get the Maxis night a bit darker. It's my first try so don't refrain in constructive critics and hints how to make it better. 2.gif

The first townis Blaubach. I am going to have to rebuilt the major parts of it as I lost some plugins in a harddisk problem and since then the city CTD after loading - inckusive all backups of the last months ...  8.gif

Maybe I'll show some more pics. (If you want to ...)




Grünwinkel. Don't become confuse, you're still in the wright MD. As all highrise quarters and towns it has its own beauty during night.







Schwarzritters Mühle. Most picture became too dark, but I did manage to show you some:




And finally, Leimersheim, some pics before the morning comes:




That's it for tonight. Have some nice dreams!

Bernhartd 44.gif


Hello to All!

Today's the last day of my OSITM week. And in the final update we go back to the roots forests so noone has to worry if he's in the right CJ or not ...! 2.gif

OSITM Special part 6: Back to the forests!

You might know Emmelshausen already as I showed pictures of it before, one of it made it even into the SFBW Hall of Fame!  16.gif

OSITM 6.01

Overview of the northeastern corner of the map. To the left the Mühlbach and the Landesstraße (state road) are leaving to Schwarzritters Mühlem to left a road connecrts to Hochrot.

The ridge isn't completed by now...

OSITM 6.02

... but so you can see how I lay dirt tracks in the woods. 2.gif

OSITM 6.03

The Mühlbach Valley. To the left you can see an early trials only with c.p. trees. You can see why I didn't continued this on the right! 2.gif

OSITM 6.04

The village of Emmelshausen. In order to gain height the railway passes the village in a wide 180° degree curve.

OSITM 6.04a

The small lake was made after a fire which almost couldn't have been distinguished because of a lack of water. Thanks to this fire water pond this danger was banned. However the now increased ground water level destabilized the hill so that a massive reatining was necessary in order to save the factories between the railway line and the pond. Otherwise the hole area might have gone to the valles ...

OSITM 6.05

The Mühlbach valley above Emmelshausen.  While the railway and the creek are sharing the small valley the road went up the hill and accesses the small hamlet Steinrod.

OSITM 6.06

This is the picture that won 5 rounds in the SFBW (SimForum Picture Competition) and eventually went into the Hall of Fame.

The props at the level crossing are missing due to some harddisk problems. (by now I could restore most of them)

OSITM 6.07

The other side of the level crossing. The props have reappeared as you can see! 2.gif

So, everything has to come to its end. And to close this weeks I prepared some closeups for you:

OSITM 6.08

The Mühlbach inside Emmelshausen.

OSITM 6.09

As you can see I used quite some stones due to the topography.

OSITM 6.10

I placed church and cemetery at a high point at the edge of the village.

OSITM 6.11

I just loved that view into the Mühlbach valley.

And finally, a small fireworks to celebrate the birthday of SC4Devotion:


That's it. That was my OSITM 4in1 Special week, the next update will be in the "normal rhythm" ...  21.gif

I hope you had as much fun as I had. But now I need to play the game in order to have enough picture for the next update ...

Untill then:

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif


Hello to All!

Day 6 of my OSITM 4in1 Special week. 1.gif Today I'll show a construction site of my latest project. Rather ambitious, maybe the last reason to eventually master the BAT for me ... oh well ...

OSITM Constuction Site Report: A de-fortified town

France is rather well known for his fortifications - not only due to its master engineer Vauban who was a master in designing fortifications as well as breaking through them (you may say that one was the reason for the other). He also laid the basics for modern soil mechanics. Quite a lot of them have survived the course of time, even the citadel of Verdun though or because it wasn't involved in the hell of 1916. His most well known would be Neuf-Brisach a planned city within a fortification built by Vauban, regarded as a ideal town of iots time.

If you ever have the chance of going there for a day you really should visit the fortifications. Take some time and wear good comfortably shoes - you'll need both but it's worth it!

The ring of fortification Vauban built at the Frenmch borders kept France in relative piece for a long time. It was Napoleon Bonaparte with his tactic of ignoring the fortifications and battles in the free areas who should decrease the value of this defense ring combined with the vast developement of artillerie in the 19th century but eventually turning useless at the rise of modern warfare.

There are discussions which war was the first "modern war" - The American Civil War 1861-65 or the war between France and Germany 1870/71. Regarding modern infantry and the use of rifles it was the American Civil War. But both Confederated as well as Union troups used old fashioned straight shooting cannons that were completely outdated by the huge ballistic artillerie used in the war of 1870/71. As an example you can take Neuf Brisach: it was shot down by German ballistic artillery within days. The straight shooting artillery of the civil war wouldn't have been able to do this. But then again compared with the Old World there haven't been really strong fortifications in North America at that time.

Not so much well known are the German fortifications. Be it cause or consequence wh knows. But a lot of German towns ans small towns have been fortified - Köln, Koblenz, Mainz, Mannheim, Ulm, Würzburg, Ingolstadt, Landau, Germersheim, Bellheim, Philippsburg, Rastatt (where the German Revolution was beaten down in 1849), Breisach, just to name a few of them. Most of the fortifications have gone, quite some due to the restrictions of the treaty of Versailles, but you can still guess the walls and trenches on the city maps.


My inspirations for the town which beginnings I'll show today are a mixture of Mannheim, Germersheim and Neuf-Brisach. The town is / was limited by a octagonal wall / trench. Inside it is separated in quadrats with a big central plaza (like Neuf Brisach and - much bigger - Mannheim.  The wall itself was strengthened by eight bastions which have partially disappeared but can be still guessed in the road layout.

The central plaza is located where the two main city axis / roads met in the middle  of the octagon. I showd the system in the animation above.


Three bastions that have survived not all - partially (wet trenches) and completely. However: Since I did not modelled the glacis the bastion is too high - the walls are always below ground / wall level in order to be protected against direct cannon hits.


