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The Region of Rodentia: Notable Scholar Dr. Autosaurus Wrecks, Ph.D Visits Ratsfjord



Recently discovered ancient ruins in the tiny farming community of Ratsfjord have caused an archeology craze to sweep across Rodentia. Dr. Autosaurus Wrecks, highly-esteemed author of the seminal book Squeak!: The Historiography of Rodentology in Quattrocento Venice and winner of this year’s Rhodents Fellowship has decided to station in Ratsfjord for a year and focus his scholarship on the town and its historical trove of treasures.

Each morning, Dr. Wrecks first checks in at the mill from antiquity, taking careful notes on research assistants’ progress and findings. After months of work, he feels confident enough now to tell his colleagues at Marmot Hollow Community College 1) the mill is old and 2) it’s no longer being used.


From the mill, it’s just a short walk to the train station. Given Dr. Wreck’s reputation, Mayor Ishmael Rotte has allowed him an infinite number of free Day-Passes on the Ratsfjord Area Transit System (RATS).


The ancient statues along the Vermin River are mysterious, yet strangely familiar to Wrecks.


Ah, he thinks he gets it now.


A well preserved but long-deserted settlement was found on the west side of Ratsfjord.


Dr. Wrecks has controversially hypothesized that these ruins are part of an elaborate Habitrail system that once ran all through Rodentia. Critics point out Habitrails have only recently been developed and these ruins obviously predate their invention. “Have they?” Dr. Wrecks retorts.


In the same complex, a building that Dr. Wrecks believes once functioned as a governmental center has also been uncovered. The prize find within has been fragments of a stele that, when pieced together, form a tablet of codified laws. Dated from over 2,000 years ago, translators say that the stele proclaims “I, exalted prince Hammy Rabi, have been called on by the God Nibbler and his consort and Mother of the World Nibblette, to bring about the rule in this land.”


Dr. Wreck’s research has become an all-consuming task. He often skips meals and if rumor has it right, bathing as well.


Given Ratsfjord’s historical significance it is unlikely that Rodentian law will allow for unchecked development to occur in the town. Mayor Ishamel Rotte is confident Ratsfjord will continue to thrive, however, given its ample dairy farms and scholars’ penchants for fine cheese.



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (MTP, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, Rail Mod, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, Nexis Ruins and Gothic Bell Tower, UNW ruins, Sim Goober’s Argonath Monument.

Not sure why I have so many Lord of the Rings references in my City Journal. Even though it’s not my favorite movie or anything (more of a Taxi Driver/One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest type of movie fan) for some reason I’ve watched the three LOTR movies countless times so I guess it’s permanently embedded. The book was quite good but still… :D



@IL.: Thanks! I like terraforming a lot so hoping that the new Sim City next year will have it.

@NMUSpidey: Thanks so much. Alfalfa Ore Ice Cream is rather good too :D

@Schulmanator: Did I mention that the Cedar Bedding flavor is available in gelato and Water Ice as well? :D

@emperordaniel: Mayor Nutter and Mayor Nibbly are in constant conflict and competition with each other, like Nixon and JFK or Petco and Petsmart ;)

@Blakeway: For Christ’s sake, thanks! I feel blessed (by the other Jesus, of course) :D

@blunder: :O !!! hahaha. As you can see, I decided not to work on a larger city this time, although I did move away from the Squirrelton tile. Their only defense against Schulmania currently is a rather weak aerosol product called Cat-Be-Gone. Chemical composition analysis reveals it’s only water.


Thanks all for looking at Ratsfjord and my City Journal the Region of Rodentia :)


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Yet another top-rate entry. Very interesting view into this interesting part of the region. I want to see and learn more! I also had a rodent-related joke I wanted to add, too, but I can't seem to remember it anymore...

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Hey so much guys! :) Will cut 'n' paste replies to these comments (and additional ones if need be) into my next update (still determining which method of responding is better-- I'll make up my mind eventually) :D

@chrisul10: Thanks! It was pretty fun finding all the custom lots and piecing them together.

@Schulmanator: Me too re: archeology! Dr. Wrecks is hoping to delve into palaeontology. Need more dinosaurs :D

@thejokerangel: thanks, will do, sir!

@Blakeway: Nooo, come back! Thanks for liking the entry though ;)

@supercitys354262: Dr. Wrecks is deeply disturbed by your comment :D

@NMUSpidey: Aw thanks! Yeah sometimes at work or when I'm out and about I'll think of a particularly good rodent joke but by the time I get home it's gone :D

@MilitantRadical: Thanks! The Argonath statue has definitely been the most unique file I've found on the LEX so far. It'd be funny if it was the size of an entire city tile, with room only for a windmill and one or two houses.

@Mastof: Thanks! When I find new MMP rocks and plants, I get excited as a rat in a dumpster.

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