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Secret Meetings...



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Schulmanator: Interesting. I love milkshakes in general but I also haven't tasted a wasabi shake but it sure do like to taste one.

SimRico: Thanks for liking my CJ in general. I also like the way you make your CJ run!

Neto Dari: Thanks. Yep, thanks to NAM, I finally have better roads.

Ln X: Thanks, I really pondered on those advice you gave and it did turned out well.

SimRico: Yep!

Benedict: Hahaha. Definitely vanilla milkshakes FTW!

Tonraq: Haha, thanks. Well that slogan is from the Philippines. :D

Richie99: True but too much plugins will kill my computer. So I have to limit things. :D

SimRico: Well, you're lucky because I like gifs too and here are some more for you!


DISCLAIMER: In the most disturbing moment of time, Devon News Online Journal (DNOJ) has managed to grab a copy of the transcript of the so the called late night meeting at the Teiko Regional Council Hall at Kogomo North last March 13, 2014. Although the following men have declined that such meeting occurred and stated that the transcript is nothing but a fabricated document. We, in the DNOJ team have decided to post this for everyone's information. The following is an illustration and an artist's impression of what transpired during the meeting.

Readers also have to note the following information: Akashi Seijuro, Teiko Premier is in a state visit with other Teiko dignitaries to Peyton-Stepford-Troy to attend the Inauguration of Teiko International High School (link and link) at the time of this meeting.


It was already around 2:13 AM when the Devon News team have received a call from an unnamed source (the witness had requested to hide his/her real name) that an uncalled for event is currently occurring at the Teiko Regional Council Hall. Following the call, the witness has send photographs of cars arriving at the seat of Teiko government which is verified by our analysts to be authentic.


Around 2:31, our news team have once again received contact from our source and this time, we were wired to a live audio from the meeting.



@Language: Teikonian (Translated to English for readership purposes)


  • Lelouch Lamperouge (Minister of Interior and District Government)
  • Makoto Hanamiya (Council Representative, Kirisaki Daichi District)
  • Light Yagami (Minister of Justice)
  • Yami Bakura (Council Representative, Nozomi District)
  • Mello (Member of the Teiko Special Advisory Board)
  • Kensuke Fukui (Chairperson of Central-46, Teiko's Highest Legislative Body)
  • Unknown Voice

@Location: Teiko Regional Council Hall, Kogomo North District

@Time: 2:32 AM

#Soft chatters, footsteps and other unverified noise.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Good evening gentlemen. I must say that I appalled that everyone is here.

Hanamiya_zpsff2a3b90.png Hanamiya: What evening? It's already dawn. Quit fooling around and start this meeting.

YamiBakura_zps204fc3bc.png Yami: I don't understand, we have never done this. I mean, we don't do meetings at dawn. What's the matter all of the sudden?

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: You will see.

#Short laugh

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: I'm pretty much aware that you all know why we are here.

#Computer booting up, flashes of lights, short chuckles

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: It is very imminent that A's actions has been very suspicious during the past few days.

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: We all know that. Is that the only reason why you called us all for?

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: No, beyond suspicious. I am sure that he already have clues that the accident is deliberate.

#Loud chatters and whispers.

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: That's impossible! I cleared that case myself. He could not possibly have any more intel than that.

tumblr_lydk8rpMc41qgucigo1_500.gifArtist's impression of Mello eating during the meeting

Mello_zpsa96a42c2.jpg Mello: Oh, really? It isn't something new Light. I wonder why people here are even shocked about it.

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: Shut up Mello, unlike you I don't just actually sit around and eat chocolates all day.

Mello_zpsa96a42c2.jpg Mello: Huh? Are you accusing me of negligence? You really have some big ego out there.

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: You don't...

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Enough! Light, are you sure you have made a clean job?

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: Well of course!

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Then I do not have doubts in your words. At this rate, I'm pretty much sure L's predictions will come true and by that time, he had just created his own grave. For now, we will just have to be more discrete.

#Short pause, static for around 17 seconds.

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: I think this is unfair. He had not done anything wrong.

YamiBakura_zps204fc3bc.png Yami: Excuse me? Are you taking drugs lately Fukui? It seems like you are totally wrong.

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: No, what I meant is that these late night meetings are totally...

#Heavy sigh.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Against conscience? You are really funny Fukui. After you took a vital role in that recent crash, you dare utter such words? What a coward. You're just saying that because he's your friend.

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: Of course not. I am not the one who gives in into some type of over-friendly sentiment. As if, who's the one playing when the cat is away?

Mello_zpsa96a42c2.jpg Mello: You did not just compared Lelouch to a mouse.

#Loud simultaneous laughs.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Anyway, for something I really have wanted to share tonight. The real reason I called all of you for. Gentlemen, please take a good look on the screen. Project X is complete.

tumblr_n1rc6aODcA1slvqiko1_500.gifArtist's impression of Fukui's reaction.

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: You've got to be kidding me!

Hanamiya_zpsff2a3b90.png Hanamiya: Interesting, it seems like all the efforts of waking up early did have some rewards.

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: True. This is perfect, I can feel that skyfall is about to occur. I am impressed Leouch. Indeed, I am impressed.

#Hand claps

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: Skyfall already occurred this is project Gloucester.

Mello_zpsa96a42c2.jpg Mello: Well as long as Clovis does not know about this then everything is fine. "A" fans like him should be totally removed. He's a hindrance.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Well, I assure you all that my brother knows nothing of this and he will be removed, although apparently not required unless he stands in the way. Light, is there a way for you to use your office against him?

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: Sadly none, military courts and civil courts have different jurisdictions and protocols. Only the head of the Central-46, Fukui can do go against him in court but I'm pretty much sure...

ThumbnailKensuke_zps4b751816.jpg Fukui: Stop putting words into my mouth. Yes, I'll find a way to deal with him. Are you finally satisfied?

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Then it is settled, we proceed as planned. Are there any more questions?

#Static for 4 seconds then computer beeps up, soft chatters.

Unidentified_zps5a39dc38.png Unverified voice: Greetings, in any case, I just want you all to know that the discourse in here is being recorded in real time.

tumblr_mtj10oegFD1syz109o3_500.jpgArtist's impression of Lelouch's shock face.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Huh? Who the hell are you?

YamiBakura_zps204fc3bc.png Yami: Reveal yourself!

Unidentified_zps5a39dc38.png Unverified voice: That is all, good day ahead gentlemen.

#Computer beeping, loud chattering.

Hanamiya_zpsff2a3b90.png Hanamiya: Who in the world is that?

Light_zps36708a39.jpg Light: You better fix this Mello, if that was real and this conversation gets out. We will all be in trouble and all our efforts will be in vain.

Mello_zpsa96a42c2.jpg Mello: Yes, no need to worry, for the record, I might have a clue on who that person is.

Lelouch_zps3e5d0d1f.jpg Lelouch: Yes, it seems like I do have a clue to. Let us end this meeting for now. If that was a prank or not, I simply do not want to take the bait. Just proceed as planned, other matters will be sent through v-com.

Hanamiya_zpsff2a3b90.png Hanamiya: Right.

YamiBakura_zps204fc3bc.png Yami: I agree.

#Soft chatters, footsteps, movement of chairs, loud unverified noises.

@Transcript Duration: 00:32:54:24






Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me.


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I missed several entries.  I'd pass on wasabi milkshakes, but if they have macha, I'm down with that.  Intriguing meeting on this page.

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