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FlashForward 4: University of Nyhaven



If you've been following Nyhaven in the CJ forum, then you've already seen part of Nyhaven's main university, which I was still working on when I resurrected this CJ. Well, it's now finished, so here's a look at the complete campus!

Building the University of Nyhaven was a challenge, because the campus crosses a quad border; half of it is in my Nyhaven Central quad, and half is next door, in Nyhaven East. While building in Nyhaven Central, I had to carefully map where all the buildings were, as well as where paths crossed the border, and then make all the necessary connections in Nyhaven East, making sure to put the right buildings on the other side of the border. As a result, each of the pictures below is a cross-border mosaic and required careful image-editing to get exactly right. If I've done my job right, though, you won't even notice the border. Let's find out, shall we?


The east side of campus contains the university's medical center and football stadium, as well as its largest dorm complex. Just a block north of campus is Papillon Manor, where Nyhaven's mayor lives.


An overview of the north side of campus.


This mosaic should put the university into context. Midtown Nyhaven and Ebenezer Square are at the top, with the R-3 double-deck freeway skirting the east side of Hunters Island. Towards the center, across Elochoman Slough, is the university's south side. Finally, the inner suburb of Eastfields is at bottom, tucked into a bend in the Elochoman River.


Last but not least, here's a overview of (almost) the entire campus.

Zoning in these images is still being developed and should not be taken as a final product.


Recommended Comments

The Airmann Intercontinental Airlines A-15 landed about an hour ago, stopped at one of the local eateries in the city and made my way over to the University on my first stop in an' Around The World Tour of current Featured cjs..   Nice campus nice gardens!


:Looks like the A-15 is preparing for the next city stopover.  I better run down to the campus bookstore and grab some university t-shirt's, jackets and other souvenirs!   Was a fun stop/



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Well, I found the seam, but it wasn't easy. I'm not sure how you did it, but I'm guessing it took a long time; the results are worth it, though. This campus is simply stunning. It reminds me a lot of Harvard Yard, but brighter, and not so cold.


I also like the river/stream. It's very well done, and fits in well with the surroundings.


Excellent work. Thanks for sharing

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Huston: Thank you! Yes, that's what happens when you take a picture in autumn with lots of seasonal flora in the frame. :P
gigius76: You're welcome, and thanks for commenting!
rewright: Thank you!
Schriefer: Thanks!
MilitantRadical: Thank you very much, both for the kind words and for the rating!
TekindusT: Thanks, my friend! I'm sure you'll get your campuses to look just the way you want - just keep working on them. :)
suomi2005: Thank you! I'm glad you like both the university and the seasonal trees.
SimRico: Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you had fun on your visit.
Lord Branham: Thank you!
APSMS: I was wondering if anyone would mention finding the seam. Kudos to you for finding it, and thanks for the kind words - the photo editing was quick compared to actually building the university in-game, partly because I have a couple of handy tricks for splicing together cross-border mosaics like these.
burnzie_16: Thank you! Most of the BATs I used on that campus are part of the University of Clayhurst Starter Pack, which is perfect for building modular universities.
sejr99999: Thank you very much for your compliments!
MatTSW: Thanks!
UndercoverNinja12: Thank you!
Mr Saturn64: Thanks! That would be the Duke University Chapel, which is available as part of this pack.
city89: That highway is part of the RealHighway component of the NAM. You can build it by going to the end of the RHW starters tab ring (it's easiest to just press Shift-Tab once) and plopping the starter on top of an existing stretch of RHW-2.

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