An almost disappeared bastion. Most fortificated exploded right after the fortification walls were given up in the second half of the 19th century. Here you can still see the wet trenches as a kanal surround a park (which is still to be built ...  21.gif)


Two bastions. While the bastions in the middle of the sides of the octagon weren't so difficult the bastions at the corners of the octagon are a problem - actually they needed to be designed as FAR + FAC  24.gif


Depending on the availability of sufficient water trenches are either dry or (at least temporarily) wet. Strassbourg has wet trenches as the Île runs through them. In Landau and Germersheim the local creek could be ponded to flood the trenches in case of defending the town.

I decided to have wet trenches all the time. 1.gif


There is / should be / was a gate on the place where you can see the GLR station - something like the Weissenburger Tor in Germersheim. Like other buildings that were necessary for a fortification - magazins, armoury and caserns frtifictaion gates are completely non existent in SC4 based my knowledge ... 8.gif

(I checked and downloaded Yoder's BATs but they are too representative, not militarily simple enough for my need)


Sometimes you need to be very creative if you want to have  diagonals and trams ... 2.gif


The overview from the last pic. You can see two bastion - one more or less complete one hidden in the street layout.


I said it before - the kanals used as trenches weren't deep enough for my taste. So I tried out budsybud's highway walls in combination with different kanal sets. Unfortunately there are no real extenders in SG kanal set. So I tried both PEG's CSK2 and the new kanals of CallagrafX.


Lokks rather good bur ...

PEG'S will disappear - no diagonals 28.gif.


CallagrafX' set has neither extenders nor diagonals but I confess: I fell in love with that water texture.

But either someone does me a favour and creates the missing pieces or ... well, I did see the BAT behind the corner with that diabolical grin meaning "Eventually I will get even Papa Nardo" ...  22.gif


D'oh! - of course this is OC 11 ...  24.gif

Well, unless I can solve the above probleme I'll have some fun in W2W. BTW: If its not diagonal it's not plopped! 2.gif16.gif


Well, the traffic query said Tram traffic is high ...  21.gif I changed it later to tram-on-road though.  24.gif


Something I don't see very often are the great smooth curvers of the elevated heavy rail. Why?


Outside the old walls I am going to do a big RR station. Some of its facilities are already plopped. 1.gif


An overview of the already finished railway facilities.


No, no bastion this time - just a diagonal highway  1.gif

That's it for today. This one is my most ambitious project, I'm not sure if it will be necessary to blow ip that city to restart or not at the moment. And there's that problem with the BAT ...  21.gif

Hopy you liked it. Tomorrow's the last day of my OSITM week. See you then!

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif


Hello to All!

I am bit late today, sorry, but an especially clever exemplar of the tribe which is called Turks thought it would be a good idea to look after our apartment houses main electric line.  7.gif As a result of this we had no electricity for hours ... 

Today's Friday, Day 5 of my OSITM 4in1 special week, and after lots of rural pictures we will discover the meaning of "(mostly) rural"! 9.gif

OSITM Special 4: Highrise! Or: The deeper meaning of "(mostly) rural"!

Sometimes even me need some changes after having plopped some 50 million trees on my rural maps.Then I like to do some (dirty  2.gif) industry or breed out some highrises. In such highrise area my focus is on a working traffic infrastucture with a lot mass transits, more or less all the game + NAM offers me (except monorail, I prefer the (G)HSR 2.gif).

OSITM 5.01

Overview. What started as a midrise worker quarter at the lower edge of the map soon developed into a highrise city, the most dense in my region to be exactly.

OSITM 5.02

The other part of Grünwinkel. There's some industry on the other side of the river, too.

OSITM 5.03

I showed this situatiion in "Show us your NAM jigsaw puzzles" on SC4D  - but without the buildings. Again - all grown!  16.gif

OSITM 5.04

I was inspired by the Istanbul metro station "Merter" which is situated at such a 45 degree angel to the city highway. The bripizza station don't fit perfectyl to the diagonal avenue but I haven't found a better alternative. That does not mean that I don't like this station it's just the pillar on the avenue.

Anim 1

And as you can see it works fine.  Wink

OSITM 5.05

The overall setup. There are a lot of blind fields next to the Maxis diagonal avenue onramp that hinders me to do the developement I wanted to do on these empty spots ...  Mmmm

OSITM 5.06

On the other side of the highway I stayed elevated with the tram and used even elRail over road (behind these prentiss towers, there are 11 of them on this map  Huh) before I crossed the heavy rail and continued elevated untill the river bridge which is partially seen in 5.03.

OSITM 5.07

This time I made even more parks than I usually do ... Wink

OSITM 5.08

But then again it's these situation I like in urban situation when I start puzzling with the NAM... Possible in an urban setup, not suitable at all for a small village ...

OSITM 5.09

And on this map I had a lot of joy developing a working network for pedestrians. While this setup here is pure eyecandy made out of JeroniJs white tarmac trails ...

Anim 2

... I used here marast's footpaths and the NAM pedestrian Plazas to create a real working additional pedestrian network. The standart parks and recreational lot could be easily added to get a nice park there. Smiley

Anim 3

And I really was satisfied with the results as you can see! Wink

OSITM 5.10

I sat hours in the LE to create a nice plaza here. In the end I all deleted my LE works and used Khiyana's car park, two marast plazas, a stature plaza and the NAM pedestrian plazas .

OSITM 5.11

I like that shot. And now you know my HSR / Monorail automata skin, too ...

OSITM 5.12

A railway station between highrises. It isn't used too much as the neighbour map is still empty and most internal traffic is GLR traffic.

OSITM 5.13

A closeup.

OSITM 5.14

For the lovers of industrial shots!

OSITM 5.15

And another one.

