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The Region of Rodentia: Former Alderperson Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel Becomes Mayor of Isle of Mouse



Rumors of a small chain of islands hidden away in the southern reaches of Rodentia have caused a small exodus from Squirrelton. Led by the charismatic politico Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel, the migrants have decided to name their new settlement Isle of Mouse.

There was some concern over the remoteness of Isle of Mouse. Many wondered how the settlement’s location would impact regional trade routes and if it was strategically a defensive weakness. Mayor Nutter worried that its distance would make spying on Nancy Pelsoi-Groundsquirrel (as he collects regular intel on all other current mayors) impossible.


The Isle of Mouse is technically several islands surrounded by the Hamster Water Bottle Sea. The islands were believed to be formed by volcanic activity, although the volcanoes have been dormant for thousands of years.


Being so new, Isle of Mouse is still quite underdeveloped and townspeople are still in a constant battle with nature, constantly clearing the encroaching brush and jungle from roads and paths. Rumors exist that hint of a spiteful Mayor Nutter secretly traipsing around in the dead of night, re-planting all flora cut the workday before.


The most significant export of the Isle of Mouse is the Ignatius rock found all throughout the bays and capes. Once extracted, shipped, and combined with the Alfalfa Ore found in Gopher’s Pocket and the technology chips made in Squirrelton, the rock, metal, and electronica form the Industrial Music genre.


Residents naturally take advantage of their nautical location, relying on seafood as their main food staple, and so pastoral farming is in less demand. Seen next to Pelosi-Groundsquirrel’s mayoral estate is a banana farm. The bananas are used solely for feeding the thriving house and door mouse population.


Fort Del Raton provides naval defense, as well as functioning as a suitable port of entry for island visitors and future citizens. Mayor Ishamel Rotte of Ratsfjord recently visited Isle of Mouse via boat. When asked for his full name at a processing checkpoint, he replied “Call me Ishmael.”



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (MTP, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, Rail Mod, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, Cobb Seaside Villa, BSC temple, GDV tropical beach, HBS tropical flora.

(Unfortunately !) Didn’t have too much time for SimCity this week so I guess this is a mini update. Mainly wanted to just try out a somewhat different climate type.


Replies: @chrisul10: Thanks! It was pretty fun finding all the custom lots and piecing them together.

@Schulmanator: Me too re: archeology! Dr. Wrecks is hoping to delve into palaeontology. Need more dinosaurs :D

@thejokerangel: thanks, will do, sir!

@Blakeway: Nooo, come back! Thanks for liking the entry though ;)

@supercitys354262: Dr. Wrecks is deeply disturbed by your comment :D

@NMUSpidey: Aw thanks! Yeah sometimes at work or when I'm out and about I'll think of a particularly good rodent joke but by the time I get home it's gone :D

@MilitantRadical: Thanks! The Argonath statue has definitely been the most unique file I've found on the LEX so far. It'd be funny if it was the size of an entire city tile, with room only for a windmill and one or two houses.

@Mastof: Thanks! When I find new MMP rocks and plants, I get excited as a rat in a dumpster.

@emperordaniel: Hahaha, thanks! I was (perhaps too) pleased with myself when I came up with Hammy Rabi :D

@blunder: thanks. Had fun with them, it strains my brain to think of the work involved with BATing them :O

*For some reason, all of the reputation points I gave out and that were given to me have been erased from the last entry. Sorry about that but not sure why-- could be a glitch in the system or perhaps an insecure, disgruntled teen? :D


As always, thanks for looking at Isle of Mouse and my City Journal The Region of Rodentia! :)


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Very cool! It's a good thing cats don't like water. Uh oh, does Schulmania use Turkish vans in their naval defense?

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I really enjoy this journal. I think that some of the nature on the Isle of Mouse would be beautiful to look at up close. What they need to do is build a pointless, speed-limitless road and hold time trial races for various vehicles, like the Isle of Man. They could have hot rod-ent drag races, and rat-lly special stages, and even once a year a special MOUSECAR road course! I see big money in the future of this wonderful little series of islands!

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