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  1. Ea symbol crashing my game

    I had this problem before, and it could be related. If your crashing before they say "ea games" you might want to check that you have the drivers for your sound card/motherboard installed correctly. No sound card drivers causes simcity to crash whenever a sound comes up.
  2. Coming in to Land

    Great update! Thats such an awesome airport you have there!
  3. Region View

    General Replies: But of course! How could I forget the region view? Thanks for the support everyone! _marsh_: Indeed! I can't quite remember the name, but yes, I saw some photos of mountain-top runways, and I thought they looked very cool TekindusT: I think I'll stick to more rural/natural concepts in this region, and leave the cityscapes and urban development to my other CJ, however, i'm open to new ideas here as well! All images are linked to their larger sizes, so feel free to click on them! As promised, here's a region view! You'll notice how downright puny it is. There are three photos; First one is just a plain old region view, second one is with names that correspond to the updates, and the third is the path that Tom took on his adventures. I'll be taking any requests now, and I think i'll be showing a couple more railroad viaduct shots, see how good I get with those. Until next time!
  4. Introduction and Starter pictures

    Good start so far! i'm looking forward to seeing more
  5. I used to play Simutrans, in fact I still have it on my computer. However, I never got quite good enough to turn a large profit on it. Great to see that you made it into a city journal! I'm excited to see where this goes.
  6. Once upon a time...

    Great update! It's a very interesting looking into a very different past.
  7. Help Me Build West Avondale!

    1 & 5 should be residential, while 4 should be commercial. As for 2 & 3, I think they would make great farmland until the city develops more. Good entry! I like the water feature next to the university
  8. One-way Ticket

    Hot Chocolate: Thanks for commenting! You could try using GIMP, it’s very much like Photoshop. Tigeria: Thanks for commenting! Indeed, personally, I could never survive such a winter. TekindusT: Thanks for commenting! Glad you like the railroads, there is certainly more of that to come! Also, I think its interesting viewing snow-like photos when the weather outside is much different. Detective Stan: Thanks for commenting! R0ger: Thanks for commenting! The street layout is classic of my CJ, so glad you like it! ImVhOzzi: Thanks for commenting! Jamonbread: Thanks for commenting! Indeed, SimCity falls a bit short with snow, so I had to supplement it myself in order to achieve something that looked actually snowy. Area49: Thanks for commenting! Good suggestion too! K50dude: Thanks for commenting! Zulu2065: Thanks for commenting! You’ll see how he gets home momentarily, too! Schulmanator: Thanks for dropping by! Baliam12: Thanks for stopping by! _marsh_: Thanks for commenting! Haha, well, you can always do the sandstorm effect. After some deliberation, the townsfolk were nice enough to give Tom enough money for a one-way plane ticket to anywhere on North America- provided he do enough errands and chores for the town in return. Soon enough, Tom found enough money and somehow got onto another train headed south. The train wound its way through forests, descending from the mountain top towards a valley. As the train got the valley, it had to cross a large river. The Bridge was quite nice, and Tom recognized that the style was popular with French Viaducts. As the train crossed the bridge, it headed back up, towards a plateau. Soon, the train made a stop at a small airport, ‘Halifax Regional Airport’. Inside, Tom found a direct commuter flight to his home city, and booked the next flight. In a few hours, Tom was headed out to a small one-prop driven plane. Once everyone was boarded, the plane headed to the end of the runway… And, as it was given the all-clear, the plane took off The runway was amazing! It sloped down and was extremely short. Planes taking off would sometimes dip below the mountaintops before resurfacing, which would always scare Air Traffic Control. Tom’s plane was soon up in the air, and Tom was heading away from all his adventures in Halifax County. However, Tom was headed to his home, Tehachapi. ----- Thank you everyone who has read, enjoyed, and commented on this CJ! I feel that it has been the more successful of the two I have, and i'm terribly sad to see it end. However, I have exhausted the small Halifax County, and must move on to bigger things. So once again, thanks everyone, and I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed reading about the adventures of Tom! Don't worry, i'll be starting my new CJ very soon. At this point, I'll take any requests for me to make any sort of thing in Halifax County, as it is now my 'rural experiemental' region. Anything from a lone well-taken photo for a background to a larger tutorial, or some sort of banner for you guys. If you ask, i'll try my best to complete. So, there will still be updates, but the main storyline of the CJ has officially ended. I look forward to seeing you all in my new CJ!
  9. Mini-Update: Even more trees

    Great trails! Your collection of trees is also very impressive, and you use all of them very well!
  10. Introduction to Carisbrooke

    Reminds me of when I first started, especially the first photo, haha! Keep up the good work, i'm looking forward to more!
  11. Chapter 8 - The Industrial Revolution

    Wow! Great railyard, its very realistic!
  12. Nouadhibou Central El-Rail

    Great update! The El-Rail looks really good! Can't wait to see some of the other stations!
  13. Recommended PC

    I hear SimCity runs on only 1 core, which is probably why people are recommending getting a single-core processor. However, if you have the money, opt for a dual-core, since those work better in general computing (I also multi-task with Simcity open, so 1 core is dedicated to the game and the other core for my other processes). As for Graphics, SimCity 4 is not a very graphics-intensive game, due to its age, most graphics cards these days can easily run simcity, I use a 1gb DDR2 Nvidia GeForce 9500, and it handles wonderfully. More RAM is definitively helpful, however you can run on as little at 512mb or 1gig or RAM. The hard drive just depends on how much space you need, there isn't much of a difference between them (unless you get a Solid State Harddrive, those run incredibly fast but are also expensive). Most other things are personal preference, like what kind of monitor, speakers, mouse, and keyboard, they don't really affect how fast SimCIty4 will run, just how it feels playing.
  14. The City of Ashburke

    Good work! You might want to consider getting rid of those red power lines, and replace them with grey/undergound power lines. Pegasus has a couple of different power mods on the STEX
  15. The Seaport

    Wow, what a massive seaport! Keep up the good work!