That's it for today. Please don't be too disappointed, urban developement isn't my main focus and this map is rater young and still kind of a construction site.

Tomorrow we will visit another construction site. Untill then

Have fun! See you tomorrow!

Bernhard 44.gif


Hello to All!

Last time we stopped at the entry signal, this time we go further! 2.gif

OSITM Special Part 4: Around the Church of Leimersheim - Hochdorf

ositm 4.01

We stopped here yesterday at the entry signal of Leimersheim - Hochdorf. The signals are the upcoming HD version of the German Semaphores (so to say v2.0) and are in beta. Unlike its SD predecessors the advance signal signal post is now a separate prop and needs to be placed separately, too, ...

ositm 4.01a

... as you can see here (after a little work in the LE).

ositm 4.02

Same place, seen from the other side.

ositm 4.03

Closeup of the exit signal and a level crossing.

ositm 4.04

The siding for the small freight terminal and the local industry. It has no signals as it is served from the big neighbour station Leimersheim.

ositm 4.05

In the "CBD" of Hochdorf the Landesstraße (state road) crosses the railroad with a level crossing. Being not too empty it is discussed for years to close the level crossing and replace it with a underpass or overpass.

However noone wants a big hole (during the construction) or bridge in the middle of this village and the proposed bypass was finally dismissed due to ecological and financial reasons so the level crossing survived untill today.

ositm 4.06

The level corssing from the other side. You can spot the sign posts of the advance entry signal of Leimersheim.

ositm 4.07

Turing around shows the advance signal and the local veterinarian's house.

Okay, that was the first version of the update. But as I know you some more pictures wouldn't hurt, would they? No? Okay, let's have look around in the village of Leimersheim - Hochdorf! 1.gif

ositm 4.08

The cbd of Hochdorf is located around the St Martin church of Hochdorf. Looks rather harmless, doesn't it? But when you look closer ...

ositm 4.09

.. you'll see some ... well ... umm ... "commercials" that you wouldn't search so close to a church ...  33.gif

And the bank (greed) and the pub (crapilence) aren't the most harmful sins there ... 

ositm 4.10

A closeup of the sunken rail and the houses ...

ositm 4.11

... as well as the veterinarian's house.

ositm 4.12

An overview. On this side of the Landesstraße you don't find industry etc, only houses and farms (and the vet).

ositm 4.13

Usually people are making jokes if a human doc is living so close to cemetery, but here some people think that the cemetery is located so close for those who died when they saw the vet's treatment bill ...  30.gif

ositm 4.14

The Landstraße leaves to Klemmbach. We do know that intersection there 2.gif

ositm 4.15

A closeup of a farm close to Hochdorf.

ositm 4.16

And finally an overview over the village to conclude it.

Next time it's going to be "completely different" so know cliffhanger today!

See you tomorrow! Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif


Hello To All!

Ready for your daily dose of Papa Nardo's oeuvre?

OK, as promised, today we change the map. One of my longterm construction sites in this Region is Leimersheim, one of the first maps I begun  but until now only one corner reached a presentable status. That's where we are going now!

OSITM Special 2: Egdes of Leimersheim

We are moving along the edge of the map, in the part that I can show you.

OSITM 2.01

An overview. We are starting a little bit above the upper border of the picture and are moving along the ... nope, not railway, road!

OSITM 2.02

Above the village that you can see on the top left of the previous picture you can see this intersection. Moving ahead we would reach its neighbour Klemmbach so we are turning left.

OSITM 2.03

Sometimes even a stubborn ol'donkey like me goes FARther ... Wink

OSITM 2.04

Closeups of the triangular woods between the farm field and the raod.

OSITM 2.05

OSITM 2.06

OSITM 2.07

A small road gives access to some farms

OSITM 2.08

And after two curves we reach the bridge over the railway line to Klemmbach. The signal is the entry signal of Klemmbach - Neurod.

That's it for today. Hope you like ...

Hold it! Waddaya mean: "That's it for todays"?!?

Uhm, well, it's finished ... 

After just eight lousy pics! And no train? Come on, you're OSITM!

Well, yes, but ...

No "Yes, but ..." - more pictures!!!

Okaaaaay ....

I had some questions and reactions about a particular map of my region view the last days. So I decided to combine OSITM part 2 and 3 for today, pimp up part 4 and show it tomorrow and put an additional construction site report in between somewhere between tomorrow and November 14th. Hope you don't mind ... 2.gif

OSITM Special 3: Al along the railway line

We are continuing now at the last picture of the previous update and move back to Leimersheim - Hochdorf - all along the railway line. And what a coincidence - we are going to see some trains!  18.gif

OSITM 3.01

A train passed the entry signal of Klemmbach - Neurod and will reach the station shortly.

OSITM 3.02

From another Angle. You can clearly see the hole stup with signal, curves and overpass.

OSITM 3.03

And a last closeup of the entry signal and the train.

OSITM 3.04

After a curve the railway line passes a small settlement in a curve without a station or flag stop.

OSITM 3.05

Another trains goes to Klemmbach. The approach signals of the entry signals of the next railway stations are located close to each other.

OSITM 3.06

From another angle. Did you see the marker posts?

OSITM 3.07

A closeup next to the railway line.

OSITM 3.08

The Entry signal of Leimersheim - Hochdorf. We will go there in the next update!

Have fun!

See you tomorrow!

Bernhard 44.gif


Hello to All!

Day 2 of my OSITM week, and as I promised yesterday there will be trains today. Lots of trains. Only trains ...  9.gif

One part of the pics is made with rivit's German 1950s train. I do like that trainset, it gives me the warm feeling of the German railways of my childhood in the seventies. Only things he should adjust: The 023 were built in the 1950s, the 041 was reboilered  in the 1950s, the 110 and the 140 where from 1956 to 1972 and the passenger cars were reconstructed from older material in the late 1950s / early 1960s. So the trainset represents more the trains of the 1960s and 1970s. In that time the E40/140 was green, it became red in the 1990s. But these are really minor buggers. 2.gif

The other trains set is the Region Runner with Kenworth's wonderful doubledecker cars which represents the modern railways of today.

