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Ionica - Prince Five Weapons

Welcome back to


Prince Five Weapons

This Zone gets its name from the story of Prince Five Weapons which goes something like this:

There once was a young Prince who had just finished his studies under a world renowned teacher. Having received as a symbol of his distinction the title Prince Five Weapons, he accepted the five weapons that his teacher gave him, bowed and, armed with the new weapons, set out of the road leading to the city of his father, the king. On the way he came to a certain forest.

People at the mouth of the forest warned him: "Sir Prince, do not enter this forest," they said, "an old Ogre live here named Sticky Hair. He kills every man he sees."

But the Prince was confident and fearless as a lion. He entered the forest just the same. When he reached the heart of it the Ogre showed himself. The Ogre had increased his size to that of a palm tree. He had created for himself a head as big as a summer house, with bell shaped pinnacle; eyes as big as alms bowls; two tusks as big as giant bulbs or buds; he had the beak of a hawk; his belly was covered with blotches; his hands and feet were dark green.

"Where are you going?" the Ogre demanded. "Halt! You are my prey!"

Prince Five Weapons answered without fear but with great confidence in the arts and crafts he had learned. "Ogre," said he, "I know what I was about when I entered this forest. You would do well to be careful about attacking me, for with an arrow steeped in poison I will pierce your flesh and fell you and the spot."

Having thus threatened the Ogre, the young Prince fitted to his bow an arrow steeped in deadly poison and let fly. It stuck right in the Ogre's hair (bow and arrow counts as two weapons for some reason). Then he let fly one after an other, fifty arrows, all stuck right to the Ogre's hair. The Ogre shook off every one of those arrows letting them fall right at his feet and approached the young Prince.

Prince Five Weapons threatened the Ogre a second time and drawing his sword delivered a masterly blow. The sword, thirty three inches long, stuck right to the Ogre's hair. Then the Prince smote him with a spear, that also stuck right to his hair. Perceiving that the spear had stuck he smote him with a club, that also stuck right to his hair.

When he saw that the club had stuck he said: "Master Ogre, you have never heard of me before, I am Prince Five Weapons, when I entered this forest infested by you I took no account of bows and such weapons. When I entered this forest I took only account of myself. Now I am going to beat you and pound you into powder and dust."

Having thus made known his determination, with a yell he struck the Ogre with his right hand. His hand stuck right to the Ogre's hair. He struck him with his left had, that also stuck. He struck him with his right foot, that also stuck. He struck him with his left foot, that also stuck.

Thought he: "I will beat you with my head and pound you into powder and dust." He struck him with his head...that also stuck right to the Ogre's hair. Prince Five Weapons, snared five times, stuck fast in five places, dangled from the Ogre's body. But for all that he was unafraid, undaunted.

As for the Ogre, he thought: "This is some lion of a man. Some man of noble birth. No mere man. For although he has been caught by an Ogre like me he appears neither to tremble or quake. In all the time I have harried this road I have never, never seen a single man to match him. Why prey is he not afraid?

Not daring to eat the Prince he asked: "Youth, why are you not afraid? Why are you not terrified with the fear of death?"

"Ogre, why should I be afraid? For in one life, one death is absolutely certain. What's more, I have in my belly a thunderbolt for weapon. If you eat me, you will not be able to digest that weapon. It will tear your insides to tatters and fragments and will kill you. In that case we will both perish. That's why I'm not afraid." Prince Five Weapons, the reader must know, was referring to the weapon of knowledge within him.

"What this youth said is true," thought the Ogre terrified with the fear of death. From the body of this lion of a man my stomach would not be able to digest a fragment of flesh even so small as a kidney bean. I'll let him go." And he let Prince Five Weapons go.

The future king preached the doctrine to him, subdued him, made himself benign and then transformed him into a spirit entitled to receive offerings in the forest. Having admonished the Ogre to be heedful the youth departed form the forest and at the mouth of the forest told his story to others, then went his way.

As a symbol of the world to which the five senses glue us and which cannot be pressed aside by the actions of physical organs, Sticky Hair was subdued only when the Prince, no longer protected by the five weapons of his momentary name and physical character, resorted to the unnamed, invisible sixth: The divine thunderbolt of the knowledge of the transcendent principle which is beyond the phenomenal realm of names and forms. Therewith, the situation changed. He was no longer caught, but released, for that which he now remembered himself to be is ever free. The force of the monster of phenomenality was dispelled and was rendered self denying, self denying he became divine, a spirit entitled to receive offerings, as is the world itself when known not as final, but as a mere name and form of that which transcends, yet is imminent within all names and forms.

And now enjoy Prince Five Weapons.



















Altec: Oh it's a very funny mix of different kind of buildings ! I agree.

Thanks, my city is kind of a multicultural melting plot with heavy Asian influences cause the future is Asian.

LastTrueChamp: Great futuristic style. This city seems like something from the not so distant future.

Thanks LTC, I'm kinda going for something like that, too bad there isn't a flying car mod yet.

dubaidude303: I love the fog and clouds, amazing work again dude! :)

Thanks for stopping by on the regular dude.

JGellock: Very modern and well done! I like the GLR work I see.

Thanks, glad you noticed it and enjoyed it.

ggamgus: That is a very lovely environment... :)

Thanks ggamgus.

lovemax: that is a good job at photo-shopping

Why thank you lovemax.

Hazani Pratama: excellent


delphi.1981: Awesome city! That gives me so many ideas now that I am back playing SC4. I was wondering where you got the first department in the first pic?

Hey delphi, I'm not sure which department you are talking about. Do you mean apartment. Anyway, thanks, glad you were inspired.

Kruness: is that autumn of Ionica? or is it the last summer in The Netherlands? no just kidding, awesome photoshopping, and the city afcourse.

Heh, thanks Kruness.

supercitys354262: I wish that the netherlands is a metropolis. very nice city. 1999999999999999/10.

Whoa, epic score, thanks.

daybreak:Amazing downtown! I really enjoyed the tour. Where did you get the different avenue road look along with the intersection walkways? Thanks for sharing :)

I'm still looking for where I got that particular overpass, gimme some time, I'm sure I'll spot it while doing some lurking.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Halloween!


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Woh, I love it! BTW, as you were saying about the future being Asian, I'd say It would be a mix of everything. Also, maybe you should read a book called "Physics of the Future", I think it has many new ideas that could be translated into city building.

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Great use of transportation networks - I'm curious how well used they are - it seems with all those high density buildings you would get some great mass transit usage. Great pics as always.

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The story is a bit too long and I didn't bother to read throught it anyway I like this city.I will soon create a city at start of 22 century.Ionica will have a neighbor as technologically advanced.Some of the pictures do not show up also.

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[url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27230-barsoom-project-part-1-memories-of-the-colonists/"]http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27230-barsoom-project-part-1-memories-of-the-colonists/[/url]You should use this mod to make your cities more futuristic

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