That's why I took basically the same pictures which the old and the new train giving you a feeling of the things that changed during the time. Have fun!

OSITM Special 1: Trains, trains, trains!

Today there's lot of pictures and only a few words to say!


Well, we all know these, don't we? Unlike the freight train diesel loco which I still like after all these years the passenger train is just ... well ... in dire need of being replaced!


At the Galgenbergtunnel (Gallows hill tunnel).

Unfortunately I haven't found the time to use the tunnel Yan_077 gave me the link ...





The other side of the tunnel before the track was electrifed (and before I tidied up  the textures 21.gif )


You might know this one from the picture competition! Wink




Methinks quite a few of you were witing for some pictures of trains on the Mühlbach bridge - here they are! 1.gif





Once I caught even two trains crossing the bridge at the same time! 1.gif




That's it for today, in the next update we will to another map. Hope you like your today'S daily dose of Papa Nardo's Oeuvre!

See you tomorrow!

Bernhard  44.gif


You might know that I publish Urland not only here on ST but also on SC4D and its German Version on the German Simforum.

On SC4D each month some MDs are chosen to Of Special Interest This Month to show them to a wider audience. In general its a younger, an older and a medium age MD that are put in the spotlight (you might guess which category would fit for Urland).

In November there's a special 4in1 OSITM where each week another MD is in the Spotlight. The first week was TheTeaCat's "Tales At Tea Time", the second week belongs to .. me. 1.gif

To celebrate this there will be two novelties: For the first time in the history of Urland there will be daily updates untill November 14th16.gif Yep, Each day an update - your daily dose of Papa Nardo's oeuvre. And since I publish parallel on all three pages you'll benefit from the SC4D OSITM 4in1 birthday special, too! 16.gif

The second will be ... well, you'll see 2.gif

However responses and answers will be a bit reduced this week - hopy sou don#t midn. Be sure that I do appreciate every single comment! 19.gif

And withou further A-dos: 

Update 24: Schwarzritters Mühle revisited part 3

Well, it is in the headline - before my big hardware problems Schwarzritters Mühle was about to be in the pipe but then I changed plans and went back in time. Putting the map back in the pipe I saw some spots that needed a bit of attention and change. Here they are!

Pic 24.1

Spot 1 was this shore of the Mühlbach. Don't know why I used these trees there, they just don't. In additionto this you can see some sawtooth where the JV line crosses the street.

And before the big hardware hiatus I always thought "well, gotta change that - later!" ... 21.gif

Pic 24.2

Personal Message (Online)

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Well, as Robin said, this week is my turn in the OSITM 4in1 celebrating the birthday of Sc4Devotion. It has been a long and nice time and I'll hope we will go on enjoying Sc4 as well as SC4D for a loooong time! Smiley

In this round there will be two novelties: The first that for the first time in the history of Urland there will be daily updates (if nothing unforeseeable is going to happen...). Because of this the answering section will be shorter than usual. Hope you are not angry with me because of that ...   Mmmm

The second is ... well, you'll find out!  Grin

Yan077, Tomas Neto, canyonjumper: Thanks for your compliments! Smiley

rooker1: Thanks for your kind words and moving my little MD in the warm spotlight of OSITM!  Smiley

So, I will start my round of the OSITM 4in1 to (almost) finish off the map of Schwarzritters Mühle:

Update 24: Schwarzritters Mühle revisited part 3

Well, it is in the headline - before my big hardware problems Schwarzritters Mühle was about to be in the pipe but then I changed plans and went back in time. Putting the map back in the pipe I saw some spots that needed a bit of attention and change. Here they are!


Spot 1 was this shore of the Mühlbach. Don't know why I used these trees there, they just don't. In additionto this you can see some sawtooth where the JV line crosses the street.

And before the big hardware hiatus I always thought "well, gotta change that - later!" ...  Roll Eyes


Now with my "standard flora" - doesn't it look much better? And by now I found out how to let the power lines go over some lots which made the sawtooth disappear!

Pic 24.3

A view from the other side.

Pic 24.4

And finally the little bridge/embankment that connects the seddlements to the main road. What a luck that these boulders haven't smashed the culvert!

Pic 24.5

The little stripe between vineyard and map border was undeveloped so I planted there my tree (new technique, you can spot the difference if you compared with the Gallows Hill's forest) and a retaining wall with some added greeneries.

Pic 24.6

A kaleidoscope of the transition between forest and vineyards, like in the Palatinate where I was born. 1.gif

Pic 24.7

After some hardware trouble (again ...  21.gif) I had to redo the other side of the river. I didn't wanted to have some HV cables crossing the river and since I was too lazy to plop some invisible lots I gave the bananas farm its own power supply - seems to be a Bio Bananas Farm ...  18.gif

Pic 24.8

Again a kaleidsocope view of the other side. The rocks are plopped in the water, I might have to redo the river again with the zero-sealevel.dat I think ...  24.gif

Pic 24.9

Another spot was this one. Texture mishmash. jagged diagonal edges, no catenaries, all cried for some enhancement ...

Pic 24.10

Since I couldn't get rid of the jagged edge I changed the retaining wall texture and added some catenaries. Kenworth one released a beta for the smootzh curve, it works good on flat terrain - but these curves are sloped as you might see ...

Pic 24.11

I guess I have to redo the tunnel with Yab_077's tunnel models, too ... Oh well ...

Pic 24.12

A 2 in 1: the redone shore and the added catenaries. 1.gif

Pic 24.13

The overview of the area with the changes. Small changes but big effect IMHO...

Well, that's it with Schwarzritter's Mühle. We are done - almost:

Pic 24.14

Some trains anyone?  9.gif

See you tomorrow!

Bernhard 44.gif


Hello to All!

Seems to be the region view wasn't something you'd expected from me... 

Well, let me say it like this: from time to time, after plopping approximately 50 billion trees, I need some variety ... playing with the nam, breeding some highrises or industry, etc. A chart of time consumed would be mostly rural though ...  18.gif

And as you can see in my older region view I started rural - without mostly! 2.gif

Interesting thing is that there are +760K Sims liviing in Bernhardsruhe - Neustadt, that large map in the middle making it the largest town I ever made since I bought the Rushhour EP ... but my old singlecore Pentium is really on his last legs when I load this map!

But as always before we start: 

@mightygoose: Not mostly rural 45.gif... umm ... well ... umm ...  15.gif at least it started rural, didn't it? And the coast line, well I didn't reach there yet.. it is still left on the old region map of Urland ...41.gif

Thanks for the compliment - anyway or especially ... 18.gif

@Simbourgeois: I am honoured that you choose my humble little CJ for that 800th post! 43.gif 

Glad you like it, and if you can keep a secret: There's more to come of the Mühöbach bridge ... soon, very soon! 16.gif

And without any further ados: 

Update 23: Schwarzritters Mühle (re)visited part 2

Today I'll show you some closeups that couldn't amde it into last time's update!

Pic 23.01

A small wet meadows in the flood plains of the river Ihner. The stones are plopped into the (Maxis) water as I haven't had the zero-Sealevel.dat at that time. Gonna have to try it out some day soon!

Pic 23.02

Road, railway and a dried out drainage ditch. Well, at least if you read the explanation you know ...

Pic 23.03

This small path rose from the need to do something with the empty area under the HV line. Not too bad I might say ... Wink

Pic 23.04

Two different tries to keep the HV Trace clear.

Pic 23.05

The St Florian church below the Gallows Hill.

I fess up - the green colour of the forrest inspired me when I write last update's history.

But the dark Simfox Green together with JeroniJ's trees - isn't it wonderful eery?  Flamming Devil

(Hmm - missed a chance for a halloween update ...

Pic 23.06

A little hamlt on the Gallows Hill. To the left you see one of the HV traces from 23.04, to the top anbother layout of a dry drainage ditch / creek.

Pic 23.07

The other side of the Ihner. For quite some time I didn't know what to do here, especially as there is no(!) electricity here!  shocked2 That farm however grew without ...  What?¿

Pic 23.08

Closeup. After a long time I tried DT poplars.

Pic 23.09

Turned out not completely bad, didn't it?

That's it for today! See you soon!

Have fun!



Just A Region View ...

Hello to All!

It has been a long time since I posted a region view, and maybe this is the first time ever that I show you a region view of Urland 2.

I hop you like the overview, too, and don't be too disappointed that there aren't detail shots today ...

Region view:

Region View

Traffic view:

Traffic View

Have fun! 

Bernhard 44.gif


Hello to All!

Hope you haven't completely forgotten ol' Papa Nardo but yes, there's another update - now! Took some time, had some problems with my old box (should replace my pre-war box someday with something newer I guess ...), what I tried to finish couldn't be finished because it was/is mork that I thought, an urban project is about to be killed because I started it the wrong way so waht to do?

Well, there was that small map. Tried out, learned and developed a lot of new things on it but never decided to release the update because there were always these pesky little corners that did not made me feel good about ...

Update 22: Schwarzritters Mühle (re)visited part 1

Schwarzritters Mühle (Black Knight's Mill) is a small 1200 soul village and as "important" as its neighbour Rammelsbach. The name is derivated from the Mill that stood here at the creek Mühlbach between appr. 900 and 1800 AD which flows here in the Ihner. Unlike the Ihner that suprises its neighbours each year with a hundred year flood the water flow of the Mühlbach is rather stable and more suitable for a mill.

That mill was quite a long time the property of the family Ritter von Schwarz zu Emmelsberg which terrorized the region as robber-knights and blackmailed high tolls from the ships passing on the Ihner. In 1372 AD the last son of the family was caught here with his accomplices. After a short trial he was sentenced to death. On the small hill above the village he was decapitated and his accomplices hung.

On the Galgenberg (gallows hill) people had been executed untill 1824. The last delinquent was a beggar accused for stealing some meat and bred ...

If you know where to look at you still can find the stone where the poor souls lost their head as well as the foundation of the six corner gallows in the woods ...

The mill burned down to ground on June 16th 1800 and wasn't reerected - too much other mills in the county. It's foundations had been cleared in 1864 to make place for the foundation of the railway bridge.

After a little bit of history now the pictures! 2.gif

Pic 22.01

The (rather recent) Overview.

To the left you find Ihnersteinberg, one of the first maps I began under Windows 7 beta after the long hiatus. To the lower edge we would leave to Rammelsbach, at the upper edge to Emmelshausen and to the left you would a small town under construction.

Pic 22.02

An older screen shot. Above the diagonal grey street you'll see the Galgenberg (gallows hill).

I loved the railway trace with the two FARR curves but that setup gave me some problems to solve and I am still not yet 100% satisfied ...

Pic 22.03

The Mühlbach flows into the Ihner. One of my earliest halfway presentable tries with MM props and Maxis water. To the left ...

Pic 22.04

... we'll find that small water Taxis. I installed them on all maps at that river but noone uses them ... 33.gif

Pic 22.05

CBD" with the railway bridge and the embankment with the culvert for the Mühlbach which was build like this due to high water protection.

Pic 22.06

The bridge over the Mühlöbach from another angle. You'll see some pictures with trains ... later! 2.gif

Pic 22.07

I tried a lot in this corner. Eventually it became that SFBT church ...

Pic 22.08

The Kirchweg (church street) continues parallel to the railway line towards the Galgenberg.

Pic 22.09

Because of bad geological conditions a short tunnel was bound to be build here otherwise the hole hill would have become instable.

Pic 22.10

The streets of the previous pictures ends at the B284 (national road 284) which passes the whole Ihner valley.

Pic 22.11

When I saw that vineyard growing I decided to plant a big vineyard on that hill and downloaded the BSC fields as parks ...

Pic 22.12

I like autumn in the vineyards! 1.gif

And yes, today the vine plants are usually planted in rows down to the valley because of all the machines. But the props look better this way and the rows parallel to the contour lines is more ecologic due to reduced ground erosion. 2.gif

Pic 22.13

Some retaining walls between vineyards and houses.

Pic 22.14

At the end of the village you can see this dry drainage ditch between vineyard and railway lines. And yes, the trees at the railway line need some trimming...

... in one oft the next updates!  2.gif

Have fun!

(and don't forget to make backups!)

Bernhard 44.gif


Hello Everone! 

Today no Mini Update and no Construction site report but a full blown up Update! 16.gif  Okay, the map is still halway empty but two corners (I showed the other in the previous Mini-Update) isn't too bad for me, either! And 14 Pictures are too much for a Mini Update! 10.gif

Update Nr 21: TTT

or: Trees, Trails and dry stone reTaining walls I warned you last time: Even retaining walls can be improved - with the RRP and Simfox Trees. I saw quite some old retaining walls that were erected as dry stone walls that were almost re-conquered by nature. And this I tried in Sc4!

Pic 21.01

Today we'll move around that small hamlet and the small street that connects it with the Big World.

Pic 21.02

The streets starts here, in a wide valley / a small plain in front of a ridge. The village is eventually going to be the theme of a future update. And as you can see at the road the map isn't halfway finished yet ...

Pic 21.03

The transition field to forest. And JeronoJ's rural wall with and without RP painting. The texture is a tad bright but still one of the most beautiful rural retaining wall texture at all IMHO.

To the right of the street I started to "improve" the wall - Green Rye, Weed A und B together with Simfox' Small Maple Tree. I like it! 1.gif 

A thing to improve is that small S-curve at the HV pole, I think I'll have to finde a better soltion there ...

Pic 21.04

Some way into the forrest there's a change from diagonal to orthogonal.

If you're going to paint your walls paint them before you plant trees otherwise you might not see what you are doing! The slope shouldn't be too step, too, because otherwise you don't get a consistent spreading of the textures!

Pic 21.05

The street has disappeard between trees and the dry stone wall.

I planted weed in the trace of the HV line ...

Pic 21.06

... that sometimes doesn't look too good with my terrain mod all the time!

Pic 21.07

The trace seen from above. Please note that to the left and right of the trace theres a forest edge!

Pic 21.08

This is one of the few places where I am just satisfied with the terrain texture without RRP!

Pic 21.09

Before we go to the hamlet another overview so that you don't loose yours! 2.gif

Pic 21.10

The hamlets entrance and the edge of the retaining walls. Such transition tend not too look good but if you have a grown over dry stone wall you can elegantly hide it under some bushes! 

Pic 21.11

The hamlets consists mainly of that street and some cul-de-sac branching off. If you live here and don't work on the farms you commute ...

Pic 21.12

A meadows ...

Pic 21.13

and some bananas for those who already missed the famous Urland bananas! But pls don't go bananas! 

Pic 21.14

And with a last view back I close today's update!

Have fun!



Hello to All!

During the weekend I found the reason for all my hardware problems: My 7600GS died 8.gif - more than VGA results in flickering screens and artefacts. So I have to find a "new" AGP nVidia - wish me luck, the prices of new ones are beyond good and evil here and a 2nd hand card is always a risk ...

Anyway since I couldn't play the game I prepared a Mini Update for you:

Mini-Update: Even more trees

But before I start I quote the first of the three pictures of last times' construction site report. A failure on the SC4D Picture competition  it became my 6th HoF entry at the Simforum picture competition. So I'm showing you some closeups form that area. 


We'll have a look at that road climbing up the hill on the top left part and the farm with the grain silo at the bottom right part of the picture.


Sorry for the Water Texture Bug on the right edge ... 15.gif  

Not too bad I presume... I could not use the NAM curves - not even the small 90 degree one - without becoming severe slope problems here. And in connection with the retaining walls it turned out rather acceptable.

However ... there's a way to make such walls look better - more to come in a future update!  


Another angle. 

Actually this is not natural wood but forestry. Such pine woods don't grow naturally at these low heights in middle Europe - they are planted as they grow fast. However in such woods the tree assortments may change and may changed sharply as you can see in this picture.


A lot of people said they don't like that grain silo too much. Why? It is - well - a little bit more American than European but I like to see it - even a bit dilapated!


And a bit far from it we see this trail almost disappearing under vegetation.


And if we take the entry picture and look the other direction we see this scenery - the outskirts of a small town with some industry within the mountains. But behind the edges of the picture tons of work waiting for me ... 14.gif  

OK, that's it for today. I'll have some more for next update - even though my graphics card died.

Have fun!



Miniupdate: Trees or: A Reason for Being Slow ...

Well, I guess you already found out that I am not the fastest updater at all. I never hace been and well there is a(nother) reason why I become even slower: trees. I stopped using tree lots (except for some rare occasions)or god mode trees, they are all Mayor mode.

And if you don't believe me that trees can slow you down, why don't you  just count them in this Miniupdate's pictures:


Trees 02

Trees 03

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif

Edit: Exchanged wrong picture link


Hello Again!

It took some -again 21.gif- but on the one hand I am planting only trees - lamost - and on the other hand RL is ... well ...

Anyway, this is some news for you! royal is redoing his signals in HD and his mechanical signals are almost through. Time for some betatesting by Papa Nardo (and a lot of teasing 9.gif )

Basically the new HD signals are replacing the old ones just by installing them but there are some details that will require some fine tuning on existing lots - but the result is worth it!

And since I began already with fine tuning my lots AND because I got some screenies ready - how about a

Construction Site Report 5: Signals and a little bit of Klemmbach

I'll just begin with quoting with some pictures form the last report:



The railway station head of Heimsheim with SD signals ...


... and with HD signals. Is the new shunting signal not a sweat piece of candy?


The back site. Just look at all these fine details! 16.gif


The other head with the signals behind the highway bridge in SD ...


... and now in HD. Sweat! 


In Update 19 I promised to show you some picture of the village of Klemmbach as soon as I could play the game. Here we are.

The last big thing on the ToDo - List was that empty ridge and the green area between road and bridge.


I wanted to have a dense zone between forest and open area and this is a case for simfox's trees!


Forested! 16.gif Mixed woods with a slight cp dominance ...


View over the ridge towards the station. I deliberatly designed the area between road and railway line as a green area


The village of Klemmbach. The field in the left lower corner with the retaining wall was most probably the reason why I didn't took any pictures. I am still not really happy with this situation. Well, maybe later ...


Back to the basics, back to railways! 18.gif 

A local train is leaving towards Emmelshausen.

You don't know Emmelshausen? Well, you should - otherwise you might look in construction site report 2. 2.gif


Another view and a freight train shows the entry signal with the pre exit signal. An important change is that the pre exit sign is now a separated prop and no more included in the pre signal prop. This means you need to fix all lots with pre signals - but it's worth the effort!

Again a quote from a previous update

Pic 19.5a

The entry signal of Klemmbach and the pre entry signal of Neurod in SD ...


... and in HD. You can see clearly the pre entry sign as a separated prop. And you can see why it was invented as a standart pre signal in "expect approach" was hard to see IRL.


The exit signal of Neurod with the entry pre signal of Klemmbach. The pre signal with semaphore showing "approach expected" is missing in SD set!


The other exit signal of Neurod. With these signals Zoom level 6 is really fun! And - if you want a teaser of what's to come, have a look at the "Show us your railways" - thread!

Have fun! 



You might have guessed it:

I AM BACK!!!! 29.gif 

It took some time but eventually I got Sc4 running under winXP on my antique box - and it's even running a bit better than under Win7 RC/beta!

So what did I do:

I created a new hardware profile and rebooted the box

After rebooting I disabled all drivers and services in that profile that are not crucial to run sc4 - including network card, 1394 adapter and all netword services incl. AV program and firewall.

After this I had to re-activate my XP - strange ...

Sound was disabled both in the game and by command line parameter

And now it's running again!

See this tiny little picture: 

Tiny Little Picture

So the very special about the tiny little pic is that the map was one of the last maps I started under Win7 RC - the picture however was made under WinXP!

And because I needed to cheer up a bit after the soccer world cup semi finals I did the one or the other click on that map. Actual results are here, replies and answer will come a bit later!

  And now, ladies and gentlemen, may I present you 

Construction site report 4: Heimsheim

This village is a bit inspired by the village at the German Autobahn A8 near Stuttgart as well as by other villages that have been cut in two parts by a highway.

CS 4.01


It took me hours to get railways and highway the way I wanted and there's still some fine tuning for the railway but for now, it's rather OK I guess ...

CS 4.02

The railway station is a small village station where a STR and a DTR meet each other. The STR is a connection line with some freight trains and not much passenger trauns, that's why all its traffic is done over track No. 1, the station itself has no function as a railway knot.

CS 4.03

OK, some switches are missing, but with the actual possibility I couldn't get it better ...

CS 4.04

The other railway station head.

CS 4.05

The highway in the village. I do know some similar situations IRL ...

CS 4.06

The village center. Not much to say about it ...

CS 4.07

Feasible. Got to get some rust off my mousefinger though.

On the lower edge of the picture you can see the world famous Urland bananas. Thanks to outstanding culture techniques (only very very bad persons assume genetic engineering!) they grow very well in Middle European climate of Urland!

CS 4.08

I just like that place!

CS 4.09

Well, As I said before, I got a bit dust & rust on my mousefinger .... 

That's it for today!

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif


Almost An Anniversairy - Update.

It has been some month that I thought about what I should do on the fifth anniversairy of Urland. I planned a very special city / map but my malworking computer got in the way of it. So I checked my screenshots in order to make a bigger update that usual and go back in memories, back to 2005 and tell about the time of the great classic CJs on Simtropolis like Andrew George's "Norwich", JeroniJ's "Sculpting Columbia River", Whiteshark's "Crystal Junction" but especially Llewellan's Digby to name only a few of them, but that was also the timewhen Darmok's great "Anduin Valley Revisited" and dhoppeii's "La Plaisance County" started - just weeks before I nervously hacked the first posts of Urland in my PC. 

Would someone be interested in my villages and farms? At that time I haven't even installed the brand new BSC farms, and even c.p.'s wonderful trees needed quite some time to find their way into my CJ ...

Well, the first post came faster than I though they would! 18.gif  

Oh, and in that time I made my first contact with the NAM: downloaded it, started the game with anticipation for the first overpass and then: A window without text, and instead of the overpass: nothing. What a crap I thought and immediately deleted it ... Most probably I "forgot" to read the readme(not) and hence haven't installed some important files. 21.gif  

Today I can't imageine Sc4 without the NAM - but how many User made a similar first experience with the NAM?

In the end of 2005 I was first time nominated for the trixie, two times to be honest but didn't received any. Boy, I was so disappointed when the "Best Rural CJ" eventually went to my friend dhoppeii!

One year later, in one of all those breaks, I looked into the Trixie winner list - and there it was! My first "Best Rural CJ" trixie - I almost fell from my chair when I read my nick there! Meanwhile I've won the trixie a second time, Urland is one of the few MDs that have been three times OSITM but that first Trixie, it still means something special to me. 1.gif  

And then in 2005, this friendly and creative rivalry between me and Dan (dhoppeii), not only it made Darmok start farming in AVR, too, but sometimes I think that that was the start for all these nice rurally focussed CJs / MDs that should follow us. We haven't been the first ones who showed lots of farms but still IMHO we were pioneers in focussing on the rural aspect in Simcity.

Memories ...

Actually I wanted to do this update on the fifth anniversairy. Somehow June 29th burned itself in my brain but in fact the first Post of Urland was made on June 6th 2005. So I missed the anniversairy ... again!

Anyway .. let's celebrate the 5 year and 22 day anniversairy then ...

By the way I almost didn't wanted to show that map, it was merely my malworking pc made me showing you that map. I showed some screenshots of the map before. It is actuelly the last map ever where I used Peg's stream and pond kit, mostly because I wanted to do a dam after the works around hydroplant I showed some time before.

And when I just thought now I could use it for the next regular update Framly showed the first screenshots of the lake and dam of Rondnoir at the simforum. I thought the lake was a bit too small but after seeing Framly's pics I though I cannot show them anymore at all ... and forgot the map.

And well, no pc to play sc4 on, no more actual screenshots, thus Hochroth became active again.

I still have some updates left but my stock becomes smaller and smaller ...

But before we start as always:

@Benedict: Well, that bridge became the center of the map after it was clear that there would be a gorge. Glad you like it! 

And now let me present:

Hochroth - Almost An Anniversary Update!

I made the first woods with the treecontroller but in Klemmbach I discovered the MayorMode trees, especially the Simfox trees. They are dominating Hochroth - Hooha46's / c.p.'s MM trees weren't available there ...

Pic 20.0

The Overview. 

Hochroth is the direct neighbour map of Klemmbach and as I wrote in the Klemmback Update the reason for the Klemmbach gorge lies in the neighbour map - Hochroth: Somewhere I needed to create the height distance for the dam ...

I wouldn't do such a small lake on one single map anymore by now ..

Pic 20.1

The lake.

With a non-opaque ploppable water and a stone shore like Framly it would surely look better; PEG's stream and pond kit always looks like as its depth wouldn't be bigger than one foot ...

Pic 20.2

The Klemmbach dam and the begin of the gorge. It wasn't easy to plant these flanks halfway realistically ...

Pic 20.3

Same area from the other side. The street to the left leeds to Klemmbach, the street to the top serves some farms and the street goind downs leeds to the (center) village...

Pic 20.4

... that lies behind that forrested hill directly at the lake.

Pic 20.5

The center village with the church. There's only a handful of commercialy on this map and they are all situated at the main road that touches the center village ...

Pic 20.6

... as you can see here. Main employer in Hochroth is still agrar, ...

Pic 20.7

... as you can see very well here. The popplar trees at the road leeds us ...

Pic 20.8

... to some houses that have been erected along the main road.

Pic 20.9

This pictures shows again the differences between pure MayorMode forrest and Tree Controller forrest densified with some mayor mode trees.

Pic 20.10

Pic 20.11

A closeup. I might have shown it before.

Pic 20.12

Let's go back the main road to the village ...

Pic 20.13

... to the direction of the other border of the map. We pass this small water fall. Its height difference couldn't be used for the dam because Hochroth would have been disappeared behind a high dike.

Pic 20.14

Behind the small ridge the Klemmbach makes its way through some swampy meadows to its spring in the forrest. (As I stated this was the last time I used the - now outdated - stream kit)

Pic 20.15

There are some houses next to the old and the new main street.

Pic 20.16

The grey street between the farms leeds to the neighbour map. There are a lot of such side streets in the Black Forrest, Eifel, Westerwald and other mid range mountains in Germany ...

Pic 20.17

A Closeup of a farm at the edge of the forrest and the grey street winding up the hill.

Pic 20.18

And a last a screenshot of a farm close to the lake and the dam.

Today's update has been a bit larger than usual due to the missed anniversary, I hope you liked it and that my sentimanetal memories weren't too ... well ...

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif


Hello to All! 

It has been a while ...  15.gif

While looking what I could use for a new update I found some pics of Klemmbach that I haven't shown yet, including one showing Klemmbach itself. I still don't know why it seems that I haven't any screenshots as I was working there quite some time, usually while working on a special shots I make lots of screenshots ...

Anyway. No news regarding my technical problems so I am bound to go on with conserves.

Mini Update: Some additional Pics of Klemmbach

Pic 19.15

I might have shown this one before with the RRP-way under the bridge. Usually I use the trails but I confess that this looks nice, too - should make it more often ....

Pic 19.16

... as you can see here, too. 

I don't like the forest too much, though; TreeController forest, densified partially with MM trees. It has been this kind of forest that let me develop my MM tree technique!

Pic 19.17

On the other side of the bridge some cows don't become irritated by the train rumpling over the bridge.

Pic 19.18

Here's the picture of Klemmbach I found recently. No closeup but you can see the structures better than on the general overviews.

A rather early screenshot by the way as you can see on the partially "empty" spaces.

Pic 19.19

The S-curve between the bridge and Neurod from a different angle that shows very well the position of the pre-NAM-underpass of the road. I still like to use these short tunnels for embankments as their flexibility regarding height, width and puzzle pieces is still unbeatable.

Pic 19.20

From pic 19.19 we moved a bit to the left upper side. This pic shows the indirect connecttion of Neurod the the main road. (It shows also that some final details are still missing ...)

And yes, something suitable hasn't grown on that empy zone ... 22.gif  

That's it for today!

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif 


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